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“We Have To Do The Impossible… So Let’s Get Started”

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Happy New Year 2020! (Music)

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Happy New Year!

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New Year Life Suggestions… Take Em, Or Leave Em… Everyone Of Them Will Improve Your Life

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Just A Few Life Suggestions, That Will Likely Change/Improve/Lengthen Your Life

Many May Seem Obvious, And/Or You’ve Heard Before

But Until You Integrate Them Into Your Life, You Really Can’t Hear Them Enough

  1. Drink Lots Of Water, At Least A Few Glasses A Day, If Not More
  2. Eat Lots Of Vegetables, Like 40 To 60% Of Your Diet
  3. Exercise 3 or 4 Times A Week
  4. Tell The People That You Love, That You Love Them… As Often As Possible
  5. Don’t Eat Fast Food More Than Once A Month
  6. For Those That Aren’t Vegan, Try To Not Eat Dairy Or Meat Once Or Twice A Week… It Will Really Impact The Environment… Livestock Uses One Hell Of A Lot Of Water In Raising And Feeding Them
  7. Unplug From Your Phones And Social Media At Least Once Or Twice A Week… Reconnect With The World Immediately Around You… And The People Immediately Around You
  8. Take A Vacation Once In A While If You Can… We’re Total Different People When We’re Away From Home/Work/Responsibility
  9. Forgive Your Parents If You Can… For Whatever… In Most Cases, You’ll Miss Them When They’re Not Around… Even Just Not Knowing They’re There Anymore
  10. Try Not To Eat A Lot Of Simple Carbs… Pastas, Breads, And Definitely Avoid Refined Sugar If You Can… Reduce Soda To Practically Nothing, And Really Watch The Amount Of Juice You Drink… I Lost 50lbs That Way A Few Years Ago… Gained 20lbs Back In The Last Couple Years, But Will Be Losing Those Again This Year
  11. Stop And Smell The Roses… This World Moves Really Fast… If We Don’t Watch It, Our Minds Will Run The Show, And They Move Quick… The Body Should Guide Everything Really, So Listen To It
  12. Meditate… Get Proper Sleep If You Can
  13. Ask For Help If You Need It… This Goes For All Things… I Know It Can Be Hard… But Trust Me On This One
  14. Follow Your Dreams If You Got Some… Food For The Soul
  15. Take Care Of Yourself, Not Just Others… Determine Your Needs/Wants… Incorporate Them Into Your Day To Day Life
  16. Vote This Coming Year… It Does Make A Difference


I Hope Some Of This Is Helpful



Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year

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xmas 14 6 xmas 14 4Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Thanks for everything

I hope that all of your New Years Dreams Come True


Merry Christmas Happy New Year!

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maxresdefaultMerry Christmas Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you

A Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)

And A Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for your interest in my Site

I Look Forward to 2014 with all of you



Ok, So I Lied… Another New Years Post

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Ok, so I’ve got a Cold, but we got a New TV, with a New Soundbar/Sound System, and a New Blue Ray Player where you can Connect to YouTube, and I was trying to put The Concert From My Last Post on Our TV, but it’s Blocked…

But I came upon the 1992 Queen/Freddy Tribute Concert (Cuz he passed away in 1991)

And it is Insane, even Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin Sings, crazy

Check it out if you like

Happy New Year From The Written Word

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13065389-happy-new-year-2013Happy New Year From The Written Word

Unfortunately I have a cold, so I shall keep it brief, Lol

I Just Wanted to Wish you all a Happy New Year, and Thank you for your Continued Interest, and Support of My Writing

And Now I Leave you with a Full Concert from My Favorite Singer, Freddy Mercury, in what is the Best Concert Footage I’ve seen with him, and Queen

Happy New Year!!



Queen – Live At Wimbley 1986

DarkJade’s – New Years With U2

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Well, upon Reflection… 2011 was a Good Year… Yes, I lost a relationship that I would have rather of not… But, I did return to Writing, which has been an Extremely Fulfilling Experience

That Said, Lets get to the Festivities…

And what better way than with one of the Best Rock Bands of our Time… U2


lol, Hilarious… I had actually forgotten they had a song called “New Years Day“… I’m a pretty Hard Core Fan, eh

With or Without YouMy Favorite U2 Song for Years

Wow, that was a Pretty Damn Cool Video… I’ve never seen it

All I Want Is You

Wow, didn’t realize Bono was so “Audience Participation” Oriented… Pretty cool

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Bruce Stops by)

Oh NO!! Metallica Snuck In!! Eh, Somehow, I’m ok with that, lol

U2 and Metallica

It’s A Beautiful Day – Love This Song

One – One of the Best Songs ever Written

Did I disappoint you… Or Leave a Bad Taste in your Mouth…

You Act Like you Never Had Love… And You want Me to go Without

Some of my Favorite All Time Lyrics

You Say  Love is a Temple, Love a Higher Law

Love is a Temple, Love The Higher Law

You Ask Me To Enter but Then you make me Crawl…

And I can’t be holdin’ on to what you got…

When all you got is hurt

And Now I shall Leave you with this… I hope all of you have a Safe, and Happy New Year

u2 Unforgettable Fire

Thanks for Chillen with me

See You in 2012


Merry Christmas From The Written Word

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Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take a Moment to say Merry Christmas, and/or Happy Holidays from me DarkJade and The Written Word

It’s been great getting to know all of you a bit, and/or sharing with you the inner workings of my Creative Clock, and/or World…

I hope all of you have a Beautiful Holiday Season, and/or have an opportunity to be around those that you love, and/or simply get your hands on some Chocolate Santas, lol

I Look Forward to continuing to share My Writing with all of you into, and Beyond the New Year!

Warmest Wishes, and My Humble Thanks for your Support