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Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) Chapter II

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Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor


The trip to Polus from Jor, the southern Port of Galdur, would be an 8 to 10 day journey, depending on the winds…

Kinner and Chi played cards, and slept for the most part…

…while Ren peered out at the sea ahead of them.

In the drinking hall aboard ship, there was music and dancing, and on the first night of their trip, Ren at last entered…

In the middle table, surrounded by many a drunk man, was a quite unusual site…

A dark haired woman, in green with gold trimmed armour, and golden leaves all about her chainmail…

…as well as a glorious shield that was propped up against her table green, and gold trimmed like her armour, but with a golden oak tree in the middle of it.

She seemed to be out drinking them all, but held her wits…

…she sang as the musicians played music.

Though she could not hardly hold a tune, her spirit was truly into it.

Ren approached the bartender, “Pardon sir, might you be able to tell me who that girl is?”

“Ah, yeah, that’s LARIS… She’s a Green Knight,” he spoke unfamiliar words, then went back to work.

Ren sat on a stool and watched, “A Green Knight…” he spoke under his breath.

An hour or so later the girl approached the bar near where Ren was sitting, “Haren, could you grab my tab for me…” she spoke, then turned and stared at Ren, who was likewise staring at her.

“You’ve been watching me for a quite a while Tiefling… If you’re looking for a night, you won’t be getting it from me,” she spoke.

The bartender brought her, her tab, and she paid, plus a few silver in tip.

“Could you tell me, what is a Green Knight?” Ren boldly asked.

She paused, then sat down beside him, “Well, that’s what some call us Paladins of the Ancients.”

“Paladin of the Ancients… I can’t say I have much familiarity with that Order…” spoke Ren.

“It’s not an Order, it’s an Oath… And most haven’t… Though we go back as far as the Elves beginnings, most Paladins take an Oath of DEVOTION… And on occasion, an Oath of VENGEANCE, CONQUEST or REDEMPTION…”

“Interesting…” replied Ren.

“I need to sleep…” she begins to walk away, then turns to face Ren, “What’s your name Tiefling?”

“It’s Ren…” he replies.

She nods, then disappears into the sleeping quarters of the ship.


“Alright Sis, would you tell us a bit about your Paladin, Laris…” speaks Johnny.

“Sure… She’s a 3rd Level Paladin of the Ancients… She has long black hair, which she normally keeps in a braid… Green eyes… She has fair skin, she’s 5’7″ tall, and weighs about 130 pounds… She looks to be in her mid twenties,” she describes.

“Thank you Sis, we can continue,” replies Johnny.

The next morning Ren finds Chi and Kinner playing some more cards…

“May I join?” he asks.

“Of course, always enjoy taking money from a friend,” replies Kinner playfully.

“Would you look at her,” speaks Chi…

…Ren and Kinner look back, and it’s Laris.

“Don’t get your hopes up, she’s a Paladin,” speaks Ren.

“You know her?” questions Chi in surprise.

“I can’t say I ‘know’ her, but I did have the honor of meeting her last night…” replies Ren.

“An honor, eh,” comes Laris’s voice from behind Ren.

“Care if I join you boys,” she adds.

“Surely,” replies Chi enthusiastically.

The four of them play for hours, telling stories, drinking, eating and making merry.

PICTURE CREDIT – Dungeon Fighter


Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII

“Hark As Tales Do Tell Of The Great Eagles, And Their Elven Riders… But These Tales Be Real”


Kor’s 100 White Orcs did as ordered (Kor’s Last Appearence Was In Episode IX), and split into 5 parties of 20… They dispersed to the outer areas of the Lake of Gorne which sadly included a single Town known as Braewood…

One of the Parties of 20 would lay siege on this Village by nightfall…

Blood would surely fall.

Meanwhile in the forests of Widdleben, Borgodan, the Paladin of Blue Hawk, and his traveling companion, a Great Wolf Rider Warrior known as Nathe (Last Seen In Episode X), would soon be in the Town of Widdleben, where they would rest for the night, and replenish their supplies for the next days journey into the Mountain Region of The North Lands.

…but for some, that would not be soon enough.

Suddenly from the sky a Giant White Eagle did appear…


…and upon his back, a white and sliver clad Elf, bearing a long silver spear which he held above his head… And a white feathered silver helmet.

“By the Gods!” gasped Borgodan, and he pulled back the reigns of his black Warhorse…

Nathe too was taken off guard, but without exclamation.

The Great Eagle landed before them…

Nathe stepped forward, “Greetings Elf… What business have you with us,” he spoke.

Borgodan, not at all impressed with Nathe’s charms, and/or lack of, stepped forward as well…

“Greetings Great Eagle… How may we be of service?” spoke Borgodan.

