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What Do I Think Of Disney

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Let me start from the beginning

15 Inspiring Walt Disney Quotes for Screenwriters - ScreenCraft

Walt Disney is one of my all time heroes (see my post from 2012 ‘Walt Disney – Through My Eyes’), along with Bruce Lee, Captain America (The Comic Book version), George Lucas and John Hughes

He was the epitome of ‘Imagination’

The Euro Disney Land : Not 'Hello' Say 'Bonjour!' | Loyola Digital  Advertising [로욜라 디지털 광고]

Growing up in the 70’s-80’s, Disneyland was truly ‘the happiest place on earth’

Storytelling of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride... and the Redhead

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was my favorite, but I also enjoyed the Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain

But more than that, the whole feeling at night

20 Weeks of Disney Animation: 'Sleeping Beauty' -

And the Disney Movies, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was my favorite and when ‘Aladdin’ came out, I’d never in my life laughed harder in a movie theater that one of the Genie scenes

Rare Recording Outtakes of Robin Williams Doing the Voice of the Genie From  'Aladdin' in 1992

Robin Williams was a genius, I will always love him

More Than Hugs: Open Letter Takes a Hard Look at Lasseter, Pixar Culture |  Animation World Network

Then Disney picked up ‘Pixar’, which was brilliant

Their animation department was flailing, so it made perfect sense to pick up the future of animation…


Marvel Celebrates the Movies:' Marvel Studios previews upcoming films,  looks at back at MCU so far - 6abc Philadelphia

Next came Marvel, we’ve all seen how that has turned out

Lucas Films (George Lucas) | Star wars, Classic movie posters, Star wars  episodes

And last, but not least, ‘Lucas Films’…

Once again, brilliant

Today in History, May 25, 1977: George Lucas's 'Star Wars' premiered

Most importantly with ‘Lucas Films’ is, the original first two ‘Star Wars’ films/George Lucas were the reasons I became a Filmmaker…

…so this was a big deal for me

And the reality is, George Lucas isn’t going to live forever, so I thought Disney was a perfect place/home for the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Star Wars | LM2 CREATIVE

The difference between me and a lot of people who loved the first and second installment of the ‘Star Wars’ films (Chapters 1-6), is I never called myself a ‘fan’

I’ve always been a filmmaker first

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope - Framed Movie Poster / Print (Regular  Style C) (Size: 27" x 40") - -

I simply felt ‘Star Wars’…

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - IMDb

…and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ were brilliant (They’re my two favorite films of all time)

Redemption of the Jedi: A Look Back at Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the  Jedi - Christ and Pop Culture

I wasn’t much of a fan of ‘Return of the Jedi’, I wasn’t an Ewok fan, but all of the Luke and Darth Vader scenes still felt like ‘Star Wars’ to me

Looking Back at What the Star Wars Prequels and Sequels Got Right | Twin  Cities Geek

The films in 1989, 92 & 95 were their own thing

I felt Lucas got slammed pretty hard for ‘Phantom Menace’, which likely lead to ‘Attack of the Clones’ being so great, as well as ‘Revenge of the Sith’

But unlike a ‘fan’, I had no expectations going into those films, so I truly enjoyed them for what they were

The Star Wars sequel trilogy failed its characters, but we aren't ready for  this conversation yet

Chapters 7, 8 & 9 (Also ‘Rogue One’, and ‘Solo’) were also their own thing

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - IMDb

‘The Force Awakens’ surprised me…

…although J. J. Abrams, did not

He’s great… he’s a force

I was so happy with ‘The Force Awakens’, even though SPOILER ALERT Han Solo died

Cine-SW Rey - Emedemujer Venezuela

Rey was a great two dimensional character (Focused on what was in front of her)/Never stopped running/Typical ‘Star Wars’ character in a good way

Star Wars: Poe Dameron

Poe was awesome, but I’ve always loved Oscar Isaac

He’s brilliant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hinged on Finn's convenient crisis of  conscience

But to my surprise, Finn was my favorite character in ‘The Force Awakens’

The Rise of Skywalker: How Powerful Ben Solo Is Compared To Kylo Ren

I didn’t really care for ‘Ben Solo’ in ‘The Force Awakens’, which was a big deal because ‘Darth Vader’ is my favorite villain of all times

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Wikipedia

But in Chapter 8, ‘The Last Jedi’, Ben (Adam Driver) is brilliant

What You Ship Doesn't Make You a Bad Person. Or a Good One. | The Mary Sue

And Rai was awesome… Their characters made that film

How Did Luke Skywalker Become the Last Jedi? - The New York Times

Mark Hamill (Luke) was also a welcome ‘Star Wars’ contribution to the general vibe of the film

