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Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

Posted in Chess With Agatha, Editing, Editorial, Fiction, Food, Inspiration, Kickstarter, Line Editing, Novel with tags on November 20, 2012 by darkjade68

Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

Ok so, My Kickstarter isn’t doing as well this time (Last Time it Hit the Goal) with Generating Funds for Paying My Editor and Cover Artist for My Book “Chess With Agatha

That’s alright, it’s Christmas Time, so maybe everyone’s holding onto their money… Who knows

But what I do know, is I want to make Editing as Easy as Possible for My Editor, especially if paying for it is going to be a Challenge.

Now the only way I can do this, is by starting to Implement the Grammar Etc. Changes that My Good Friend Beth has been doing on her Line Edit for it… Which, by the way, she’s almost done with…

Here it is on the Right… The Highlights are her Edits… I like to Print out a Copy when I’m inputting them, plus I want a copy by my side when I work with the Editor… Though if I implement them, I may not need them by my side.

With “I Died Once” I only Implemented a bit of it, and the rest the Editor and I referred to while we were doing the Final Editing.

Hopefully if I implement most of it, it will make The Final Editing a bit quicker.

But back to the Title of this Post…

Why “Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing”?

Well, when I work on Editing Etc., like I’ve Posted before, I generally throw on some Trance Music… But today, it’s a nice Cool Day, and I thought I’d throw together a Hot Pastrami Sandwich to get me in the mood to Edit, Lol

It was Simple Really, I just did as follows’

  • Put Butter (Or Margarine, no matter) on a frying pan
  • Then I laid a Piece of Rye Bread in the Pan (Most Any Bread will Work)
  • Then I Laid Several Pieces of Pastrami on the Bread (As much as you like)
  • Then I Cut up some Cheddar Cheese (Cheddar is Great with Pastrami, Mozzarella is also good… But most any cheese will work)
  • Then I sat the Second Piece of Bread on Top
  • Then Throw a Lid on it, to help it Cook Evenly
  • Throw the Heat on like Medium (Or in my case, 6 out of 10)
  • Let it Cook for a bit, and just before it starts to burn on the bottom, Flip the Sandwich with a Spatula (And Cover it back up)
  • Then before it burns on the bottom of that side, take it out
  • Open up one side, and add mustard (Mustard is Great with Hot Pastrami, but if you don’t like Mustard, Skip it… With Hot Pastrami and Cheese you don’t really need Mayo, but if you want you can add it, and Lettuce too if you like… I just kept it Simple, Hot Pastrami, Melted Cheddar and Mustard)

Wola, now you have your Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

Next, for me anyway, I Poured a Glass of Super Cold Diet Root Beer (I’m always watching My Sugar Intake, that’s why the Diet)

Threw on My Pandora Christmas Music Station, and I’m Good To Go… Time to Start Implementing the Line Editing

Nuff Said

Have a Great Tuesday

Thanks for Listening/Reading