Nathe was completely baffled by the fact that Borgodan was talking not to the Elf, but to the Giant Eagle itself.

Suddenly the Great Eagle did in fact speak…


…in his own tongue that is.

The Elf, LEVAND by name, translated the Great Eagle’s response.

“The Great Eagle Ziox would ask that you board its’ back with me, and head north to the Town of Braewood…” spoke Levand.

Nathe looked at Borgodan, then at the Elf, “Not a chance–” he started to say…

“–Of course,” replied Borgodan, who looked into his horse Order’s eyes, and whispered to him… Order then ran towards the Town of Widdleben.

Borgodan began to step towards the Great Eagle, when Nathe grabbed him by the shoulder, “Are you mad?? Getting on top of a Giant Eagle!”

Borgodan shook him off, “You needs not come Nathe…” and mounted Ziox with his gear on his back.


The Great Eagle spoke at Nathe, but before the Elf Levand could translate…

“I know, I know,” Nathe spoke, as he too scruffed his Great Silver Dire Wolf’s head, and sent it off northward as well, “you need me as well… I get it.”

The Great Eagle then soared into the air, carrying the three travelers northward.


Warriors Of Light – Unexpected Companion

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Warriors of Light – Unexpected Companion

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX


Once Borgodan and Nathe were beyond the bridge (See Episode V), and the Trolls, they continued through the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands…

Neither spoke.

Soon, a strange thing happened, as 10 Wolves started to follow them, due to the fact that Nathe is riding a Great Silver Dire Wolf…

Howling as they went…

Borgodan smiled in fascination at this unusual site.

They weren’t exactly friendly, as they growled, and howled at the Paladin’s heels…

But they never attacked… As they feared the Great Silver Dire…

On the fifth night, the Warrior and Paladin started to set camp…

…meanwhile the 10 following wolves slept in a circle around the camp… Almost as if they were on guard.

Borgodan and Nathe sat at the fire, cooking some meat, breaking some bread, and drinking some of the Paladin of Blue Hawk’s wine…

“Is this a normal occurrence for you Wolf… Er… Nathe,” spoke Borbodan.

With this, Nathe looked about at the wolves… “It happens sometimes.”

“Hmm,” replied Borgodan…

Suddenly Bordodan froze.

“What is it?” asked Nathe taking notice.

Borgodan then stood, and spoke some words under his breath, “Simmo Pree Ayy,” as he closed his eyes, and held out his hands, palms up.

His eyes suddenly opened… “Hell Hounds…” he spoke… And just as he did, the wolves around the camp started to growl as three sets of red eyes could be seen in the nearby trees.

With this Nathe stood, and drew his two handed axe…

…Borgoden in turn cast some more words “Protecto Omdo,” and suddenly a red circle of light surrounded them both.

Nathe noted, and was semi impressed.

“Now what?” spoke Nathe.

“We wait to see what the wolves do…” replied Bordodan with authority…

Nathe nodded.

Suddenly Borgodan whipped out a potion from beneath his white cape, swigged it down, causing a yellow golden glow to be around his skin, drew his Great Sword, and lifted his Silver Long Shield, which bore a Blue Hawk on it “For Blue Hawk!”, ran forth, and leaped over the wolves into the dark, and started to swing his blade.

“What the…” spoke Nathe as he dropped his axe, pulled his double crossbow off his back, and began shooting into the darkness, hoping not to hit the Paladin.

Neither Borgodan nor Nathe struck the beasts in their first attempt…

But the wolves moved in as well, damaging one of the Hell Hounds…

The other two Hell Hounds, seeing this, quickly dispatched three of the wolves…

This woke the Great Silver Dire Wolf, who leaped through the air, landing in front of the remaining 7 wolves, and growling at the Hell Hounds, who were breathing small bursts of fire…

Just then, Nathe’s second shot of two arrows struck the wounded Hell Hound, which fell dead.

The wolves then swarmed the second Hell Hound, and killed it…

…leaving only the third who was not scared off.

The Great Dire sprang at it, but was unsuccessful…

It then struck one of the wolves.

This caused the remaining 7 wolves to swarm, and kill it…

…at which point Nathe lowered his crossbow, and “What happened to wait to see what the wolves do?”

Borgodan walked into the fire light, sheathing his sword, and setting down his shield, “I changed my mind,” he said with a smile…

And the two laughed, and went back to eating and drinking.

Warriors Of Light – Northern Passage

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Warriors of Light – Northern Passage

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII


Dane (Introduced In Episode IV) hadn’t ridden but half a day, before his horse Scarlet sensed something, and came to a halt.

