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Warriors Of Light – The Kingdom Of Tyr

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Warriors of Light – The Kingdom of Tyr

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX

Episode X


As the Party, Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode VI) continued across the Southern Planes of the Mountain Region of the North Lands, they came across a couple Gnolls here and there…

Nothing too threatening, though being Chaotic Evil Beings, one would have thought they would attack the Party anyway…

But they did not.

“So once we reach these White Orcs, what is it we plan on doing exactly?” questioned Odle as he ate upon a large roasted bird leg.

“Our Grey Ring Order has requested that we visit the Kingdom of Tyr, and speak to it’s King, to determine what their defensive, or offensive measures are in regards to the rise of Kor…” replies Chemney.

“Do you really think the King of Tyr will see a group of wondering Clerics, and they’re Mercenaries?” earnestly questioned Sparen.

Being a friendly Mage, Sparen is quite inquisitive.

Vyle, however, struck Sparen’s shoulder lightly, as if to say, “We’re not paid to think…”

Sparen merely smiled in her direction in a “Actually as a Mage, I am” way.

Her attention then returned to Chemney, her dark brown eyes, soft black hair, and soothing voice inadvertently drawing the poor clumsy Cleric in.

“Well… I… I can not say… But it is the duty that has been thrust upon us, and we shall answer,” he replied in an energized, convicted fashion.

“Hmm… Exciting,” replied Sparen.

Vyle merely shook her head at the young Mage’s innocently fascinated disposition.

Vyle on the other hand, was much more cynical, and pessimistic about… all things really.

“Look there!” suddenly proclaimed Sparen, as she pointed high in the sky!

Above was a Great White Owl, simply monstrous in comparison to most…

“It’s a good omen,” spoke Sparen excitedly, as she opened her traveling journal and quickly jotted down several descriptive words.

Such as wondrous… And magnificent.

Vyle merely grumbled and road up ahead of the Party.

Meanwhile, Odle, having finished his bird, tossed the bone, looked back at Sparen, and then to Chemney.

“She’s a bit batty, aint she…”

Chemney smiled slightly, and held his finger to his mouth, as if telling him to stay quiet on the matter.

“You’re just afraid of magic,” Vyle then grumpily spoke back at Odle.

“I ain’t afraid of nuthen,” grumbled Odle, as he drank down some wine from his wine skin.

“I’m sure it will follow us all the way to The Kingdom Of Tyr’s outer walls! All is well I say, all is well…” spoke the young Sparen oh so pleased.

Soon they had reached the Hills south of the Kingdom of Tyr, and were only a hand full of days from their destination.

Along the first day they came across many herds of local animals, but all and all, the day went well…

…then came the second day

Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen all sat on their mounts a top a high hill… In the distance they could not believe what they saw…

Cries let out from a herd of animals as a 15′ Frost Giant hurled his great axe upon them… More for his own pleasure than for food.

His skin was a hardened, snow white, and his hair was river blue, with traces of black.

The Party was paralyzed…

“Has he seen us?” spoke Chemney without meaning to.

“Not likely, or he’d be upon us,” replied Vyle.

‘I’m not afraid of a Giant…” spoke Odle.

“I should distract him, while the rest of you make your way around him,” spoke Sparen courageously, as she stared at the Giant with wonderment, and apprehension.

“It’s too late…” suddenly spoke Vyle as the Frost Giant picked up a sheep, and hurled into the air striking the ground before them, killing it.

“YOU WILL PERISH!” bellowed the Giant.

Warriors Of Light – The Hills Region

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Warriors Of Light – Hills Region

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI


On the third day of travels within the Southern Hills of the Hills Region of the North Land, Tora and Hannah (Tora and Hannah are introduced in Episode III) came across some rather huge Spiders, and so veered Hannah’s horse MOONSTAR around them…

…only to come across a party of two adventurers… One human, one a Dwarf.

The Dwarf looked to be an established Cleric, where the human, who was a young man, appeared to be in training.

“Hello there,” spoke the Dwarven Cleric, as he brought his small horse to a halt… The human followed in suit on his steed.

The Dwarf held one of his hands palm out.

“I am ALEXTAR… Cleric… Perfect… Of The Sun Lion Order… This is my Acolyte Cleric in training, MINCHEN,” he proclaimed loudly.

Hannah smiled at Tora, then looked at Alextar…

“Hello good sir… I am Hannah, Curate, we are glad to meet your acquaintance…”

“And this is Tora, my Paladin traveling companion, from the Fire Tree Order… I am at the moment unaffiliated,” finished Hannah.

“Hello sir,” spoke Tora…

…”Hello sir,” she also said to Minchen, who nodded and continued petting his horse.

“Unaffiliated… Well,” replied Alexstar.

“Any troubles on your way?” asked Alextar.

“Nah… All is well,” spoke Hannah.

“Very well… Well… Good travels to you… And may the Gods protect you,” spoke Alextar, who kicked the side of his pony, and was off… followed closely by Minchen.

“Good travels sir…” spoke Hannah with a smile.

Soon Tora and Hannah were alone again, traveling side by side.

“Hannah, what is that?” suddenly questioned Tora as she pointed ahead at a group of large oak trees, surrounded by what look to be some sort of large insects.

“On no!” Hannah annouces.

“What is it?” questions Tora…

“Giant Wasps… We need to get out of here,” suddenly Hannah kicks the side of her horse, with Tora riding on back, the response was a bit slower than she’d like…

Unfortunately,  even this was enough to cause Tora to lose her grip, and fall from the horse hitting the ground.

Meanwhile the 12 Giant Wasps, some 70 yards away, seem to now be coming towards them.

