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Tis The Season To Find Exgirlfriend’s Cat Toys

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Tis The Season To Find Exgirlfriend’s Cat Toys

It’s actually pretty cool… When my Exgirlfriend used to come down to stay for the week during the holidays, she’d bring her Kitty… And so when we were arranging My Mom’s house for the Holidays, I came across this Old Cat Toy, Lol

It pretty much speaks for itself, Lol

And then there’s this picture on the right…

Now this was a Gift from My Uncle several years back at Christmas… Sadly, we lost him several years back… But he was an absolutely Amazing Guy… Whose Spirit will always be with us.

Yes, that is indeed a Strange Picture… But he was a Seriously Unique Dude.

Yes, the Holiday Season is Definitely Upon us… But unlike many, I embrace it… Yes, as soon as November 1st Hits, I’m Listening to My Pandora Christmas Station, and Rearranging Furniture for the Holidays.

We generally have about 9 to 12 people at My Mom’s House for Christmas… And for Thanksgiving, it’s generally about 7 of us.

Time to buy Firewood, and bring up the Box of Christmas Decorations…

For Our Family Presents are a Completely Random thing… If we can afford it, we get Presents for one another… If we can’t afford it, we don’t.

Yes, our family doesn’t Overuse their Credit Cards at Christmas, though I have nothing against it… Presents has just never been the main focus for us… Not since we were kids really.

For us it’s Family, and the Fireplace, and the Cooking, and the Music, and the Tree, and the Lights.

Why Here’s a Picture of me overlooking our Home Up North…

Ok so maybe we don’t have a Home Up North… But if we did, this is what it would be like, Lol

I Hope you Continue to Enjoy Your November

Thanks For Reading/Listening


November Native American Tribute – Third Painting

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November Native American Tribute – Third Painting

Another Painting I Found Online that I wanted to Share, once again in Honor of Native Americans, during this November Time.

I Hope You Like it

Once again, I’m not sure who the Artist is

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November Native American Tribute Continued

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November Native American Tribute Continued

*Also See November Is Here – Thanksgiving – Being Thankful

My Second Post in Tribute of Native Americans during this Month of November.

I Just Think this Painting is Amazing… The Yellows, and the Depth of Spirit Felt in Their Eyes

Once again, not quite sure who the Artist is, but I’ll post the Names of the Artists as I can


November Is Here – Thanksgiving – Being Thankful

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I came across some Really Cool Native American Art today… And it got me to thinking.

Now I didn’t grow up in a Religious Household by any means… No, for me, Holidays like Christmas, and Thanksgiving, basically had their own ‘American’ meaning.

Yes, for some These Holidays have to do with God, some have to do with Their Childhoods, some have to do with like I say, ‘American’ Culture.

And though I don’t feel that what happened to American Indians when we took over this Continent is right… I do accept it as part of American History, and also as part of the way the World Used to Work… And to a smaller degree, still does.

The Truth is, Native Americans had a Truly Beautiful Culture… Not that I know much about it… And I know that particular Tribes were most likely not as ‘friendly’ as others, so to speak.

None the less, in my opinion at least, there was a ‘Beauty’ about their Simplicity.

Hunt… Gather… Praise the Gods, or Spirits… Family… Tribal Community… Dance by Firelight

And much more, that I simply am not educated enough to touch on.

So being it is their Land that our Ancestors Took (No Animosity Intended, these are just the facts), I thought it might be kind of cool to share some Native American Art During the Course of the Month, like the one demonstrated above.

Not because we as Americans owe it to anyone… As the individuals on both sides are long gone… But merely as a way of saying, I Appreciate the Beauty of what they were… What they did… What they Believed in… And like I say, the Simplicity, and Spirituality of their People.

I’m not sure who did this piece of Art, but on future posts during the Month of November, I will try my best to supply that information along with the Pictures.

Nuff Said

Enjoy Your November

It is Truly one of my Two Favorite Months… The other being December