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Zero Cool (Music)

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In 2003, I stepped away from Film Making, and started to work on Screenplays

In 2004 I started writing a sequel to a kinda B-ish Cult film called, ‘HACKERS’

I realize it’s not a great film, but the Cinematography, Acting of the Lead, Quirkiness of the other Hackers, the Mystique/Coolness of the Hacker Persona, and especially the music grabbed me

As I wrote the sequel (Only ever wrote a 50 page First Draft), I wrote down songs I thought would be good in certain scenes

Here they are;

Couldn’t find the next song, maybe I had the wrong name, so I included a song by the same artist below

Last Song would either be one below, or one below that

Photo at top from HERE

Who Cares If One More Light Goes Out… I Do

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Leave Out All The Rest

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Never Forgotten

You Will Not Be Forgotten

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‘My December’ LIVE 2008 Madison Square Garden – Linken Park

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Chester Bennington – Forever Missed

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A Love Letter To Musicians

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Thank you for what you do.

The way you open your soul and share your inner world with us.

It is not always an easy place to see, feel, hear, but it is lyrical, and it is musical, and it is meaningful.

We lost Chester Bennington yesterday, the Singer of LINKIN PARK.

And a couple months before that, Chris Cornell.

But the list goes on and on.

Some of you live a pretty hard life, wealthy or not.

Fame or not.

Your pain can not be easily extinguished.

I Played Guitar and Sang for a handful of months in 1999 & 2000-01.

I purged my reality of that time, and it was good.

I never went beyond Rehearsals, but it changed me forever.

My Nephew has my SG, and my Girlfriend has my Fender.

And I still have my Dark Blue Alvarez Acoustic.

What you do is more than Poetry.

It is Blood, Light, Pain, Dark, Hope and so much more.

There are a lot of people out there who are struggling from one day to the next.

You help them make it.

But who helps you.

This Planet can be a Lonely Place.

A Painful Place.

A Beautiful Place.

Sometimes all the Therapy in the World can’t help out.

But it’s definitely worth a try.

So say the ones that Love you.

I’m sorry for your Torment, though it brings us Magic.

I’m sorry for your Darkness, though it keeps us Company.

Nuff Said


James P


DarkJade’s – Just Another Day…. Playlist 2

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DarkJade’s – Just Another Day… Playlist 2




Amy Says It’s Time to Chill… And Amy’s Never Wrong







Found this First Band a While Back… Just Came across them again when I was Downloading some Files off a Disc that Had All My Files from one of my Older Computers… Downloaded all kinds of Music I had on there

Writings On the Wall – The Album Leaf

Found My Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack…

Kissing You – Des’ree

This one next one has been on one or two of my recent posts, but I don’t care, it’s a Great Song, lol

The Unforgettable Fire – U2

Found this one next one on my old computer File, it was a Playlist I dedicated to my Brother… Had a bunch of 80’s Music on it, so all you “Hard Cores” you can skip it if you want, lol

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club

Man did I used to Love this Next Song…

Faint – Linkin Park

Man if you never saw the Michael Mann Movie Miami Vice… See it… This next song isn’t the Original, but it’s still good… Don’t Let The Occasional Screetching Guitar Bug yah, the rest of it pretty good

In The Air Tonight – Nonpoint

Used to love this song too, way back from the 80’s, lol… When Music that wasn’t Plastic, was pretty hard to find, lol The Fixx Succeeded in that

One Look Up – The Fixx

What Can I say… I like Trance, but I think you’ll like this one anyway… She has a Sweet Voice… Eh, I Really Like 4 Strings

Let It Rain – 4 Strings

Back to Romeo and Juliet… Gotta Love Garbage

#1 Crush – Garbage

This One’s Dedicated to Pete, who Reminded me of This Next Song on one of his Play Lists a bit back… I had heard it before, but had forgotten about it… I’m glad I’ve got it now

Touched – V.A.S.T.

