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More Texted Photos From My Bro

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More Texted Photos From My Bro

Back when I was pursuing Film Making, in 2000-2003, My Brother was who I wanted to be my Cinematographer…

His thing was Acting, and Photography, and mine was Writing, Directing and Producing

These days my Brother on occasion shoots me a Picture, I think taken by his phone, but I’m not quite sure, Lol

And sends it to me via Text

My Brother’s never been into the Technology thing, but you can still get a gist of the Shots he’s taken…

And in my Opinion his Artistic Eye.



Maybe it’s me, but I just think these Photos are Amazing. Maybe partly because my Favorite Color is Blue, but it’s more than that. I just Love my Brother’s Eye.


My brother’s main focus for the last 17 years, has been his marriage, and his kids… Which I feel is admirable, and has made him an Incredible Father. But I’ve always wondered what his Photography would be like, if he ever actually got some Equipment, and set out in pursuit of it as a Career… Or even as a True Hobby. But, none the less, even his Phone Shots I really Enjoy.


The Wine Country seen through the Artist’s Eye I believe.

Thanks for Checken out his Pictures

Back to Work (Editing, Lol)