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The Paladin – Knocked From The Sky

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Silver-armor-holding-a-sword-anime-girls_1920x1200The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

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‘Trust No One”

CHAPTER IX – Knocked From The Sky

The camp was dark…

Barely a star in the sky.

Joro had fallen asleep leaning up against a centrally located tree, whilst reading one of his many Books Of Magic.

Zara, Nyn, Shaylyr and Truer were all fast asleep…

Meanwhile, Brisk Leaf and Doren were nowhere to be found…

CRACK made the sound of a branch under thick leather Ranger Boots.

Whoever it was, they were approaching Joro as he sleep, with their sword drawn, and heading slowly towards the direction of his throat…

“What are you doing Doren…” suddenly the silence under the dark moon was broken by the familiar voice of Brisk Leaf, who stepped into the shadows of the camp, as the fire had gone out… His bow drawn, and aimed at Doren who stood now before Joro, sword near his throat.

“You think I was not expecting you…” with this Doren quickly turned, and in one quick movement hurled his long sword in a swirly windmill directly at Brisk Leaf’s chest…

“AHHH!” let out Brisk Leaf as he was able to avoid it just enough, to end up with it stuck in his leg instead…

…as he fell to the ground, bleeding badly.

“Your kind should do better than this…” Doren spoke as he slowly approached where Brisk Leaf lay, long poison doused dagger in hand… “…isn’t this what you do.”

Just as Brisk Leaf tried for his own dagger…

“AHHHHHH!” a loud holler came from no where, and with it, Zara, her blade blazing, she brought it down upon Doren, completely removing his right arm…

“SSSSSAHHHHHHHH!” Doren made an inhuman sound as he fell to his knees…

“ZARA! WAIT! YOU KILL ONE OF OUR OWN!” suddenly shouted Truer who had awoken, and drawn his bow as well… Aiming it directly at Zara’s back.

“I care not…” spoke Zara, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, as her eyes raged deeply… She rose up for one more final blow behind Doren, when Doren’s form suddenly went black, with a fairly shiny skin… His face becoming formless.

“AHHHHHH!” down came Zara’s sword upon the beast, cutting through its’ neck, and chest from behind…

The black form fell lifeless to the ground.

Truer lowered his bow… “By the gods…”

By this point, Shaylyr had fully armored, and had his hammer raised and ready for battle, glowing the familiar orange, yellow and white… “What! Where! What’s happening… Why was I not woken for my turn at guard.”

“Naytonan…” spoke Nyn now awake, bow drawn as well.

The next morning none spoke as Zara and Shaylyr’s horses pulled a quickly made hammock which carried Brisk Leaf on it… As Joro and Nyn followed behind them… On occasion they’d find a mark left by Truer, the only remaining uninjured or killed Ranger in the party…

“Why do we continue… We are down a man and a half, both Rangers, which we need if we are to remain uncaptured by General Zai Zai Qed’s legion…” stated Joro, who seemed both frustrated, and perplexed.

“Our sacrifices are meager compared to the amount of lives we may save should we prevail…” replied The Paladin Shaylyr, without looking back at him.

Zara merely grimaced, saying nothing, thinking much… Mostly words of profanity.

“We can’t give up now… Or Doren’s sacrifice will be for not,” speaks Nyn unenthusiastically.

“Nynwayen is right… We must continue,” interjects Brisk Leaf, who is very weak, and can hardly speak…

But his words seem to rally the spirits a bit of the party… Save Zara, who grimaces more.