Kylo Ren vs Luke Skywalker HD. : StarWars

Plus his final scene was brilliant

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Buy, Rent or Watch on FandangoNOW

‘Rogue One’ was literally the best possible prequal to ‘Star Wars’ Chapter IV

Brilliant, a stand alone film for sure

Some say it’s their favorite all time ‘Star Wars’ film

I don’t blame them

But Chapter IV & V are my favorites, followed by Chapter II

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story | Full Movie | Disney+

When I was a kid, Han Solo & Darth Vader were my favorite characters in the original ‘Star Wars’…

…and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was Han Solo’s/Harrison Ford’s ‘swan song’ (It was his best ‘Star Wars’ film)…

These characters and films changed my life

With ‘Solo’ (The film), once again, I entered with no expectations

And in the end, I liked it

But more than that, a sequel should have really been made… This film was truly built for it, and it would have likely been an even better film

How Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian stole 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

Also, Lando was great

Darth Maul Cameo Scene - SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018) Movie Clip - YouTube

SPOILER ALERT I wasn’t thrilled to find out Darth Maul was alive (The dude was cut in half in ‘The Phantom Menace’), but I guess they brought him back before this film in another project

That I’d call a mistake/attempt to bring back what ended up being a fan favorite from ‘The Phantom Menace’

Boba Fett spin-off series announced in The Mandalorian season 2 finale -  Radio Times

But ‘Star Wars’/George Lucas made his own mistakes/’what I considered a lackluster decision’ by killing Boba Fett in that pit in ‘Return of the Jedi’…

SPOILERS But Disney brought Boba Fett back to life too in ‘Mandalorian’, also a bad move in my opinion… But also based on his popularity I think

And now he’s going to have his own series… Ehh not so thrilled

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Wikipedia

Finally, the final ‘Star Wars’ film, Chapter IX (The Rise of Skywalker), no expectations once more (The world on the other hands had huge expectations), they destroyed the Finn character sadly, having him run around after Rey the whole film, but the chemistry of Rey and Ben Solo was awesome (Once more)

All and all, I was happy with that film (I’m not sure many were, but I was

The reality is, there was no way to meet the expectations of the whole of the ‘Star Wars’ audience (Perhaps if my bro and I filmed it, lol), which is already largely broken into at least to parts anyways (The die hard fans of the original films, and the fans of the second group of films, not to mention the new fans from all over)

Lets move on/back to Disney

Disney+: What to know about Plus release date, price, bundles, shows for  new streaming service - ABC7 San Francisco

First with the creation of Disney+, which is awesome…

…Disney old movies, Marvel Movies, Pixar Movies and ‘Star Wars’ movies and series all in one place

I was in

Also, making it just $6.95 made it a no brainer

The Mandalorian (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

And if that wasn’t enough, galvanized with the creation of ‘The Mandalorian’, which in my opinion truly gave me hope that the original ‘Star Wars’ feeling from the original ‘Star Wars’ films, was alive and well, and more than that, had a future

Pedro Pascal Out As The Mandalorian; Voice Acting Only | Cosmic Book News
Gina Carano, Ludwig Göransson, Emily Swallow, Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow,  Rick Famuyiwa, Ming-Na Wen, Julia Jones, Pedro Pascal, Brian Posehn, Jon  Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Omid Abtahi, Bryce  Dallas

Thanks largely to Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and Pedro Pascal

Each, indispensable

SPOILERS I’m not going to even tell you what happens at the end of Season 2 if you haven’t seen the show… If you’re ‘Star Wars’ fan, just check out both seasons

Planning a Disney vacation may soon get easier, and for that you can thank  the pandemic and the influencers — really | Blogs

This post was going to be even longer (I wrote much more), but I feel it’s long enough as it is

I will end with this

To the Disney Execs;

  1. I really hope that what you do isn’t all, or even 80% about making money, and that’s it… Try to keep the spirit of Walt Disney himself in your ranks
  2. Steer clear of all of this ‘cancel culture’… Stop giving so much power to the trolls/haters out there, and that goes for all major corporations
  3. Tweet happy birthday to George Lucas from now on, once again, if the trolls steered you away from it, you’ve given them too much power… Respect the creator of ‘Star Wars’, or sell Lucas Film
  4. Yes, Disney+ out performed your expectations, even before the pandemic, but don’t expect that growth rate to continue, it’s not natural/possible… Appreciate and maintain the followers you already have, sorry corporate america, it’s not all about growth, it’s also about maintenance
  5. You’re making great shows, don’t let greed cloud your vision, nor destroy everything positive that you’re achieving
  6. Break the mold over and over again, don’t stick to things that extinguish the souls of your employees, and leave your fans hanging dry
  7. Greed is wrong… Be the change

Nuff said, thanks for listening/reading

And ‘May the force be with you…’


The “Star Wars” Films… Plus “The Force Awakens”… In Review

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The “Star Wars” Films… Plus “Star Wars The Force Awakens”… In Review

What Star Wars Means To Me; Many of you who’ve followed me for a bit, are probably aware that the Original “Star Wars” & “The Empire Strikes Back” were the reasons I became a Filmmaker.


