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Magic And Light – Chapter XVI

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by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends – Chapter II – Making Characters – Chapter III – Choose Your Class – Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus) – Chapter V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red)) – Chapter VI – Character Introductions (Ren) – CHAPTER VII – Character Introductions (Kinner) – Chapter VIII – Character Introductions (Zhan) –  Chapter IX – Final Character Introduction (Tor-Atimus) – Chapter X – Beginnings – Chapter XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – Chapter XII – Waiting – Chapter XIII – North To Drudgek – Chapter XIV –  Session 3 – Chapter XV – Day 1


“Naughty, naughty,” suddenly speaks Kinner’s voice from behind the two bandits in the dark.

They jump in surprise, “We meant you no harm… We were just passing through, and saw your fire.”

With this Chi draws his bow back, “Thought you might scope it out, and determine how easily it would be to rob us.”

“Well, ha ha, sirs, you must understand… This is our livelihood…”

“It is a tainted profession,” the deep voice of Tor-Atimus rumbles through the camp, as he appears in front of the fire bearing his great sword.

“Please… Have mercy… Find it in your heart’s goodness to let us go…” pleas one of the Bandits.

“We’re not holding you,” suddenly speaks Zahn who walks up directly to them.

He then pulls out the medallion from around his neck, hanging on a gold chain, is a bright yellow sun.

As he holds it up to them, his eyes fill with golden light, as does the sun medallion, as it casts its’ glow upon the men…

…one of them falls to his knees, “Please… I beg of you… Have mercy,”

Suddenly all of them have retreated from their positions, and returned to their beds leaving the two Bandits where they were.

The one on his knees rises, “I know of Apollo… He is a glorious god… This land has been godless for too long…” he turns to his partner in crime, “I’m staying to find a way to serve this Cleric in anyway I can…”

“Are you mad!” the other speaks.

“No… I am saved,” and with this, the Bandit lays down his bed roll, and does his best to go to sleep.

The other runs off.

Tor-Atimus suddenly appears, and sits by the fire, as his Watch shift has begun, sending Chi to bed with the others.

“Come closer to the fire boy,” he speaks in his rumbling Half-Orc tone.

The Bandit stands, grabs his bedroll, and lays it out closer to the fire, “Thank you.”

An hour later Tor-Atimus senses… Something.

He looks up and four Orcs stand 20 feet away, just out of the fire light, but his Darkvision shows them clearly.

He raises his hand in greetings to them.

One of them raises his hand…

…Tor-Atimus stands, and walks over to them.

“Not much moon tonight…” he speaks in Orcish.

“Not much moon,” the apparent leader of them replies.

“Are you in need of food?” Tor-Artimus questions.

“We are not…” the leader replies.

Meanwhile Chi lays in the dark, listening to the conversation, as he speaks Orc, but not letting them know he is awake.

“Why are you traveling with these…” speaks the leader.

“I am a Paladin… And so I have left my people… I am from far away… A land called Despa…” explains Tor-Atimus.

“I know Despa… Why are you here?” the leader continues.

“I travel with a Cleric… A Priest of Apollo… I seek a greater purpose…” explains Tor-Atimus.

“Hmmph… We go,” replies the leader, none to pleased at his response, but, none to bothered either.

“Farewell friend…” speaks Tor-Atimus.

“May you find this ‘purpose’, and not be betrayed in the searching,” speaks the leader as he and the other three Orcs walk away.


Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII

“Hark As Tales Do Tell Of The Great Eagles, And Their Elven Riders… But These Tales Be Real”


Kor’s 100 White Orcs did as ordered (Kor’s Last Appearence Was In Episode IX), and split into 5 parties of 20… They dispersed to the outer areas of the Lake of Gorne which sadly included a single Town known as Braewood…

One of the Parties of 20 would lay siege on this Village by nightfall…

Blood would surely fall.

Meanwhile in the forests of Widdleben, Borgodan, the Paladin of Blue Hawk, and his traveling companion, a Great Wolf Rider Warrior known as Nathe (Last Seen In Episode X), would soon be in the Town of Widdleben, where they would rest for the night, and replenish their supplies for the next days journey into the Mountain Region of The North Lands.

…but for some, that would not be soon enough.

Suddenly from the sky a Giant White Eagle did appear…


…and upon his back, a white and sliver clad Elf, bearing a long silver spear which he held above his head… And a white feathered silver helmet.

“By the Gods!” gasped Borgodan, and he pulled back the reigns of his black Warhorse…

Nathe too was taken off guard, but without exclamation.

The Great Eagle landed before them…

Nathe stepped forward, “Greetings Elf… What business have you with us,” he spoke.

Borgodan, not at all impressed with Nathe’s charms, and/or lack of, stepped forward as well…

“Greetings Great Eagle… How may we be of service?” spoke Borgodan.

