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Hope In A Severely Divided Time

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I Have Never Felt So Accutely The Deepness Of The Division Of Our Country

Empathically, It Is Extremely PainfulI’ve Never Been Blind To The Differences And Inherent Problems Associated To Our Society

But For Me, So Many Of The Problems That Have Stemmed From This Division For So Long In Our Country, Make Much More Sense Now

I Realize Our Population, The World’s Population Really, Is Enormous

I Realize We Can Not All Be The Same

On One Side, You Can Say Many Of Us Have Been Dillussioned By This Notion Of FreedomOn The Other Side, For Many Of Us, The Freedom Within, And Under This Troubled Sky, Is The Only Cushion That Has Allowed Us To Get This Close A Look At What Truly Is Happening Within Our Country

To Be Cliche’, ‘This Is Not A Time For The Faint Of Heart…’

I Say This In A Non-Preachy Way, Mathmatically If Nothing Else, Apathy Will Not Move Us In The Desired Direction We Seek

The Time Of Being A Non-Participant, Of Being Only A Bystander, Of Focussing Only On Our Individual Bubbles, Has Become Complacent… Once Again, Not A Criticism, Mathmatically If Nothing Else

I Am Fortunate In That I Was Born With Hope In My Heart…

So Many Of Us Were Not

But At This Time More Than Ever, I Wish To Bestow This Hope On Those That Struggle To See And/Or Feel It

Anyway, Here’s Hoping There Will Be No Or Little Violence Tomorrow…

Though It May Reflect The True Struggle That We All Face, I Can’t, And Never Will, Be Ok With It


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Don’t hold onto things that hurt you…

The truly compassionate have nothing to prove

Instead spend that energy, looking around you…

Love, Prayers And Good

Control is not the answer…

Let worries fade to light

Take deep breaths…

Partake in life

PICTURE CREDIT – Light Rays Through The Water

Hope & Strength

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Have Hope Long Term

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I Know This Has Been A Rough Year… The First Wave, We Reacted, Adapted Etc… But This Second Wave Is Just Flat Out Depressing For Many… All I Can Say Is, Don’t Lose Hope, Just Push It Long Term If You Can… For Now, I Hope Most Of You Can Find Some Joy In One Way Or Another

This Is A Difficult Time

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This is a difficult time

But the things needed are enormous/bigger than ourselves

And will take time, but more than that, focus

Particularly our planets environment which is being used at an unsustainable rate

It’s great/exciting that we’re developing the ability to travel to Mars, but it is flat out wrong to destroy this planet, and just move onto the next

Humans have to pull back a third from their comforts and desires, and balance this planet out

We have a huge/ever growing population, which means we really need to be managing the resources we have

But, it’s imperative that we ground ourselves, emotionally and spiritually

Love the ones you have in your life, and be open and pour love out to those in need, in one form or another

We can get through this extremely difficult time, but you need to make it a daily focus

Do what you can, and make that mindset a lifestyle

Be Well


Photo From One Of My Two Sisters, Shot This Morning In Arizona

Be Well

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April’s Going To Be Rough, As If March Wasn’t Rough Enough. We Will Get Through This… Watch The News A Bit (Not A Lot), Protect Yourself & Others As Much As Possible, But Also Remember To Live, Love & Connect (From A Distance, Or Those You Live With) As Much As You Can. Be Well

My Heart Goes Out To Those Who Are Losing People This Way

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Across the globe, many of us are inconvenienced and/or losing our income by what is happening.

It is a difficult/challenging time.

I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to those who are losing loved ones to this illness.

It must not feel real, all of this is like some terrible futuristic nightmare.

But it is real, and I am saddened for those who are impacted the most, the one’s who are losing their lives, but more than that, the one’s who loved them and have been left behind.

I’m not trying to downplay what the rest of us are going through, I’m just feeling enormous empathy for those who have lost someone during this time.

Be well, be safe, know that we care

PICTURE CREDIT – Wildflowers

The Truth

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The truth is, there is something we can do about what’s happening

It’s just a matter of figuring out what that is, and doing it

Do what works for you

Unfortunately, we just can’t afford to wait around for others to make the changes

It’s just not working

Be Strong

Be Fearless

Carry on

Dark Angel

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Dark Angel

The Being Sits Alone At The Bar With His Thoughts

Black Clothing, Hair, Eyes

When The Bar Closes He Asks For Another…

You See Sir, I’m Having A Hard Time

The Bartender Seeing His Need, Nods And Pours Him A Drink

I Can’t Say I’ve Spoke To Your Kind

Not Sure I’ll Be Much Help In This Time Of Need

The Dark Eyed Man Gazes Directly At The Television

The World’s Dance Of Fear

Then Back At The Bartender And Says

I Hold Your Life Both Precise And Dear

The Bartender Laughs, As He Shuts Down His Register…

Closing Time Is Near

Don’t Waste Your Time Demi One

We’ve More Than Had Our Chance To Be Revered

You’ve Only Just Begun Says The Dark Clothed Man

As The Sun Outside Starts To Appear

With This He Finished His Drink…


And Spreads His Great Black Wings Wide

At Least You’ve Got Life…

I’ve So Much To Do

An Eternity To Make Things Right

With This The Roof Parts

Without Breaking Wood…

And The Angel He Starts To Rise

Come Back Any Time Friend The Bartender Speaks

Your Humanity Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

It Gets Hard Down Here For Us Humans

Death Isn’t All That Near

Be Calm And Follow Your Truth The Angel Speaks

As He’s Swallowed Up In Light

The Love In Your Heart Is All You Need

To Navigate Through This Life



Playing Cards With Destiny… Always Hoping For A Winning Hand

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28334e92843af14be4a2c312be600c3b_1321269448Playing Cards With Destiny… Always Hoping For A Winning Hand

What are we doing here, who knows really

Passions… Love… Destiny… Fate

Each Life A Story

Each Dream A Hope

Family… Friends…

Romantic Love

Poetry… Music

Dance… Run… Sing

As We Race, And Build, And Race, And Build Our Life

Are We Looking Around Enough

Are We Appreciating Enough

Are We Lost, And If So, For How Long

Colors… Magic… Hope… Beauty In All Things

Nature… Animals…

Desires… Surprises

Pain… Loss

All I Know Is, Love The Ones You Love

Hug, And Hold Those That Mean So Much In Your Life

Take Time To Breathe In Life… Really Breathe It In

Our Minds Are So Powerful

It’s So Easy To Get Lost In There