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Dear God, Powers That Be, Or Anyone That Can Help Our World Sway Its’ Direction Towards Climate & Global Prosperity

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Never in my lifetime did I think I’d be around to see what’s going on with the planet at this exact moment

Between the Climate, Nuclear Threat & Technology in Weapons, things have become so close to what we’ve seen in the movies, and heard all our lives was going to happen, that as a Writer, I don’t even think I could write a Post Apocalyptic story, it’s just to damn close to where we’re potentially heading

I’m not an alarmist, I’m far from it

But our governments are failing us

So if anyone out there’s listening, please help us redirect our world in a direction of prosperity

I’m 51 years old, young, but still have had an amazing life

Can you possibly imagine how this must all feel for younger people?


Change & Do All That You Can

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“We Have To Do The Impossible… So Let’s Get Started”

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The Time Is Now

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