“What is it girl…”

Dane smelled smoke, so tied his horse to a branch, and in stooped fashion, made his way forward…

Beyond he saw them, three orcs who looked to be setting up a campfire, as it would be night soon.

“Only three of them,” he spoke quietly under his breath.

“But why are they here” he thought to himself.

Dane wasn’t the wisest of men, but he was fluent  in Orc tongue, and felt this would be a good opportunity to put it to practice… If he could only figure out a way to get rid of two of them, leaving one for questioning.

Suddenly Scarlet broke loose and rode straight through the camp!

Two of the Orcs went after him on foot, as he’d make for a fine dinner…

While one stayed back to make the fire.

“Good girl…” Dane looked and located a large rock, and when the Orc’s back was to him, he ran in to knock him out, but stepped on a large branch…


The Orc turned to see the Warrior running directly at him, and lept out of the way!

Dane then stood across from him, and pulled his pole arm from his back.

“Alright then…” he spoke.

The Orc grabbed his spear, and spotted a bone horn near by.

“Fre Rah Nor,” spoke Dane in Orc, saying “For honor…”

The Orc, stunned by the hearing of his own Orcish tongue, replied, “Fre Rah Nor…”

The Orc quickly threw his spear, and would have struck Dane, but he was able to knock it out of the air with his pole arm…

Dane then charged the Orc, leaping clear over the fire, and striking him, damaging his shoulder badly.

Dane looked to see if the other two Orcs were anywhere to be seen, but they weren’t.

He then lept forward and smacked the Orc with the handle of his pole arm, knocking him unconscious…

…and dragged him a hundred or so yards away, propt him up against a tree, his hands tied behind his back, and tossed water in his face.

“Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Why are you here?)” he spoke as he held a large dagger against the Orc’s neck.

The Orc did not reply…

“Ten Po… Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Last chance… Why are you here?)”

“Kor…(Introduced In Episode VIII)” replied the Orc.

Just then he could hear his horse approach, and the other two Orcs in pursuit from some 80 feet back.

Dane quickly mounts Scarlet, and they ride off.


Warriors Of Light – The Hills Region

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Warriors Of Light – Hills Region

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI


On the third day of travels within the Southern Hills of the Hills Region of the North Land, Tora and Hannah (Tora and Hannah are introduced in Episode III) came across some rather huge Spiders, and so veered Hannah’s horse MOONSTAR around them…

…only to come across a party of two adventurers… One human, one a Dwarf.

The Dwarf looked to be an established Cleric, where the human, who was a young man, appeared to be in training.

“Hello there,” spoke the Dwarven Cleric, as he brought his small horse to a halt… The human followed in suit on his steed.

The Dwarf held one of his hands palm out.

“I am ALEXTAR… Cleric… Perfect… Of The Sun Lion Order… This is my Acolyte Cleric in training, MINCHEN,” he proclaimed loudly.

Hannah smiled at Tora, then looked at Alextar…

“Hello good sir… I am Hannah, Curate, we are glad to meet your acquaintance…”

“And this is Tora, my Paladin traveling companion, from the Fire Tree Order… I am at the moment unaffiliated,” finished Hannah.

“Hello sir,” spoke Tora…

…”Hello sir,” she also said to Minchen, who nodded and continued petting his horse.

“Unaffiliated… Well,” replied Alexstar.

“Any troubles on your way?” asked Alextar.

“Nah… All is well,” spoke Hannah.

“Very well… Well… Good travels to you… And may the Gods protect you,” spoke Alextar, who kicked the side of his pony, and was off… followed closely by Minchen.

“Good travels sir…” spoke Hannah with a smile.

Soon Tora and Hannah were alone again, traveling side by side.

“Hannah, what is that?” suddenly questioned Tora as she pointed ahead at a group of large oak trees, surrounded by what look to be some sort of large insects.

“On no!” Hannah annouces.

“What is it?” questions Tora…

“Giant Wasps… We need to get out of here,” suddenly Hannah kicks the side of her horse, with Tora riding on back, the response was a bit slower than she’d like…

Unfortunately,  even this was enough to cause Tora to lose her grip, and fall from the horse hitting the ground.

Meanwhile the 12 Giant Wasps, some 70 yards away, seem to now be coming towards them.

“Hannah!” yells Tora who continues riding at first, then realizes that she’s left Tora behind…

“Oh no,” she speaks under her breath as she heads back as quickly as she can to get Tora.

