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Whisper Moon

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Whisper Moon

by DarkJade

New York City – New York

February 26th, 2012


Billy Zolgas, the local pizza delivery kid from Luigi’s Pasta and Pizza, arrives at the completely dark thirty story Aurora Tech. Building

He sits in his dark blue pickup truck and fusses with his flashlight, which he uses to navigate the inside of the building.

“Okay Billy, lets do this” he says to himself as he grabs the large pepperoni pizza and two liter bottle of rootbeer from his passenger seat, and makes his way towards the building.

It is both Billy’s least favorite, and most favorite place to deliver pizza… Least favorite, because it’s always completely pitch dark, other than the elevator light, which is a one inch thick strip of blue light that runs through the middle of the elevator interior walls.

And it is his favorite delivery because Jonan Black, the Owner of both The Building, and The Aurorra Tech. Company itself, always gives Billy two crisp twenty dollar bills, and tells him to keep the change…

Heck, the pizzas only twelve bucks…

DING” the elevator bell rings as the doors open on the thirtieth floor, and Billy steps into Jonan Black’s Office, which is basically the whole floor.

Sitting at the far end of the office by the large glass window, at a black marble desk, clicking away on his 13″ screen laptop, is Jodan Black…

“Hello Billy” he says without raising his eyes from the screen, which is basically giving off the only light in the room.

“Evening Sir” Billy replies as he almost trips over a box in an odd spot near Jonan’s desk.

“Jonan Billy… Call me Jonan” he insists as he hands Billy the two crisp twenty dollar bills.

Now Jonan is fairly handsome looking fellow, with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes… His hair is rather short and stylish, with an exuberant amount of gel applied to it.

He’s wearing a white short sleeve t shirt which looks like it was just taken out of its package… Which in reality, it had been before Jonan came in to work. And old torn up 501 Levis, the same one’s he used to wear some eight or so years go when he was still in High School.

Yes, Jonan is a twenty six year old Billionaire… One might say, Eccentric Billionaire… And basically the lowest profile Billionaire known. Just the way he likes it.

“Thank you Sir… Err… Jonan” Billy says, as he turns and makes his way back into the elevator, leaving Jonan alone once more, one hand holding up a piece of pizza in the air and taking a much to big bit, and in the other hand the two liter bottle of root beer, which he in turn takes a big guzzle of.


Just as Jonan is about to call it a night, his cell phone rings, its ring tone being Stevie Wonder’s Superstition

…The Actual song, as opposed to some form of digital beep beep rendition.

Curiosity strikes his brow as he looks to see who it is…

…and then answers “Allisa?”

Soon curiosity turns to concern “Wait Wait, hold on, I can hardly understand you”.

He grabs his short grey cashmere jacket, his laptop, the extra pizza and the box on the floor, and makes his way towards the elevator as he continues to talk “uh huh… uh huh…”.

He gets on the elevator “Gotcha… So Anton’s in Jail, and you need me to watch…” suddenly he turns pale, and horror strikes his face “your daughter?” the elevator doors shut.


Picture Credit – Full Moon Rising – New York City

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