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Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XI

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Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris – CHAPTER III – Dwarfport – CHAPTER IV – Blu Hob – CHAPTER V – Session 10 – CHAPTER VI – Thalo – CHAPTER VII – Woods Of Fairelight – CHAPTER VIII – Welcome To Tru – CHAPTER IX – Chimera – CHAPTER X – Session 11

CHAPTER XI – Into The Mountains

What we were about to attempt, was dangerous…

…if not madness.

Yes, we have an extremely capable group of Adventurers.

But to risk our lives so blatantly from the get go…

I will say, each of us was going for our own reasons…

I, in the hopes of finding some remnants of magic within the dungeon beyond the Chimera’s Lair.

Z, because he’s a Rogue, it’s what he does.

Chi is Adventure bound, whatever the particulars may be.

I can’t say I know Stryke enough to know why she’s going, but I suspect it has more to do with the ‘challenge’ of it, than the potential riches.

Kinner longs to perform/deliver stories of great deeds within the taverns of the lands, which is why he tagged along with the Cleric Zahn…

Zahn is truly a great man.

I can’t say I know one thing about Thalo, but it was he who suggested our Party try to circumvent the Chimera, and go directly for the dungeon…

…my insticnt says he was inclined to try and protect us from the mythical beast.

Laris… She is more difficult for me to discern.

A Paladin of the Ancients…

A… ‘Green Knight’.

When it comes to the Chimera, perhaps she’s thinking of the unsuspecting travelers who it may feast upon.

Though, we hope not to face it, we’ll have to successfully sneak by it in order not to.

But the dungeon, I’m not quite sure why she’s willing to go with us there.

Just then Laris walked by me, winked, and smiled, then readied her horse.


Nah, it couldn’t be.

And so we mounted our horses, and headed north to the mountains north of Tru…

Our Marching Order was Chi and Stryke in front… Then came Kinner and Laris… Behind them me (Ren) and Z, and Thalo behind us.

We made our way into the mountains with no problems, but on the third watch that night, Thalo and Stryke were on watch, and Thalo heard a noise…

“Stand back,” he spoke, and suddenly an ogre entered the camp holding up a large club.

Thalo, being a Black Dragonborn, let forth an Acid Breath wounding it a bit.

Chi then woke, and spoke some words, “VENATORES MARCAM,” and a blue glow, only seen by him, appeared above the Ogre’s head.

He then drew back his bow, and shot it in the side.

Thalo then went into a FLURRY OF BLOWS throwing 4 punches at the Ogre, but only hitting with two…

…still, it was most impressive.

I stepped forward and started to cast, “CHROMATI ORBIS!” and an orb of lighting appeared in my hands…

…just as I was about to toss it at the Ogre.

“WAIT!” yelled Laris, who then drew her sword, “MERAMUR PROTEGENTE ERIPI PERCUTIAT!” and she strikes it…

…the Ogre suddenly seems terrified, and runs off.

“Ahh, we had it,” spoke Stryke in frustration.

“We needn’t kill everything we come across,” spoke Laris cleaning her blade.

Stryke shook her head, “Paladins…”