Nathe was completely baffled by the fact that Borgodan was talking not to the Elf, but to the Giant Eagle itself.

Suddenly the Great Eagle did in fact speak…


…in his own tongue that is.

The Elf, LEVAND by name, translated the Great Eagle’s response.

“The Great Eagle Ziox would ask that you board its’ back with me, and head north to the Town of Braewood…” spoke Levand.

Nathe looked at Borgodan, then at the Elf, “Not a chance–” he started to say…

“–Of course,” replied Borgodan, who looked into his horse Order’s eyes, and whispered to him… Order then ran towards the Town of Widdleben.

Borgodan began to step towards the Great Eagle, when Nathe grabbed him by the shoulder, “Are you mad?? Getting on top of a Giant Eagle!”

Borgodan shook him off, “You needs not come Nathe…” and mounted Ziox with his gear on his back.


The Great Eagle spoke at Nathe, but before the Elf Levand could translate…

“I know, I know,” Nathe spoke, as he too scruffed his Great Silver Dire Wolf’s head, and sent it off northward as well, “you need me as well… I get it.”

The Great Eagle then soared into the air, carrying the three travelers northward.


Warriors Of Light – More Frost Giants

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Warriors of Light – More Frost Giants

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI

“Behold These Early Signs Of War… And All Its’ Discomforts”


Tora and Hannah continued their journey north through the South West Hills of The North Land’s Hill Region (Their journey was last posted in Episode VII)…

They passed many herds of local animals, but traveled without issue for several days…

They then came upon some Tribesmen from the Village of Shar, several days west of them.

Shar lays in the middle of a small forest on peaks dropping down to the Xoat Ocean.

There were 12 Tribesmen in all, carrying spears and wooden shields… They appeared to be being lead by a Cleric, or Druid, who was in front.

They approached on feet.

Tora dismounted from the back of Hannah’s horse, and approached the Tribesmen Leader one hand raised.

“Greetings… I am Tora… Keeper, and Paladin of the Fire Tree Order…” she then gestured towards Hannah, “This is my travelling companion, Hannah… A Curate Cleric, and Healer…”

“Greetings Paladin and Cleric… You’d best go back from whence you came… There is trouble to the North… And some of it is nearly upon us,” replied the Druid Leader.

Hannah then dismounted, and joined the conversation, “What kind of trouble… Do you speak of the White Orc Legions… Do you speak of Kor?”

“We have not time to concern ourselves of Kor… His allies are on their way, and they are not White Orcs,” replied the Druid.

Tora looked at Hannah, then back to the Druid.

Tora stepped closer to the Druid, “As a Paladin of Fire Tree, it is my sworn duty to protect those in need… How may I service you?”

“Go,” spoke the Druid, as he gestured for his Party to continue north, and they started to run off.

Hannah stepped beside Tora, and followed her eyes which peered upon the departing Party.

“We best abide their wishes…” spoke Hannah, who then placed a hand upon Tora’s shoulder.

“That Party of Tribesmen will surely perish if we do not aid them…” spoke Tora angstedly.

“We must respect the Druid’s wishes… They are heading in the direction that we are anyway… We shall stay back, but keep watch none the less,” stated Hannah, who remounted her horse.

Tora looked up at Hannah who had spoke wisely, “Agreed,” then remounted the back of Hanna’s horse.

Day turned to night, and the Tribesmen stopped and made camp, as they feasted and spoke of troubles ahead.

Hannah had also made a campfire, and was eating, and looking into the fire, when she took note of Tora, who was pacing back and forth.

“Come Tora… Eat something… Get some warmth… The cool winds of the North are upon us… These are not typical temperatures for the Hill Region,” Hannah spoke as she pulled her cloak over her shoulders.

“I want to ride ahead… Make sure the Tribesmen aren’t ambushed in the night,” Tora spoke.

“My horse,” replied Hannah.

“Hannah… I’m sure you can feel it as I do,” insisted Tora.

“Nope… Just a bit cold here… No premonitions,” Hannah replied.

Suddenly out of the dark the Druid Party Leader appeared, causing Hannah to jump…

“By the gods you scared me Druid,” spoke Hannah.

“You wish to help?” spoke the Druid to Tora.

“Yes… We do!” quickly replied Tora.

Minutes later the Tribesmen, Tora and Hannah sat atop a large hill and looked to the bottom of the hill where a Frost Giant was sleeping, surrounded by four Winter Wolves.

“This creature should not be here…” spoke the Druid.


The Paladin – Man Down

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elvenThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

“So Shadow…”

“So… So… Shadow”


Joro, Shaylyr, Nyn, Zara and Truer are all at their camp.

“Doren and Brisk Leaf should be back by now…” speaks Truer.