In fact, way back in August 18th, 2011 I did a short Post called “Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look), Followed by an actual Review of the Original “Star Wars“, on September 13th, 2011.

And in December 11th, 2011 I did a piece on my Filmcraft Series about “The Empire Strikes Back” (Though it looks like since then many of the Videos I linked on that post have since been blocked… Disney perhaps)

In a nutshell, the most important things to me in Film, are Story/Story Scope, And Strong Characters/Character Development… Which was at the Core of the First Two “Star Wars”.

In fact Story and Characters are so important to me, that, that is probably why I began this Blog back at the end of 2011, so I might Write a few myself.


George Lucas; To me George Lucas epitomizes what it is to bring your Vision to life… And as it turned out, he’s a Pretty Brilliant Businessman, which doesn’t hurt, if you like to have a lot of Freedom on your Projects, which I do.

He’s one of my Heroes, along with the likes of Walt Disney (The man), Bruce Lee (The Legend), Captain America (Not the movie version, the Comic version), John Hughes (Director of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, And The Breakfast Club) & Gary Gygax (Creator and/or Co-Creator of Dungeons & Dragons).


The Films; 

The Original “Star Wars” was mind boggling for me, and game changing for the Film Industry. Great Story Scope (Starting on Chapter IV, Brilliant), Amazing Characters (Han Solo/The Rebellious Handsome Rogue & Darth Vader/The Best Villain Ever to make his way on Film were my favorites). And…


Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on the gantry in the reactor shaft in the Cloud City at Bespin. © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

…”The Empire Strikes Back” was the Best Sequel ever made (Some may say God Father II Was, but I’d really need to watch those Films again to comment, lol).

For me the First Film was ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’s’ Film (Though many might say it was Luke’s Film), and “The Empire Strikes Back” was ‘Han Solo’s’ Film… His character was brilliant… I remember experiencing what felt like the Best Film ever watching it (Same feeling with the First), and then the ‘Cliffhanger’ Ending just pissing everyone off, lol



Return Of The Jedi” – I loved the Scenes with Luke on the Deathstar with the Emperor & Darth Vader… Did not personally care for the Ewoks (But I was 14 Years Old, so… I think Lucas was aiming a bit younger, as I know many who loved them), and didn’t care for Endor in general. The Jaba stuff was alright… Also, ‘HATED’ the way Boba Fett Died… Terrible… So terrible. For me “Return Of The Jedi” was Luke’s Film, and he did a brilliant job.


“Phantom Menace” – For me this Film fell way short… I liked Liam and McGregor (Above) as Jedi’s, but couldn’t stand the kid that played Anikan. Natalie Portman was good, but none of it really grabbed me. Really didn’t like Jar Jar Binks (Like Ewoks, he made the Film too silly… But once again, I believe he was aimed at a younger Audience, I was 30, lol), but have come to find out that he’s some people’s favorite character. The one Scene that did, however, ‘feel’ like “Star Wars”, was the Fight Scene towards the end between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon & Darth Maul. Though many felt Darth Maul looked too Demonic (Not the fans, more likely some Parents And/Or Religious affiliates), I thought he represented ‘true’ Evil.

Overall, because Darth Vader is my Favorite all time Villian, and “Star Wars” Character, I just couldn’t stand what Lucas did with Anikan.

attack of the clones

“Attack Of The Clones” – “Attack of the Clones” was Brilliant… Not the calibur of the Original Two Films, but a really Great Film. First of all, this was definitely ‘Obi-Wan’s’ Film… Starting with the scene where he and Anikan were guarding Padme, and he ‘Leaped!’ through the window Fearlessly (I knew then that Obi-Wan was the truest Jedi, more than even Luke), through to the scene where he confronts Jango Fett in the rain… Just Brilliant… Followed by that ‘Film Industry Changing’ space battle (Largely because of the Sound of Boba’s explosives from his ship)…

“Attack Of The Clones” was George Lucas’s way of saying #@@R@R YOU! To all the haters who slammed him for “Phantom Menace”…

I Loved “Attack Of The Clones”… Except… Anikan… As much as I thought that Actor was a good choice (Though I would have preferred Leonardo Dicaprio, lol)… I really felt that Anikan was a ‘whining’ wet rag… Sorry Haden, no offense… He just seemed like an annoying brat who was Hyper Active… Not the Future ‘Darth Vader’.


