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KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute Video (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

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two_way_street___kimbra_by_haru_mon-d5xbmwl.png 12KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute Video (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

My Latest Video Project over on Dark’s Media Empire

Directed by James mahoney

Music by Kimbra

Settle Down Remix By Eoghan Tyrrell @





Art By Deviant Art Artists (Links Below)

All Art Rights Belong To Artist

A Homage To Kimbra

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1a918c14a5d011e18bb812313804a181_7A Homage To Kimbra

She enters the room, unassuming… Her band set in readiness.

From beneath her dark bangs, glisten her blue eyes as they softly glimpse at each of her mates.

Seeing that they are ready, she approaches the microphones, one was never enough, she now uses two…

Her eyes close, as she enters that place… Where she’s hidden her song, safely between her heart, and soul.

561300_10151663938925401_204536510400_23426264_1567002151_nShe lets out her first breath, bringing life to the tune, which soon reaches her lips, and unleashes melody and tone…

Her body starts to move immediately, as the song courses through her very blood, and the vibrations of rhythm raise her slightly above ground.

tumblr_m36a3tEPaM1r2g1nro1_500The band starts to groove, as her voice guides them on their way…

Their time together is intimate, and pure… Much like the cry of a new born babe.

Meanwhile in the dark, the masses who are actually before her, wave their hands in the air, holding up sources of light, closing their eyes, and mouthing, or singing along.

Kimbra then opens her eyes, and starts to prowl around the stage from one side to the next… Reaching out to her fans, while reaching into her soul…

She connects with the one’s that Love, and Admire her… And leaves them wanting more.

She Appreciates them… Cares for them, and often pinches herself when alone, to remind herself that this is indeed happening… She is indeed Touring, and Sharing, and Celebrating, and Singing, and Moving… And Connecting with People who Truly Love, and Dig her.

BC7vuxuCQAAyLaeIn the end she can not help but smile… As her bangs fall over her eyes again, and she peaks from beneath them to see if she has left her fans satisfied…

And then another song begins.



My Newest Video – Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

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Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

A James Mahoney Video

Old Flame Written and Performed By Kimbra

Remix by ∆T ∆TIK∆ @

All Music Rights Belong To Kimbra

Video Produced by Dark’s Media Empire

Twitter @DarksEmpire



Photo Links;×768/lovers-images-254937.html

DarkJade Watch – Kimbra (Two Way Street)

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Blue Anime Boy 4DarkJade Watch – Kimbra (Two Way Street)

Kimbra Does it Again With This one…

Uploaded to YouTube Today, 12/13/2012





Hunger TV: Kimbra – Two Way Street Exclusive

DarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

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2012 Video ProjectsDarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

In June, 2012, I Created My Dark’s Media Empire Vlogging And YouTube Video Projects Blog.

During the last 5 months, in addition to some Silly Vlogging Videos, I also threw together some Video Projects.

Some of them I’ve Posted, or Reblogged here, some of them I did not.

For your Viewing, and Hopefully Listening, Pleasure, here are the Video Projects that I did during this period, which Include some Tribute Videos, Song Videos, Comic Book/Music Videos and Book Promo Videos.

All were either done with Still Shots/Photos/Pictures, and/or Video Footage from Projects I did some 10 to 12 years ago, when I was doing Experimental Film Projects, and My Short Film from 2002.




Kymlee’s “Peter’s Song’ Video

(Uploaded To YouTube July 2nd)


“I Died Once” Novella Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 14th)


Kymlee’s “What’s Left” Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 25th)


Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind) Danrell Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube September 14th)


White Jade Comic Video (Part I)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 23rd)


White Jade Comic Video (Part II)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 25th)


Kimbra Tribute Video Plus Farewell Vows Tour 2012 (Feat. Kimbra’s Posse) STRANGERS Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube October 29th)


“Chess With Agatha” Book Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube November 7th)



Thanks for Listening/Watching



Vacant Me Loving You

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Vacant Me Loving You

As I Fall In The Rain…

Blue Blood… Lights of Green

The Warmth of your Voice

Calms My Nerves

Standing Hurts More than falling

Black Cloaked…

My Chest Bare to your Sea

Torn Flesh…

But not skin

I’ll Never get over you

If I had a Choice

It’d Never do

Time Wanders Forward…

But it Wanders… Without me

I Raise to your truth…

A Simple No will do

I Loved you with all That is me

Off you be

Why is it I return to you…

When you’re so far away

I Worry about you

Fear… What you’ll do

The Tearing… The Pain

Renewed… Unseen


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DarkJade Presents – Friday Tunes Session

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It’s Friday Night so Why Not

Some Love Songs… Some Not







Christina Perry – A Thousand Years

Ellie Goulding – Lights

Mariah Carey – Obsessed

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Kinda Trippy but hang in there until Kimbra Sings, she is Awesome)

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain (Love This Guys Voice)

Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway (This is an Awesome Video Check Out The Falling Stars in it I think it Represents the Four of Them Coming Together Pretty Damn Inventive)

Coldplay And Rihanna Princess of China (Cool Song)

Kesha – Take It Off (I Think Kesha is Hilarious but I Like Her Music)

Katy Perry – Part of Me (Ok so the Songs Better than the Video, lol)

Have a Good Weekend



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DarkJade – After Midnight

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When Sleep Doesn’t come…

A Flare for the Dramtic


Other People Like to sing your song…

This Next, and Last one is a bit more Meaningful to me… Matters of the Heart lead me to a lot of Evanescence Listening Last yearAs was Evident, in the use of many of their songs along side some of my Poetry…

But I have to say… I was Glad that they were there for me to Return to, as I hadn’t really listened to them for several years… And Amy Lee and I spent many a Night Together, Healing My Heart

So Thank you Evanescence… And Thank You Amy Lee…

Even a Poet, sometimes needs a Poet


Thanks for Listening/Reading