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Dark Rider – Nowynhall

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As the night fell, the Dark Rider and Iloh, lead by the Drow, came through the dark mist that surrounded them… And then it appeared.

Nowynhall. The Legendary, bordering on Mythical Dark Elf City. It was… Enormous.

“I see you Drow don’t strictly stick to the trees…”. With this the Drow looked back at Iloh and gave a menacing grin.

Soon they would reach the city limits and their

first guard.

He nodded at their guide, and sneered darkly at the two humans, eyes glowing a dark yellow.

Meanwhile back at the waiting post, Ems had made a fire, and dugout some ale. Ukorian, unable to sit still for very long, was patrolling the camp.

Uneasy at best, Largoth stood at the northern edge of camp, looking outward. Elsya approached him. “You are worried…”. Largoth looked at her “Nah…” he replied. She in turn smiled slightly “Well, maybe…” he spoke a second time. “I find it very strange that they so willingly let them in… We have no sort of alliance with the Drow… None at all… They live separately from the rest of the land… In their own world if you will” he explained. “I need go for a bit, but I shall return” spoke Elsya. “Alright then… Be safe” she nodded, and disappeared into the night.

Nowynhall appeared as most cities in regards to inhabitants. There were Merchants striking deals with Warriors. Children running around, Maidens selling Flowers. But for the most part, when they’d pass, most just stopped and stared. “We’ll be there soon…” spoke the guide.

And before they knew it, they were brought into the main temple, and approaching the courtroom door.

“Well well well…” spoke a drow that appeared to  hold some position in the court. “Owan, these two humans seek council with Androna…” spoke the guide. “Do they now” he moved aside. They went into a beautifully lavish courtroom “I will leave you to it” surprisingly the guide drow left.

The Dark Rider and Iloh stood in the middle of the courtroom in silence.

“So you desire court with Androna do you…” Androna suddenly stands before them. Iloh looks at the Dark Rider, and is about to speak when he places his hand on her arm and instead speaks. “Indeed we do…”.

Andora sits upon a great chair. “Speak then”.

“You know of a man called the The Scarlet Bandit…” Androna picks at some beautiful Drow grapes, and replies. “I do”. Iloh steps forward “Then you know of the terror that he has spread upon the trade roads of Trone, as well as many other surrounding cities…”. Androna continues to eat her grapes. “How does this concern us” she replied. “It doesn’t” spoke the Dark Rider. “Only that you might know his whereabouts, we are seeking him out”. She stops eating, and rises as if to leave. “You have great girth in coming here, I’ll give you that” Iloh looks over at the Dark Rider. “But I will not help you…” Androna leaves and the guide reenters the chamber. “I”ll take you back to your party…” spoke the guide. And so they leave the great courtroom.

Meanwhile, back outside of their camp, Ukorian has found some trouble. “You shall regret sneaking up on me Drow!” CLANG! CLANG! “And you shall regret ever breathing, human…”




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