“Revenge Of The Sith” – “Revenge Of The Sith” for me was like an Opera… Or what you might refer to as George Lucas’s ‘Swan Song’ (In regards to “Star Wars” anyway), or Swan Song To date… This Film was a perfect piece (Not meaning it was a perfect Film, but perfect for what it was) to end Lucas’s Series of Six Films.

For me the ‘use of music’ and ‘cinematography’ in this Film were pretty much flawless… And though, once again, Anikan never reached the kind of level I felt that Character had potential to reach, I do feel that Hayden did a better job in this Film.

And, once again, it was confirmed in my mind, and heart, that Obi-Wan, not Luke Skywalker, is, and was the ‘Truest’ of Jedi’s… More than Yoda, who I enjoyed, but always found a bit ‘demented/sarcastic’, lol via his humor… And not Mace Windu, who was strong, but a bit ‘Righteous with a dash of Ego’…

Not Obi-Wan… His Ego was completely balanced… He was, and is the Light… And though Luke Skywalker may reach his pinnacle place as a Jedi in Episode VIII (In 2017), up to this point, he has not.


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” In Review…

At last, my “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Review


Let me start by saying, I am most likely one of the only people who Loves “Star Wars”, and didn’t see this Film in the Theatre…

And I have to tell you, it Wrecked me…

But, due to some Personal Issues, I never quite made it (Everything is fine, don’t worry, just never made it)

That said, we purchased a Digital Copy of it the day it became available on Itunes, and watched it that very night… And I was blown away.

Let me also say, that during the time that the Film was out, it was staggering to me how the Fans seemed to create some sort of ‘pact’ not to divulge any of the secrets of the story on Social Media…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there were some things out there, but for the most part, I didn’t find out ‘anything’ on Twitter nor Facebook

Part of this may have been that Mark Hamil himself was Tweeting requesting people to not give anything away… A noble act, from a very cool guy


The Story; The story is a good one… (SPOILERS, don’t read on if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want to know things) First of all, Luke Skywalker has disappeared after working with new Jedi’s, only to have one of his pupils destroy everything. Brilliant.

And thus a search for Luke is underway… Why? Mainly because there is a new group called the First Order, who has brought the Dark Side back into play… In other words, World Domination is their initiative. This group is lead by some cool bad guys, who I won’t discuss much.

Next, a Storm Trooper decides, he can’t do the acts that the First Order wishes him to do, and thus, he switches sides to the good guys… Great concept.

And a young girl who seems to have natural abilities with the Force, but only begins to realize it, enters the Story. Girl, not a boy, which is a nice twist

I don’t want to say more than that, but all and all, lots of good Story to work with, and build upon for the next two chapters. Episode VIII & Episode IX.*

*Did I Mention Han Solo And Chewie Are Back?? Yeah, They Are, And They’re Great


The Characters; To my utter surprise, I Love the two new Main Characters in this Film… Especially Finn, but Rey is great too.


Finn (John Boyega); I was literally shocked how much I liked this character… But in truth, the majority credit likely belongs to the Actor, John Boyega. Not only is he a huge “Star Wars” Fan (Or so the Director says in the Behind The Scenes, the Enthusiasm was definitely there), but his Heart and Conviction in this Role, is staggering… Especially his heart, and interactions with, and about Rey.


Rey (Daisy Ridley); Rey literally never seems to stop running… But this is done in a cool way… She actually seems more like a ‘Character’ than a person… What I mean by that is, she really seems to exist in this world that Lucas & Abrams created… Hard to explain, but it was really great… You never questioned anything about her. You just watched as she moved her way through the story. She does remind me a bit of Keira Knightley in her look, and speech, but only partly… And it’s not a bad thing… The rest just seems like they did a good job finding someone for what would, or could be a difficult/pressure filled role.


Han & Chewie; Han & Chewie were back, and were just the same… Only Solo was a bit older, it didn’t cause a problem.


BB-8; Was great


Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) & Kylo Ren (Adam Driver); Both Poe & Kylo were good, but I’d like to see them more developed. Kylo’s last Scene was probably his best, but the Voice they use through the Mask is great! Poe has promise, but once again, I’d really like to see him more developed.

force awakens

Remaining Characters; The remaining characters were good, especially the use of the Storm Troopers throughout.


Directing; The Directing Baton has been passed from Lucas to J.J. Abrams, who I thought was a perfect choice (Since they didn’t ask me, lol). His work in “Super 8” (If you haven’t seen it, do… It’s a great homage to Steven Spielberg’s type of Directing… Who I believe Produced it), and the New “Star Trek” movies, is brilliant.

