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Darker Times (Chapter IV) – Hearing Voices

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices





Ronan and the Blond Haired Girl run out the back of the Trance Club, leaving the Two Thugs completely Frozen…

“There’s no way out of this one… I’m Sc#@$”d!” Ronan exclaims fairly hysterically.

“Quickly, I have a small car over here…” The two of them run down the Alley, until they come to the girls little white Car, and they both get in…


Police Sirens can already be heard, as she starts the car and with a…


As she quickly throws it into Second Gear…

They tear down the road, and she takes a right, as Paris Police cars are coming from in front of them, and down the road to the left… The right seems to be the only way clear.

Ronan takes note that the color of the Car is completely white, with white leather interior, and the girl is wearing all white as well.

“You have fine taste my dear” with this she quickly looks over at him, and he is gesturing towards his white hair, and white clothing.

She tries not to smile “Are you Crazy!!”.

She tears around another corner, and soon they reach her apartment building.

Quickly they dart up to the third floor where her apartment is, and they sit out on the deck watching police cars drive by.

She’s not sure how to say it, so she just says it “Uhh… How did you turn those two men to Ice?” she questions.

Ronan, unsure exactly how to answer, simply says “It’s a “Mystery”…” and smiles widely.

Meanwhile the girl just stares at him blankly.

“You know… From “Shakespeare In Love” he explains, but it is lost on her.

“Geoffrey Rush??” he says with a enthusiastic face.

Nothing… She is lost.

“Oh never mind” he says, and then stands up.

“I really should go… I need to get back to my apartment and gather up my things” he heads towards the door, but then suddenly turns around and looks at her.

She is staring at him with her faded blue eyes wide open.

“You Saved me from being arrested… And I don’t even know your name” he says.

She stands “Cleo… My name is Cleo” she replies.

“Cleo… What a lovely name… Hmph” he says, and then turns to leave.

“Don’t leave her Ronan… You’re going to need her” the woman’s voice returns in his head, and being that the alcohol has long warn off, he stops in his tracks… And is disturbed.

Cleo steps towards him “Do you hear the Voice too??” she asks to Ronan’s surprise.

He turns and faces her “Voice??”.

“Oh… Never mind” she replies and opens the door for him.

Ronan stands perfectly still for a moment, and then starts out “Thank you Cleo…” and then into the hallway.

But before she closes the door, Ronan turns back towards her “I–” he starts to say, when suddenly a Bright Purple Portal of Light suddenly appears behind him, and stepping out of it is the Foreboding 6’5″ Form of John Swift from The Year 2096, in his Long Black Sweeping Cape, with his Black Spiky Hair, and Anger Filled Blue Eyes Blaring.

He’s aiming a Large Lazer Canon at the two of them.

“You Two Best Come with me… Your Future Needs you” he says.

Ronan and Cleo are completely stunned, and only Ronan is able to mutter out “Uhh… What?”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Guy With White Hair

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Chess With Agatha (Chapter Two) – Another Life

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Chess With Agatha…

and The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade


CHAPTER TWO (Part One) – Another Life

“As we walked, Agamemnon seemed to make sure he never looked me in the eyes… Keeping to himself…”

“Which was fine by me, as I generally found myself simply gazing at his lame leg”.


“And his Cane…”


“It was a particularly cold day… And yet, there was no color in the air… It all seemed to go out… Leaving a faint grey, blue haze…”.

“And that was when the Voices would come…”

“You will need One Knight… NO! TWO!!”

“He’d correct himself”.

“And a Magician “NO! NO!! YOU FOOL!!, TWO””

“He’d correct himself again… As it was a Male voice”.

“This had been going on for weeks… The Voices… Not that I had told anyone, certainly not Agamemnon… What would he think of me…”.

“And as my sanity twinged at the thought of madness, today would be different”.

“Agamemnon suddenly spoke to me… Without… Speaking to me”.

“There is another Life Agatha…”

“A… Harder Life”.

“So as not to appear like I had indeed lost my marbles…”

“I replied in thought”.

“Oh tell me! Tell me!! You must tell me!!”.

“With this he turned and faced me as we stood there right in front of my High School”.

“His Eyes were Dark, and Deep…”.

“There is no turning back…”.

“He said to me without speaking”.

“My Mind and Heart raced a million miles a minute”.

“Please Elias… I Must Know!” I suddenly spoke out loud, as well as calling him by his true name.

“Very Well…” he replied out loud as well…

“But first you must play me a game…” a game, what was he talking about.

“And you must play well” he was serious, and I had absolutely no idea what he was talking to me about.



PICTURE CREDIT – Mache Orange, Emo Stylish


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