I Thought We’d End on a Fairly Dramatic Note… Love This Next Piece

Requiem For A Tower – Escala

Until Next Time

Thanks For Listening/Reading/Chillen


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DarkJade – Plight of the Gentle Heart

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Just throwen some softy songs your way… Enjoy

This next one I already liked the song, but saw the Video on one of the Blogs I follow 1001 Scribbles

Adia – My favorite Sarah McLaclan Song

Before she pissed people off… She made them cry (Sinead O’Connor)

Annie’s a Class Act

An Old one, but a good one

Lets run with that Bono que

Used to Love this one… The Cure… Lovesong

At the Risk of Dating myself… I roll on… This guy has a great voice

And for the sake of saving face, I shall let Chester finish up

Come on now, that wasn’t so bad… Was it? lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading/Chillen




DarkJade – To Know Me… Is to Know My Playlist

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I came across this Site today… Actually, it was someone who had Clicked “Like” on one of my Poems I believe.

Ironically, they also used the Same Theme as This Blog… Which I hadn’t seen anywhere else so far.

They were a Poet who had a Music Player on Their Site, which started to play some lovely music as you entered the Site… And so I started thinking.

I actually have some “Optional” Music on my One Knight Site, but I’ve never had any here… Especially Music that starts as you enter the Site… Partly because I use Music and Videos on some of my Posts, but also because, each Written Piece has its Own Feeling Etc., and thus the music that comes on may not “Fit”.

However, I was so impressed with this Poet’s Choice of Music, that I realized, I really do want to continue to share my Musical Tastes with my Readers, as Music is truly the way to my Soul… And thus, “To Know Me… Is to Know My Playlist“.

Granted, I have already Written Several Pieces which include Music that I like, but this shall be my First Actual Playlist, with More to Follow. I shall Introduce you to My Playlist on this Post, but it will also be “Playable” on the New Music Player I’ve added to the Right under some of my Other Widgets, and/or Menus.

Also if you’d like access to this First Playlist, you can Simply Click This DarkJade Playlist

Thanks for Listening, and Enjoy

Song 1 – Tears For Fears (Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Live))

Song 2 – Linkin Park Live (Breaking the Habit)

Song 3 – Coldplay – Paradise live at Austin City Limits Music Festival, September 16th, 2011

Song 4 – The Police – Walking on the Moon (Live 1983) – Check Out Stewart’s Drumming

Song 5 – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication Live at Slane Castle) – You gotta check out the beginning of this Video

Song 6 – Pearl Jam (Black) – Love Pearl Jam, this guy gave his soul

Song 7 – The Beatles

Song 8 – Mozart – “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” Allegro

Song 9 – Tchaikovsky – Sleeping Beauty – Forgive the French Speaking Animation in this, lol

Song 10 – Puccini – Nessun Dorma (Pavarotti, NY 1980) Only one of the Greatest Songs of all time, Written by one of my Favorite Composers of all time, Puccini… Sung by none other than Pavarotti

Song 11 – Orbital (Halcyon and On and On) – I’ve often said if you want to know what my Soul Sounds like, than Listen to this Song… The way this Song “Sounds”, is how I “Feel” about Love, Life, Thought, and Emotion in General

Song 12 – The Black Eyed Peas (with Slash and Usher) – Put this one in for fun… I definitely have a soft spot for Pop, can’t take life seriously all the time, lol Or yourself for that matter

Song 13 – Depeche Mode – Useless – Love Depeche Mode

Song 14 – The Cure – A Forest (Live in Japan 1984) – Depeche Mode and The Cure were pretty much my two favorite bands when I was in my 20’s

Song 15 – Chicane – Saltwater – Beautiful Song… I have a Keen Passion for Synthesizers, something I’ve had pretty much all my lifeAnd So Trance is definitely part of my Musical Diet Not to mention I find it quite instrumental in bringing you pretty damn close to a “Dream State”, whilst still being awake. Something I find Quite Useful as a Writer, as the Subconscious is where so much of the Good Stuff comes from

Song 16 – Clubbed to Death

Song 17 – The Missing Track – This one didn’t work for some reason, maybe I’ll throw it on my List next time

Thanks For Listening