And with this Film, he completely brought back that old “Star Wars” feeling from the Original two Films.

Producing; After watching the Behind the Scenes Feature Length Documentary of the making of “The Force Awakens”, I have to say my hat is off to Kathleen Kennedy, who Lucas had handed off the running of Lucas Films a while back. She was the heart and soul of this project.

The Review; For me, this Film was Great! I highly recommend it… I immediately wanted to watch it a Second Time, which rarely happens.

The way it moves, the Characters, the Story, the Effects… All Brilliant.

Here are the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Ratings for all of the “Star Wars” Films, and my Ratings of the same Films;

“Star Wars” – IMDB = 8.7 – Mine = 9.3 (Like nothing anyone has ever seen)

“The Empire Strikes Back” – IMDB = 8.8 – Mine = 9.4 (Strong Story… Strong Characters/Character Development… Amazing Setting. Everything that I love in a Film)

“Return Of The Jedi” – IMDB = 8.4 – Mine = 7.5 (Some good, some not… But still great concepts)

“Phantom Menace” – IMDB = 6.5 – Mine = 7 (Lack luster, with a few good things)

“Attack Of The Clones” – IMDB = 6.7 – Mine = 8.5 (Great… Action with Intelligence)

“Revenge Of The Sith” – IMDB = 7.6 – Mine = 8.4 (Dramatic)

“The Force Awakens” – IMDB = 8.3 – Mine = 8.8 (Refreshing… Action filled return to the Essence that is “Star Wars”)


Thanks For Reading/Listening

And “May the Force be with you…”


Returning To Self Taught Film School – “I Am An Extremely Independent Filmmaker… And So Is This Guy”

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I Am An Extremely Independent Filmmaker… And So Is This Guy

George Lucas – Charlie Rose Interview

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DarkJade’s – The Inner Circle

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The Inner Circle

Far Away on a Dark Mountain… Atop a High Cliff

Is a Tower…

At the Top of the Tower a room lit by torches, with a Large Black Circular Table in the Middle of it.

At this Table are 8 Individuals…

The First, a Well Known Mouse… By the name of Mickey.

As he Awaits the “Dark Haired Man”, he scribbles away on a piece of paper… Most contently, Hope Gleaming from his Eyes.

The Second, Thomas Jefferson… Trying to avoid getting a draft, as there is no heat in the room, and outside, a Cold Weather Front is Brewing…

Both Alec (Old Ben), and Young George have come… I do believe they came together…

Animated Bruce Lee has come, leaving his Real Body Behind, as he was not impressed with its Final Showing upon the Plane of Earth…

Darth Vader, of course…

Have to keep things Fair after all…

And “What is Light… Without… Darkness”.

Lastly, Captain America…

And who else, but Ferris Bueller… After all…

“Life Moves Pretty Fast… If you Don’t Stop and Look Around once in a while… You could miss it”.

When the “Dark Haired” man… In the “Long Black Trench Coat” finally entered the room… There Grew a hush.

First he looked at Mickey…

“Mickey… I don’t know what’s going on with your Movie Division… But you need to shape it up… Stop relying on Pixar to Save Your A$$!”…

“Uh… But Sir–” Mickey tried to speak in his all too familiar Squeaky Tone.

“I don’t wanta hear about it Mickey… If this “John Carter” thing has any actual Merit to it, My People will shoot off an Apologetic E-mail in your General Direction… Until then” the Dark Haired one finished.

And then he looked to Ferris “Ferris… Glad to see you’re back… Enjoyed the Honda Commercial… Keep it up” Ferris smiled slightly, hitting himself on his own shoulder to indicate how proud he is of himself.

He then starts to stand “May I leave then? I–” Ferris starts to say, but is interrupted.

“No Ferris…” The Dark Haired Man interrupts.

“But I–” he tries again.


Ferris settles back into his seat, and whips out his Black Berry.

The Dark Haired Man then looks at President Jefferson “Always nice to see you Sir… Thank you for coming… Just knowing you’re out there still… Within our People… The Very Fabric of Our Nation… Well… What else can I say but… Thank you Sir” The Dark Haired man conveys.

“No problem Son… Do you think perhaps you could light a fire or something” with this Old Ben waves his hand, and a Fire Lights within the Fireplace.

“George… Alec… Thank you so much for coming… George… 3D Star Wars? Really??” he speaks to George.

George just kinda shrugs.

“And Alec… What can I say… The more years that go by, the more I realize that you were indeed the other backbone of the Original Star Wars… Which in turn Created, and Instilled a whole New Sense of Myth and Wonderment into our Society… Well done sir” The Dark Haired man expressed.

