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Emote – A DarkJade Musical Journey

Posted in Inspiration, Music, Rock N Roll, Videos with tags , , , , , on September 7, 2011 by darkjade68

Sometimes Words just don’t do the Trick. I thought it might be cool/interesting to take you on a musical journey into the back end of my mind, where music finds a home amongst the many images and creations that are conjured forth from there.

Let me begin with a song that I first heard watching a B Film by the name of “Hackers”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it or seen it, many may not think much of it, but when I saw it way back in 1998-ish (I didn’t see it in the theater), I was taken by the choice of music that the Director chose to use. Starting with this first song which was played in the second scene of the Film. Whilst looking on youtube for the song, I found this footage that someone played the music to. I often think of this song as a reflection of what my soul/mind/heart might sound like.

When I was very young, there was a Band called Supertramp that had an Album called “Crime of the Century”. Though the song “Dreamer” was the song I liked most as a child, I thought I would instead play the Title Track “Crime of the Century” itself. Whilst looking for it on youtube, I found this short film that had been set to the song.

This next song had a profound affect on me as a youth, as well as the Band “The Police”

“Every Breath You Take”

This next Band is one of my Favorite’s, and in 1990 when the Album “Violator” from “Depeche Mode” came out, I simply couldn’t play it enough. “The Policy of Truth” was my favorite song on it.

In 1999 when I traveled north to live in Eugene Oregon with my Brother and start to pursue Film Making I played this next Album over and over and over again the whole ride up, brand new right out of the package. “Red Hot Chili Peppers” “Californication”, which is also the song that lead me to purchasing it.

In 2005, in the heart of my White Jade Screenplay, I heard this next song, and bought the Album Immediately. “Coldplay” was the band, “Clocks” was the song

As this musical journey draws to it’s end, I hope that perhaps you have a bit more of a feeling of where I’m coming from when creating, it’s an immensely emotional experience for me whilst weaving my Art’s, I hope that you can find some enjoyment in it as I go.

2003 “Linkin Park” “Numb”