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Black Mirror Episode 1 (Season 5) – Striking Viper… In Review

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I don’t watch a lot of ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix, mainly because I’ve never really drawn to dark Alfred Hitchcock (In this case futuristic based) kind of stories.

I did, however, watch a lot of the Twilight Zone when I grew up.

Anyway, my girlfriend wanted me to watch Episode 1 of Season 5, so I did.

All I can say is, if you like, or have ever liked Video Games, especially Roleplaying (I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft) &/or especially if you’re interested in Virtual Reality Video Games (I’m not, but I’m assuming many are), you’re going to love this Episode.

Living in this technology based world, this Episode also has a lot of issues in regards to romantic relationships in this Era.

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My hat also goes off to the Acting in this Episode, especially Anthony Mackie whome I’ve always liked.


DarkJade’s – Rebuilding The Film Industry… The Taco Bell Theory

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Rebuilding The Film Industry – The Taco Bell Theory

by DarkJade

I’m not going to pretend to be a Film Industry Specialist…

But I will say this…


1) Apparently The Film Industry is making a lot less money these days, probably partly due to First NetFlix, which recently shot itself in the foot by the way, but that is a different story.

So, even more people are staying home to watch movies than they already were because of DVDs & VHS Rental Stores.

Granted, the Film Makers must be making some money from NetFlix, I’m just not familiar with how it all pans out.

But either way, there’s less people going to the Movie Theaters these days. Probably about a Third as much as maybe three to five years ago.

2) Another reason people are staying home, Large Screen T.V.s have become extremely accessible.

So, to a degree, more people are able to get the “Big Screen” effect, without actually leaving the comfort of their own homes.

3) This is a New Era of people… Anyone below the age of 30 is probably  more likely used to watching Films at home, than actually going to a Theater.

Most likely growing up on VHS, which became DVDs, which became NetFlix and now Internet Streamed Movies onto their Computers, IPads (or the like), or Cell Phones.

4) Ticket Prices. Nuff Said.

If the Film Industry really wants to Start Filling Seats in Movie Theaters again, the first thing they need to do is Drop All Ticket Prices down to $5 or $6 Bucks a Piece

Whether Day, or Night.


Listen to me when I say…

Fill The Seats…

Fill The Seats…

Fill The Seats…

It’s what I call The Taco Bell Theory

Something I came up with back in the 90’s, when Taco Bell Created Their Lower Price Menu… Like $.99 Items, or something like that.

Suddenly they were filling the restaurants with people…

Because let me tell you right now, Serving 100 People at say $4.50 a piece (which would be $450 in sales), is a lot lower than Serving maybe 1,000 People at say $2.00 a piece (which is $2,000 in sales).

See what I’m getting at?

Same thing applies here…

Selling say 24 People Tickets at say $12 a pop ($288 in sales) is a lot less than Selling 120 People at say $5.50 (or $660 in sales)… See what I mean?

Worked for Taco Bell, their Sales went through the roof… And all the Food Chains like McDonalds, Jack In The Box, Burger King Etc. Followed Suit, and now they all have Low Down Menus.


Not to mention, The “True Theater Experience” if I remember correctly from when I used to go out to a lot of Movies largely came from there being another 80 or so people in the theater with me.

And as far as Popcorn, Soda and Candy go… I believe that’s the Theaters Them Selves that deal with that…

Still 120 People is a whole lot better than 24  when trying to sell that stuff

Plus, Create as many Deals as you can afford to do for People.

Popcorn, Drink and Candy $4 to $6 at most if possible for a Small Size that is.

Everbody can benefit by filling the seats.

Sorry Boys/Ladies, Making Every Damn Film 3D isn’t going to cut it…

Lower Your Ticket Prices, Problem Solved…

Or at least, Improved.

Nuff Said.

Fix your own problem instead of trying to Ream People on the Internet who are using some of your “Old Content”.