He then looks to Bruce Lee.

“Bruce… First of all, let me tell you how sad I was when Brandon was taken from our world… He was a simply Amazing young man, and he is missed” with this Bruce simply nods back.

“You have Lit the Fire within me, and thousands more like me… You are the Epitome of Strength, and Perseverance… And I thank you” Bruce nods again.

The Dark Haired man then pulls out his Old Antique Stop watch, which is on a Silver Chain.

I’m afraid I don’t have much time… “Darth… Just keep on being yourself… People seem to like it…”.

“And Captain A, good to see you in what appears to be a couple Decent Film Productions… I suspect it would take an 8 year old kid to truly understand why you are one of my Heroes… But that’s alright… There’s always New 8 Year Old Kids about”.

“I really must go… But let me finish with this… You have all influenced who I am Greatly… Maybe partly due to not growing up with my Dad… Which is a good thing, as Mom and He weren’t all that well matched… But I appreciate the essenence of all of yah… Keep up the Good Work, and I will see you all again, if not aspects of all of you, Deeply intermingled Within the Mixings of my Future Creative Endeavors…with this the man was gone…

And the Tower Simply Turned into a Blue Glowing Light within the Darkness… And then Faded… Leaving only the Beginnings of a Cold Winter Storm.


Other Fiction by DarkJade



Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back

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Let me start by saying this, it is a General Rule that Sequels aren’t as good as the First Film of a Series… That said, The Empire Strikes gave the Original Star Wars a run for its money.

In fact, whenever I am asked what my Favorite Film is, I generally reply “Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back…”… As I find it hard to choose one or the other… The Original Star Wars was Epic, and Industry, and Life Changing to/for me…

However, The Empire Strikes back was simply awesome.

The Empire Strikes Back;

Stage 1 – Epic Snow Based Battle Anyone? Lucas was smart by taking one step back and letting Irvin Kershner Direct this Film…

Not only Because he more than Nailed it, but because I do Believe George Lucas actually had a Heart Attack during the Filming of the First One, and frankly, nothing is worth dying for… Certainly not a Life/Industry Changing Space Epic… Okay, almost worth it.

None the less, I suspect it reduced the amount of self imposed stress that he puts on himself, as well as gave him an even further opportunity to oversee the overall scope of the thing. Well Played George, and Well Done Kershner (who passed away in 2010, may you find peace Kershner, and us Earthlings Thank you)…

Hoth; Back to Hoth… Starting the Film with a little Pod that locates the Rebel Base, just Kicks A$$!! And beyond Luke getten thrashed about by a Snow Monster, lead to one of the Coolest Sci-Fi Battles in Film… Hands down.

Stage 2 – Han and Leia separate from Luke… More Opportunities for Leia and Han to Fall in Love… As he Struts His stuff via Direct Decent into an Asteroid Field…

Never Tell Me The Odds (Which has been my Motto pretty much my whole life)

Well Played Han, way to impress the girl… And if that’s not enough, latch yourself to pieces of Galactic Garbage in order to give the Empire and Darth the Slip… Never hurts, and sometimes it even gets you a Kiss from the Princess…

Once again… Well Played.

Which leads us to…

Stage 3 – Enter The Bounty Hunter. Boba Fett

Pretty much considered to be one of the Coolest Characters in all of the Six Star Wars Films… And with good reason… He Kicks A$$!! lol

Stage 4 –


Enter Yoda… The Teacher of the Force… The Master Jedi, who will show Luke the rest of the way to being a Jedi Knight

Unless of course, Luke’s Friends get in Trouble, in which case, Luke will skip Class, and Be the Hero… Again

Stage 5 – The Trap

What better way to Lure a Partially Trained Jedi into a Face to Face Light Saber Battle with Darth Vader Himself, than to threaten the one’s he loves… Well Played Darth

Stage 6 – Carbon Freeze Han (Oh and be sure to set the timer to Defrost in time for the Third Film) – Brilliant

Oh and, toss in an opportunity for Princess Leia to tell Han she loves him… It certainly didn’t hurt the scene… In fact… It made the scene

“I Love You…” “I know…”

Stage 7 – Good Vs. Evil… The Confrontation

But You Are Not A Jedi… Yet

Impressive… Most Impressive… Which Leads to…

Stage 8 – “I am Your Father!!”

Brilliant… Lucas was so smart on this, he didn’t even tell the Actors that Darth was Luke’s Father until right before they started to Film the Scene… The Epitome of Epic

“Your Training is Complete Lucas… Now you, are the Master”.