“Hannah!” yells Tora who continues riding at first, then realizes that she’s left Tora behind…

“Oh no,” she speaks under her breath as she heads back as quickly as she can to get Tora.

Tora quickly opens of a flask of oil from her lantern supply, and pours a 15 foot line in front of her… Then bangs some rock and flint, creating a fire wall…

Meanwhile Hannah comes behind the fire wall, and Tora gets on

The Wasps are just about upon them, but pause just long enough because of the fire wall, to give them time to get away…


The Paladin – Into The Woods

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SkyrimPainting2The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

“Man Is An Arrogant Breed…”

“One Worth Slaughtering”

“And Forgetting…”


CHAPTER VII – Into The Woods

The air is cool…

The Rangers Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf have separted, but lead Zara, Joro, Shaylyr and Nyn deep into the Bolftire Woods, hot on the trail of General Zai Zai Qed, and his legion of two to three hundred orcs…

“Where Are They Heading…”

Shaylyr wonders of Qed’s Legion, as his party of four seem to follow no one through the woods, though in truth, the Rangers leave them indicators which guide them, though they themselves are nowhere to be seen…

“Here…” announces Nyn just audibly enough to be heard, as he points at a purposely broken branch, left by the Ranger Doren.

“Will this journey never end,” complains Zara, as she hacks her way through some of the branches around her.

“Are you sure you’re a Knight?” questions Joro in jest, as he reads contently his book of magic, letting his steed lead his way.

Zara gives Joro an unfriendly glance, followed by a quarter smile.

It’d been a long time since she traveled with a party of any sort… She was a loner in the truest sense of the word.

It was her way… She felt it was the safest way to not be killed by another fools error… And supplied her the luxury of caring about no one, which was helpful in such times as when she might be tortured by an enemy…

“Tortured…” she inadvertently spoke quietly under her breath.

With this Nyn cast a subtle glance back at Zara, as his elven ears were the only ones that caught wind of it…

“This Knight Is A Complete Mystery…”

Thought Nyn to himself, then continued his movement forward through the woods, his long elven ash bow strapped securely to his back, and short sword drawn and hacking away.


Yo Pre Ghado, an Asian looking man in his late 30’s, to early 40’s, black robed, stands upon a rock preaching his words to a pack of trolls that had found their way into his 60 Dark Warrior Camp…

“Here me brothers! The time has come to shift the waking world in our direction… You and your people will be wiped out if you do not move beyond your meager ambush tactics… I bestow upon you, ‘ambition’… Something that your kind lack…” the trolls do not look pleased by these words, but they are 6, surrounded by the 60 some odd Dark Warriors serving Yo Pre Ghado.

“This is not your fault… But the time for evolution is upon us… All of us must change… Take on aspects of one another’s people, in order to vanquish these lesser beings with all their ‘honor’, and ‘valor’… Let them burn I say… Let them burn…”

“HRRRAHH!” exclaimed the Dark Warriors, where as the trolls merely looked about, overwhelmed by this ‘interactive’ manner… Thus was not the Troll way.

Watching in the distance, is Doran, one of the three Rangers employed by the Paladin Shaylyr, and his party.

“You really shouldn’t ease drop brother…” suddenly a voice that sounded… Well… Exactly like Doran’s own came from behind him.

He began to sweat as he slowly turned to face this mysterious figure who seemed to appear out of nowhere… Dorn’s dagger was drawn low.

What Doran saw, shattered his mind… An exact image of himself stood before him…

“Naytonan…” spoke Doran quietly, more to himself than to the figure standing before him… A doppelganger.

The mimic stood staring at Doran with a menacing grin, his sword held high above his head.

“You know your myths…” and with this, quicker than Doran could react, the mimic brought his sword down upon the him…

“Too bad I’m not one.”



Dark Rider – Feeling The Heat

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And so Iloh and Ukorian had joined the Ranks of King Wogtay’s Hero Seeking Festivities… And The Dark Rider was glad.

“It’s good to see you Ukorian…” The Dark Rider extends an arm to Ukorian in warm greetings.

“And you Dark Rider” he replied.

“Iloh… I am glad to see you well….” he spoke to Iloh “It’s truly good to see familiar faces amongst all… This”.

She nodded in agreement.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!” yelled a Caller of the King, and all started to partake in the food that was provided, as they sorted through the many Warriors Etc. deciding who would represent King Wogtay in his battle.

“So what thinks you of all of this…” Iloh questioned Dark Rider.

“I have to say… Not much” he replied, and they both semi smiled.

“Alas, look who we have here…” a voice arose from the crowd.

“Is it not the “Notorious” Dark Rider…” and suddenly a scarred Warrior stepped into view… The Dark Rider did not recognize him, and Largoth was quick to step between them and attempt to keep the peace.

“Now, now… We’re all on the same side here…” Largoth spoke.

With this The Dark Rider walked away alone.

“Are we now” the Warrior spoke under his breath as Largoth successfully waylayed him away from The Dark Rider.

The Dark Rider found a spot where he could actually see King Wogtay speaking to the masses, and was studying him when…

“Hello Dark Rider…” The Dark Rider turned to see Elsya.

Dark Rider smiled slightly.

“I am glad to see you…” he spoke to her warmly.

“I see Iloh—” she started to reply, but the Dark Rider stepped closer to her, and interrupted.

“I am glad to see you…” he said once more, this time Elsya’s eyes lit up a bright blue…

“I am glad to see you too” she replied.

In the background Em’s had gotten himself into a fight, as usual… And Ukorian dragged him out of it, also as usual.

Meanwhile  some 100 miles to the East, atop a Great Snowy Mountain Top, Lord Embul’s Army makes it’s way over, lead by the Three Dark Warriors of Heen, and The Great Mage Whorn…





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