Just then, Brisk Leaf enters the camp, sets his long ash bow down, and sits at the fire.

“Here…” Zara hands Brisk Leaf a wineskin of water, and a stick with animal freshly cooked upon it.

“Thank you Knight…” he replies, Zara nods and continues to cook another for Doren, who has yet to show up.

“Doren?” Brisk suddenly asks.

Truer shakes his head.

“We must find him at once…” speaks Shaylyr who stands suddenly, his silver, white armour gleaming, and yellow tabard flapping in the slight post sunset breeze.

“No need for that…” Doren suddenly appears, and speaks.

He then sits at the fire, where Zara gives him a stick of cooked animal and a wineskin of water as well.

“Thank you woman…” he speaks.

With this Zara starts for her sword, but Nyn grabs her hand, and shakes his head at her.

Shaylyr sits, “Good to see you Doren… Brisk Leaf… Now a report is in order.”

Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf go on to explain how a Magic Wielder by the name of Yo Pre Ghado, camps with 60 Dark Warriors, and enlists a small party of Trolls… And how General Zai Zai Qed will be there by nightfall.

“Very good… What is our plan?” speaks the Paladin, and Joro and Nyn smile slightly at Shaylyr’s zest.

“We wait…” replies Truer.

“Wait?” speaks Zara impatiently… “Why did we come here if we’re to do nothing,” she finishes.

“There’s nothing to be learned with these interactions,” interjects Brisk Leaf… “Truer is right… Our best bet is to continue to track them from a decent distance.”

“And their scouts? And lookouts… Will they not detect our presence…” questions Nyn.

“Not on your life,” interjects Doren with a gleam in his eyes.

“Doren’s right… We Rangers will maintain a stealthy, yet fairly safe distance and continue to report back to you as you follow from a still safer distance,” explains Truer.

“Hmm…” Zara huffs, stands, and moves to her sleeping spot.

Joro smiles once more, “Sounds good… More study time for me.”

“Very well…” replies Shaylyr as he too stands, “…we’d best get our rest then… I–” he is cut off before finishing his last sentence.

“I’ll take first guard,” Doren suddenly interjects, and stands enthusiastically.

This grabs Brisk Leaf’s attention, but he makes sure not to gaze unnaturally at Doren.

“Very well… I the second,” replies Shaylyr.

Shaylyr then heads to his sleeping spot, and takes off just enough armour so that he might rest a bit.

Joro finds a s pot to read by a tree, and Nyn finds a sleeping spot as well.

Doren gayly grabs his sword and starts a bit of a perimeter around the camp.

Truer catches Brisk Leaf watching Doren as he goes.

“What is it Brisk Leaf…” speaks Truer.

Brisk Leaf is startled by Truer… “Nothing…” he replies, as he then makes his way out of the camp into the shadows.

Truer wonders for a moment why he’s going outside the camp, then lets it go, and finds his place to sleep.



Dark Rider – Hunted

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And so the Dark Rider and his comrades began their three day journey to the Mountains of Shenn. Apparently the Scarlet Bandit was paying a visit there to collect money from the Mountain Folk that feared him. A sort of “Pay or Die” sort of tax that the Scarlet Bandit had imposed on many small towns and villages.

After a day of traveling, they made camp.

“This isn’t going to be easy, is it…” spoke Iloh to the Dark Rider.

“Not hardly” he replied.

Suddenly Ems approached Iloh and Dark Rider “What’s this I hear about you being a Ranger?? I thought you were merely a Warrior”.

Iloh did not reply “I’m going to get some rest” and stepped away.

“Well, excusseeee me for trying to stir up a wee bit of conversation… It’s not like Dark Rider is going to talk to me…” he directed this towards Dark Rider who did not reply, as he sharpened his dagger. “Yah see…” Ems walked off to post guard.

There travels were fairly uneventful, and so they made good time to Shenn. At the time they arrived, and started the mountains incline, the weather was cool, but there was no rain or snow.

Deep into the mountains they wined, and soon night had fallen upon them.

“Up there…” Largoth suddenly pointed towards some smoke that could be seen rising from the distant trees. “Looks like some kind of camp… I’ll check it out” spoke Iloh. “I’ll come with you…” Elsya interjected. Iloh nodded at her, and the two of them were off. Meanwhile Ukorian, Ems and Largoth prepared camp, but waited to light their fire until they knew who it was up ahead. When Iloh and Elsya finally reached the camp, it appeared to be Orcs.

“Orcs…” Iloh spoke quitely to Elsya who nodded. “We camp without a fire tonight, and double our guard…” Iloh finished. The two of them then quietly made their way back to camp, wiping away their tracks as they went. One being an Elf, and one being a Ranger, this was not difficult.

Meanwhile in the shadows, they were not alone.




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