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DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

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It’s funny… My Favorite Beatle was actually George Harrison.

The Quiet Beatle if you will, though I suppose that could have been Ringo as well. Sadly my initial experience of Ringo was more of the Background Beatle, who loved girls with Big T($*@’s.

And truth be told, that’s not quite right. I suppose the fact that I saw him in the movie “Caveman” as a kid may have had something to do with that initial impression of him.

The truth is, that after all of these years, I see Ringo as the Back Beat (Ironically there was a Film about the Beatles called Backbeat) of the Beatles. Essential to the Dynamic that set the Stage for John, George and Paul.

I think if I was John, Paul or George and was to cast a look over my shoulder at Ringo during a Stage Performance, the message in Ringo’s Eyes would have been “I’ve got your back, just say what you need/want to say”. The Beatles aren’t the Beatles without him.

Back to George however, there’s just something about his Guitar Playing… This Atmospheric Universe that comes from the strums of his soul, and is delivered by his Guitar. Thank you George, amazing.

And as it turned out, my all time Favorite Beatles Song, on My Favorite Beatles Album “Abbey Road”, was Written By George Harrison. “Something”

Also one of my Favorite Songs “Here Comes The Sun”

Yes “Abbey Road” is My Favorite Beatles Album.                                                                     Perhaps you are familiar with this Beatles Image. I suspect you are. The Cover of “Abbey Road”. In a time where the Band was on the verge of dissolving, they got together for one last Album, as it turned out. And though the Last Album Released was “Let It Be”, as I understand, most of “Abbey Road” was actually recorded later.

I suppose I should talk about those other two Beatles… What were there names? Oh yes, “John and Paul”. The saying of it has a bit of a Religious Ring to it, does it not.

And so it should, Musically Speaking anyway. For if the combination/blending of John and Paul’s Writing isn’t something close to a Religious Experience, I don’t know what is. But in reality, there Music is not a Religion, it’s more of a Melodic/Collaborative Phenom. It’s moved and changed more than one Nation, and I for one Thank Them for it.

That said, in watching some of the footage around the time of “Abbey Road”, it is quite obvious/apparent that it was time for each of the Beatles to go their own way… Even more so in regards to John and Paul.

But way before Ringo’s Silly “Caveman” Movie, came some “Truer” forms of the Individuals Independent Efforts…

John (The Walrus)…

“Imagine”… In my mind, one of the Most Beautiful Songs ever Written.

Paul… “Maybe I’m Amazed” That Boy was In Love

George… “My Sweet Lord”


Eh, he’s still the Beatles Back Beat, lol

I’ll go ahead and end this with a few more of my Favorite Beatle Songs

My Favorite By Pual… “Hey Jude”

I always think of this next one as a Solo Effort by George, but it was on the Beatles White Album “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

“The Long and Winding Road” from “Let It Be”

If that footage didn’t scream “A Break Up Is Coming”, I don’t know what does

A Sentimental Favorite… “In My Life” (The Music Starts on the 25th Second of the Video)

And I’ll go ahead and End it with this one for Symbolic Purposes, as the Beatles did “Come Together” one last time for “Abbey Road”

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