Tora quickly opens of a flask of oil from her lantern supply, and pours a 15 foot line in front of her… Then bangs some rock and flint, creating a fire wall…

Meanwhile Hannah comes behind the fire wall, and Tora gets on

The Wasps are just about upon them, but pause just long enough because of the fire wall, to give them time to get away…


Octo – The Fallen

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by DarkJade


The Fallen

Paladins Aren’t Meant To Love…

What A Silly Law

What A Silly…


I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do

Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

In you a star is born and
You cut a perfect form and
Someone forever warm

Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on
Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

Show love with no remorse and
Climb on to your seahorse and
This ride is right on course

This is the way, I wanted it to be with you
This is the way, I knew that it would be with you

Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on
Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do

Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

Michael ‘flea’ Balzary;Chad Gaylord Smith;Anthony Kiedis;John Frusciante

Published by

The three men, Felix, Harvey and Samual make their ways through the snow filled sidewalks, to ‘Lenny’s Diner’, in hope of some warm soup
“What did they call him… This… Yellow Golden Paladin?” Harvey questioned Felix as they made their way.
“Flare… But I wouldn’t call him that if I were you,” replied Felix.
Suddenly Samuel points at Lenny’s Diner, and the other two men nod… they go inside.
Disregarding the many unhappy looks, their attire gave away that they live on the streets.
Felix nodded, and gave a friendly smile to the onlookers non the less, “Evening folks.”
They sit at a window table, and watch outside as the snow fills the streets.
Felix takes note of a bar across the street…
In Big Red Neon Lights, “The Devil’s Retreat.”
“So what should I call him if I see him?” questions Harvey.
Felix’s gaze returns to Harvey, “Spire… They call him Spire on the streets.”
A waitress comes to the table.
“What will it be for you three gents…” she inquires, chomping gum, and not really looking directly at them.
“Uh… Coffee mam… For all three of us,” Felix says, and tosses a few silver dollars on the table.
Harvey and Samuel look at one another, “Where’d you get the stash Felix? Been holden out?” speaks Samuel.
Felix smiles, “Nah, it was for a rainy day… Or…. Snowy day as it were,” the other two smile, and take off their coats.
Meanwhile Felix’s gaze returns to the bar… And what he sees amazes him.
Outside of the bar, a man in what appears to be Red Knight Armour, dragging a long mace on the ground, enters the bar.
Felix’s face goes pale.
The waitress brings the coffee.
“There you go fellows, let me know if you’d like anything else,” speaks the waitress.
“Soup…” the voice of a lovely young brown haired woman suddenly speaks.
“Soup for all of them…” she finishes, and hands the waitress a twenty dollar bill.
Felix and the others look at the girl who has lavender eyes, and smiles as she leaves, pulling on a long dark purple coat.
“Soup it is,” says the waitress, and steps away.
“Well this is our lucky day,” speaks Samuel as he stirs in milk and sugar into his coffee.
“This isn’t luck,” says Felix as he rises from the table, and puts on his jacket, “I’ll be right back fellows…”
Felix dashes back out into the snow filled streets, and crosses the street.
Meanwhile inside The Devil’s Retreat, the man in red armour, sits at the counter.
In front of him are three bottles of red wine, the first already empty, as he drinks directly out of a fourth bottle.
Patrons of the bar sit as far from him as they can.
And the bartender looks a bit taken aback, but at the same time, has seen some strange things in his time.
Felix enters the bar.
“Rencor… Is that you?” he says to the Red Knight, whose hair is light brown, straight, and goes down to just above his shoulders.
His eyes are dark blue.
“Risk… You can call me Risk,” he replies.
I Never Gave Up…
I’ve Just Been Waiting For You To Return
Who Says I’ve Returned


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Atop The Sun Covered Hill

She With Guitar

Strummed Sweet Summer Tunes…

To Rival The Moon

In Starlight

Blossoms Tomb…

Her Purple Cloak

White Feathered Hat

Made Some Wonder Why…

Her Tree Rested Sword

Had Struck Them Down

From This A Paladin Born…




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Also Known As Rencor…

Risk Is The 8th Of The Divine Paladins



Sitting High Upon His Black Steed…

Fire Falls In His Footsteps

Though He Casts His Gaze Above…

He Is Ever Watching


When He Isn’t Giving Into The Dark Blood Wines…

And Tossing Firey Bolts Down Upon Unsuspecting Villages

For These Acts…


Beastley Side Of Him…

He Is Forever Seeking Solace

Forever Seeking Balance


All is forgiven young knight

Your chivalrous acts surely out way your foulest moments




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The Knives Were Plunged In Deeply…

Oh So Deeply

Four Of Them To Be Exact

He Hates That He Had To Bring This Pain…

But If He Hadn’t…

They Would Still Stand

Some Call Him Evil…

They Fear Him

Far From Light

Their Children Will Hunt Him Down

But They Will Wish…

They Hadn’t