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Turandot (Puccini)

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In Moments of Darkness – Puccini

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Longing for something Deep… I look to Puccini.

There are times in our lives when not Distraction, Conversation nor Sleep will do. Times where the pain of things, or something you are feeling, will not subside. And so in some act of More than Desperation, I reach for something Deeper… In Hopes for some Emotional Pathway through these more Difficult Moments. Today, it was Puccini.

I do not for a moment pretend to be an Expert on Composers such as Puccini, Tchaikovsky or Mozart. However, they are my Three Favorites. And my Experience/Relationship with them is one of Appreciation, Awe.

I first heard this song when I was very young, it was used in the Film “Room With a View”.

This was also in Room With A View

Giacomo Puccini - December 22 1858-November 29th 1924

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