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Warriors Of Light – Unexpected Companion

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Warriors of Light – Unexpected Companion

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX


Once Borgodan and Nathe were beyond the bridge (See Episode V), and the Trolls, they continued through the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands…

Neither spoke.

Soon, a strange thing happened, as 10 Wolves started to follow them, due to the fact that Nathe is riding a Great Silver Dire Wolf…

Howling as they went…

Borgodan smiled in fascination at this unusual site.

They weren’t exactly friendly, as they growled, and howled at the Paladin’s heels…

But they never attacked… As they feared the Great Silver Dire…

On the fifth night, the Warrior and Paladin started to set camp…

…meanwhile the 10 following wolves slept in a circle around the camp… Almost as if they were on guard.

Borgodan and Nathe sat at the fire, cooking some meat, breaking some bread, and drinking some of the Paladin of Blue Hawk’s wine…

“Is this a normal occurrence for you Wolf… Er… Nathe,” spoke Borbodan.

With this, Nathe looked about at the wolves… “It happens sometimes.”

“Hmm,” replied Borgodan…

Suddenly Bordodan froze.

“What is it?” asked Nathe taking notice.

Borgodan then stood, and spoke some words under his breath, “Simmo Pree Ayy,” as he closed his eyes, and held out his hands, palms up.

His eyes suddenly opened… “Hell Hounds…” he spoke… And just as he did, the wolves around the camp started to growl as three sets of red eyes could be seen in the nearby trees.

With this Nathe stood, and drew his two handed axe…

…Borgoden in turn cast some more words “Protecto Omdo,” and suddenly a red circle of light surrounded them both.

Nathe noted, and was semi impressed.

“Now what?” spoke Nathe.

“We wait to see what the wolves do…” replied Bordodan with authority…

Nathe nodded.

Suddenly Borgodan whipped out a potion from beneath his white cape, swigged it down, causing a yellow golden glow to be around his skin, drew his Great Sword, and lifted his Silver Long Shield, which bore a Blue Hawk on it “For Blue Hawk!”, ran forth, and leaped over the wolves into the dark, and started to swing his blade.

“What the…” spoke Nathe as he dropped his axe, pulled his double crossbow off his back, and began shooting into the darkness, hoping not to hit the Paladin.

Neither Borgodan nor Nathe struck the beasts in their first attempt…

But the wolves moved in as well, damaging one of the Hell Hounds…

The other two Hell Hounds, seeing this, quickly dispatched three of the wolves…

This woke the Great Silver Dire Wolf, who leaped through the air, landing in front of the remaining 7 wolves, and growling at the Hell Hounds, who were breathing small bursts of fire…

Just then, Nathe’s second shot of two arrows struck the wounded Hell Hound, which fell dead.

The wolves then swarmed the second Hell Hound, and killed it…

…leaving only the third who was not scared off.

The Great Dire sprang at it, but was unsuccessful…

It then struck one of the wolves.

This caused the remaining 7 wolves to swarm, and kill it…

…at which point Nathe lowered his crossbow, and “What happened to wait to see what the wolves do?”

Borgodan walked into the fire light, sheathing his sword, and setting down his shield, “I changed my mind,” he said with a smile…

And the two laughed, and went back to eating and drinking.

Octo – The Fallen

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by DarkJade


The Fallen

Paladins Aren’t Meant To Love…

What A Silly Law

What A Silly…


I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do

Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

In you a star is born and
You cut a perfect form and
Someone forever warm

Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on
Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

Show love with no remorse and
Climb on to your seahorse and
This ride is right on course

This is the way, I wanted it to be with you
This is the way, I knew that it would be with you

Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on
Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do

Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

Michael ‘flea’ Balzary;Chad Gaylord Smith;Anthony Kiedis;John Frusciante

Published by

The three men, Felix, Harvey and Samual make their ways through the snow filled sidewalks, to ‘Lenny’s Diner’, in hope of some warm soup
“What did they call him… This… Yellow Golden Paladin?” Harvey questioned Felix as they made their way.
“Flare… But I wouldn’t call him that if I were you,” replied Felix.
Suddenly Samuel points at Lenny’s Diner, and the other two men nod… they go inside.
Disregarding the many unhappy looks, their attire gave away that they live on the streets.
Felix nodded, and gave a friendly smile to the onlookers non the less, “Evening folks.”
They sit at a window table, and watch outside as the snow fills the streets.
Felix takes note of a bar across the street…
In Big Red Neon Lights, “The Devil’s Retreat.”
“So what should I call him if I see him?” questions Harvey.
Felix’s gaze returns to Harvey, “Spire… They call him Spire on the streets.”
A waitress comes to the table.
“What will it be for you three gents…” she inquires, chomping gum, and not really looking directly at them.
“Uh… Coffee mam… For all three of us,” Felix says, and tosses a few silver dollars on the table.
Harvey and Samuel look at one another, “Where’d you get the stash Felix? Been holden out?” speaks Samuel.
Felix smiles, “Nah, it was for a rainy day… Or…. Snowy day as it were,” the other two smile, and take off their coats.
Meanwhile Felix’s gaze returns to the bar… And what he sees amazes him.
Outside of the bar, a man in what appears to be Red Knight Armour, dragging a long mace on the ground, enters the bar.
Felix’s face goes pale.
The waitress brings the coffee.
“There you go fellows, let me know if you’d like anything else,” speaks the waitress.
“Soup…” the voice of a lovely young brown haired woman suddenly speaks.
“Soup for all of them…” she finishes, and hands the waitress a twenty dollar bill.
Felix and the others look at the girl who has lavender eyes, and smiles as she leaves, pulling on a long dark purple coat.
“Soup it is,” says the waitress, and steps away.
“Well this is our lucky day,” speaks Samuel as he stirs in milk and sugar into his coffee.
“This isn’t luck,” says Felix as he rises from the table, and puts on his jacket, “I’ll be right back fellows…”
Felix dashes back out into the snow filled streets, and crosses the street.
Meanwhile inside The Devil’s Retreat, the man in red armour, sits at the counter.
In front of him are three bottles of red wine, the first already empty, as he drinks directly out of a fourth bottle.
Patrons of the bar sit as far from him as they can.
And the bartender looks a bit taken aback, but at the same time, has seen some strange things in his time.
Felix enters the bar.
“Rencor… Is that you?” he says to the Red Knight, whose hair is light brown, straight, and goes down to just above his shoulders.
His eyes are dark blue.
“Risk… You can call me Risk,” he replies.
I Never Gave Up…
I’ve Just Been Waiting For You To Return
Who Says I’ve Returned


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Also Known As Rencor…

Risk Is The 8th Of The Divine Paladins



Sitting High Upon His Black Steed…

Fire Falls In His Footsteps

Though He Casts His Gaze Above…

He Is Ever Watching


When He Isn’t Giving Into The Dark Blood Wines…

And Tossing Firey Bolts Down Upon Unsuspecting Villages

For These Acts…


Beastley Side Of Him…

He Is Forever Seeking Solace

Forever Seeking Balance


All is forgiven young knight

Your chivalrous acts surely out way your foulest moments