I saw this Film in 1980 as a kid, you could not have had a happier Crowd in a Movie… Ever… Until the End… 3 Years!!! Until it Continues… Oh well… It Paid off for Lucas

And though I didn’t care for “Return of the Jedi” all that much, I did very much like all the Luke/Emperor/Darth Vader Scenes at the end.

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Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)

Star Wars – In Review



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Star Wars – In Review

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Star Wars

A Long Time Ago, In a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars in Review;

In 1977 George Lucas’s Dream Child Star Wars, came to Fruition. Chapter IV A New Hope, which by the way all I knew it as was “Star Wars”. “A New Hope” I don’t recall until Lucas brought the films back out in 1997. Let me begin by saying this Film not only changed my life, but the life of the Movie Industry as well. It was the Return of the Epic, a Space Opera if you will, the likes none had ever seen. But let’s break it down.

The Story; Good vs. Evil, Son vs. Father, the Empire vs. the Republic. Our story begins with the Evil Empire capturing Princess Leia as she attempts to deliver the Plans of a Deadly Space Station, The Death Star, to her Republic Leaders so they might Forge a Strategy to destroy it, and offset the Evil Empires plans of Planetary Domination. But instead she is captured, and the plans are stored in a robot known as R2-D2, and launched off to the Planet Tatooine, where it ends up in the hands of our Hero of the Film, Luke Skywalker. This however does not come without consequence as when the Empire searches for these plans, led by the Dastardly Darth Vader, Lukes Aunt and Uncle, his Guardians, end up meeting their deaths.

Meanwhile R2-D2 leads Luke to a man known as Obi-Wan Kenobi, or as the locals now call him, Old Ben. Known to be some old Wizard to the Tatooine People, the truth is, Ben Kenobi is the last of a Legion of Freedom Fighters known as Jedi Knights. Ben goes onto explain to Luke that Darth Vader had killed his Father, who wasn’t just a Pilot, but a Jedi Knight himself. Ben then gives Luke his Father’s Sword, or Light Sabre as it were, and after watching a Hologram Message from R2-D2, from Princess Leia, requesting Obi-Wan’s help, suggests that Luke partake in an expedition to the Princess’s Home Planet Alderaan as well. Luke, though he longs to be a Pilot like his Father, says that he must stay to help his Uncle, unbeknownst to him his Uncle had already been slain. Ben at this point goes on to explain the Ways of the Force, a Mastering of the manipulation of Energy that surrounds all of us, and a Fundamental Tool of the Jedi Knight.

After finding out that his Aunt and Uncle have been killed at the hands of the Evil Empire, Luke decides to join Old Ben, and the two of them, as well as R2-D2 and C-3PO, a Protocol Droid, head into Mos Eisley to hire a Pilot to take them to the Princess’s Home Planet. The two of them find a Pilot by the name of Han Solo, and his partner Chewbacca, a Wookiee, which is basically a very tall Man Beast. As the Empire moves into Mos Eisley seeking out Luke, Ben and R2-D2, it is discovered to the Audience that Han Solo is being hunted by the Ruthless Gangster Jabba the Hutt, for he owes Jabba a lot of money.

Meanwhile as a Test of the Death Star’s Power, and an attempt to ascertain the location of the Rebel Base from Princess Leia, the Empire destroys her Home Planet Alderaan with a single blast from this new Operational Death Star Space Station. The Princess is devastated by this, and is thrown into a Prison Cell where she awaits execution. At the point of Alderaan’s destruction, Ben Kenobi upon Han Solo’s ship The Millennium Falcon, suddenly feels very ill. “I feel a great disturbance in the Force…” being a Jedi himself, Ben feels the sudden loss of millions of people. When their ship arrives to where Alderaan used to be, they are shocked to see that there is nothing left but debris, and soon the Death Star, which is still in orbit near bye, uses their tractor beam to pull The Millennium Falcon to it.

Once inside the Death Star, Luke, Han and Chewbacca are able to locate and free Princess Leia. Ben on the other hand, shuts down the Tractor Beam so the Millennium Falcon can make its escape, but also comes head to head with Darth Vadar, his old pupil. As Luke, Han, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and the Droids head to the ship to escape, Luke sees Ben Light Sabre Battling with Darth Vader. Ben noting that Luke sees them, lets Darth Vadar strike him down, in order to reinforce Luke’s Conviction to kill Darth Vader himself, for Ben being older, could no longer defeat him.

Luke is distraught by this, but the Republic, now with the Death Star’s Plans in their Hands, has devised a strategy to destroy it. Luke pulls himself out of his misery, and joins the Fighters that are to approach the Great Death Star, and with an immensely difficult Laser Shot, cause it to destruct. Luke pleads for Han Solo to join the undertaking, but Han out of fear of his Life from Jabba The Hutt, is determined to take his payment from Ben, Luke and Princess Leia, and pay back Jabba as soon as possible.

In the end Luke and many other Fighter ships make their way to the Death Star, all being destroyed save Luke. Luke, with R2-D2 connected to his Fighter, makes his way to take the shot, in hopes to destroy the Death Star. Darth Vader, however, who’s joined the battle himself in his Fighter, determines that Luke is Strong with the Force, and moves in to take him out. Meanwhile, Ben, through telepathic communication from the afterlife, something that trained Jedi’s are able to do, convinces Luke to use the Force rather than his Ships Laser Tracking Systems. Just as Luke is about to take the shot, Darth Vader is about to take him out when, ZAM!! Laser shots from above strike Vadar, and the other Empire Fighters, and Darth is set spinning off to Space. “You’re all Clear, take the shot!” the voice of Han Solo suddenly rings through Luke’s communicator, Luke takes the shot, and destroys the Death Star, using the Force.

That just about sums it up; I may have missed a few things.

The Character’s;

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) – A scoundrel with a Heart as it turns out. Han Solo is the epitome of the Unsung Hero by design. It’s all about him, until the chips are down, at which point his efforts and successes are robust. He was my favorite Character as a kid. Let’s face it, I wanted to be him.

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) – The Winey hero, with boat loads of potential. Luke is the driving spirit behind the film. And though he is but a wining farm boy at the beginning, he is showing signs of being a Masterful Warrior and freedom fighter by the end.

Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) – A fiery, self-righteous, arrogant, strong, bull headed leader of her people. Princess Leia is the Heart of the Republic.

Old Ben Kenobi (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Alec Guinness) – Ben is all that is Wise, and Good in the world. Through his Vigilant Wisdom and Guidance, Luke is lifted to a new level of Consciousness, and Strength.

Darth Vader (Voice – James Earl Jones Actor – David Prowse ) – The Best Villain to ever hit the Big Screen, in my humble opinion. Darth demonstrates the Alluring Qualities of Evil, and the Vastness, and the Extent of its reach.

R2-DW (Kenny Baker) – R2-D2 shows how Excellent Directing, can make even an inanimate object completely lovable.

C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) – The ever present Nagging Mother. Who also appears to have an endless amount of usable information.

Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) – No offense, but he is the Ever Loyal Dog to Han Solo. If Dogs could Stand, and Rebuild Space Ships from scratch, Chewbacca is your man… Or, Man’s Best Friend. He also has a Huge Heart, and an Excellent Sense of Humor. He gets Han more than anyone else.

The Director; George Lucas is able to Bring Forth an Epic Tale of Good vs. Evil, by use of a wide assortment of poignant character’s, in a world that he himself created, in a place far, far away. To put Lucas into words in regards to this first installment of the Star Wars Films is no easy task. I will say, he always left you wanting more.

The Writer; See Above.

Overall Rating; AAA+. Yup, a Triple A. Epic Story, Epic Character’s, Epic Scope.


Star Wars (DarkJade’s) First Look

Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)

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It was 1977, yes I was alive then. My mom took my brother and I to go see the original Star Wars. Neither my brother’s, nor my life, would ever be the same. I partially blame this man

Good Man on a Baddd Ship... Correction, a Fast Ship

Yes, it’s true, I wanted to be Han Solo. But don’t forget this guy

Careful Kid, you Might Hurt Yourself... I Blame his Father

My brother wanted to be Luke. So that worked out well.

Because of the enormity that is Star Wars, I’ll try to stick to just  a few things this go around. But I will say my favorite villain of all time is this next gentleman

"I am your Father..."

Darth Vadar. Need I say more.

For the next 10 years my brother and I gathered quite an action figure collection, sadly G.I. Joe tended to kick these guys asses, but oh well. The truth is, Star Wars is the reason I decided to pursue Film Making in 1999-2002, which in turn lead to pursuing writing. Oh I should mention one more guy at least in this go around

Jango gives George Directions

No that’s not Boba, he’s not even born yet. Somehow I’ve gone the route of corny. It was not intended. George Lucas, in my opinion, had a brainchild that would change everything you know about film. He is the true reason I wanted to become a film maker. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are two of my favorite all time films.

Why did they inspire me? Character’s, and character development for one. I love so many of his character’s, and there are so many to love. Why else? Scope; Starting on chapter IV, of VI, inventive, exciting, and alluring.

For me Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back have forever instilled the importance of character’s and scope in a story… And the belief in a dream, and the robustness to follow through with it.

Thank You George


Star Wars – In Review

Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back