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10 Songs (My Inner Soundtrack)

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Bohemian Rhapsody… In Review

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Let me just start by saying, Freddy Mercury is my favorite all time singer… Followed by David Bowie, and Steve Perry

Also, Rami Malek does deserve the Oscar for his portrayal as Freddy

That said, my Review


Anticipation; I admit, I was looking more forward to this Film than I have about a Film in a long time.

One of the vibes I got through the whole of the Film, was that of a Tribute Film… Kind of a Film for the Fans

Which is cool, but it was a bit different than what I expected

Directing; As beautiful as this Film was, I did find myself feeling that it kind of focused on the Highlights of his career. Like I say, a Tribute Film, but I was actually more interested in some of the nuts and bolts…

I will say this though, this Film is worth seeing alone for the ending, which is basically a recreation of most of the Live Aid Concert Performance that Queen did… Which I always thought was one of the best performances of anyone, ever



Rami Malek; Brilliant… I already like Rami from Mr. Robot

I will say, and this has more to do with the Directing, and/or Writing I think, that I didn’t find myself ‘liking’ Freddy the way that he was portrayed in this Film

In the ending scenes, and performance, I caught glimpses of it

In my experience of Freddy, he’s one of the most passionate, amazing humans that has ever walked the earth. I feel the Film focused more on, like I say, his Career Highlights, and odd persona.

And though Rami was brilliant, I really do feel that it was the Directing, and/or Writing that fell short on capturing how amazing he was, beyond the music.

Not perfect, just vibrant.

Rating; In the end, it left me wanting to see it again… In case any subconscious expectations had snuck in. I really liked this Film, but he is one of my all time favorite people, so I would have liked, ‘liking’ him more by the end, and during actually. But if nothing else, see it for the final Live Aid Concert scenes.

4.25 Stars Out of 5


Playing Cards With Destiny… Always Hoping For A Winning Hand

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28334e92843af14be4a2c312be600c3b_1321269448Playing Cards With Destiny… Always Hoping For A Winning Hand

What are we doing here, who knows really

Passions… Love… Destiny… Fate

Each Life A Story

Each Dream A Hope

Family… Friends…

Romantic Love

Poetry… Music

Dance… Run… Sing

As We Race, And Build, And Race, And Build Our Life

Are We Looking Around Enough

Are We Appreciating Enough

Are We Lost, And If So, For How Long

Colors… Magic… Hope… Beauty In All Things

Nature… Animals…

Desires… Surprises

Pain… Loss

All I Know Is, Love The Ones You Love

Hug, And Hold Those That Mean So Much In Your Life

Take Time To Breathe In Life… Really Breathe It In

Our Minds Are So Powerful

It’s So Easy To Get Lost In There



Music Path

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Somewhere Before The Age Of 5 (The First Song I Can Remember From A 45 With An Orange Label/Released 1969)

The Next Song I Remember Liking, Still Before The Age Of 5 (Released In 1972)

After That The Order Blurs (I Can’t Find Actual Tracks Of Supertramp’s Music On Youtube, But Here’s A Later Live Version Of My Favorite Song When I Was 6, 7, or 8 (Released 1974)

My Favorite Beetles Album Was Abbey Road, Something Was My Favorite Song, Later Found Out It’s Also My Dad’s Favorite Beetles Album, But I Grew Up With My Mom (Released 1969, On My First Birthday Actually)

Later Came My Favorite All Time Singer, Freddy Mercury (Released 1975)

Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album (Released 1973)

Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Filled Most Of My Thoughts Between 1977-1980

Though There Was An Album From A Unique Artist From France, Jean Michelle Jarre Live In China (Released 1981)

Along Came The 80’s, And The Police Became My Favorite Band (3 Piece Band At That, Amazing Released 1983)

u2 Joshua Tree (Released 1984)

Thriller/Michael Jackson (Released 1982)

Madonna (Released 1983)

Cyndi Lauper (Released 1983)

Then It Was A Bunch Of Theater For Me As My Bro Tried To Pursue Being An Actor 1985-88

Later Came Depeche Mode (1990)

Corporate America Stuper 1991-1999

Then I Left The High Paying Job To Pursue Filmmaking

Red Hot Chili Peppers/Californiacation (Released 1999)

Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory (Released 2000)

Coldplay Clocks (Released 2002)

Orbital Halcyon (Released 1993) But First Heard It In The Movie Hackers (Which Was Released In 1996, But I Didn’t See It Until 1998 On TV, Lol But Loved This Song)

I Don’t Really Remember What I Was Listening To 2003-2010, I Started Working From Home, And Mostly Watched Old Movies Which I Hadn’t Seen Much Of, And Yankee Games, And Laker Games, And Did Some Screenplay Writing

Thought Incubus Came In At Some Point (Released 2001)

In 2011 I Created This Blog, Which Basically Started My Pursuit To Be A Writer, And Started To Listen To Evanescence (Released 2003)

And Then Came Across Kimbra’s Vows Album (Released 2011), Whose Initial Notoriety Came From Her Part In The Gotye Song Someone I Used To Know (577 Million YouTube Hits At This Point) But I Didn’t See That Until I Found Her With Some Of Her Vows Songs, This Video And Song Below Being My Favorite, Though I Think It Was Only On Her Australian/New Zealand Release Of The Album, Not On Her U.S. Version

In 2013 I Was Introduced To A Band Called Alesana, Which Was A New Type Of Music Which Includes Something Called “Screamo”, Where One Of The Singers Kinda Screams, So Not All Of You May Appreciate It… But I’m Blown Away By The Musicianship, Music, And Lyrics

And I Ended Up Liking Maroon 5 (Released 2002)

And A Band Called Trapt (Released 2008)

I Think This Gives You A General Idea Of The Types Of Music I’ve Enjoyed Along The Way

There Is Of Course Many Other Bands And Songs That I’ve Liked Away, But These Were The Main Ones In My Musical Diet

Thanks For Your Interest









Happy New Year From The Written Word

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13065389-happy-new-year-2013Happy New Year From The Written Word

Unfortunately I have a cold, so I shall keep it brief, Lol

I Just Wanted to Wish you all a Happy New Year, and Thank you for your Continued Interest, and Support of My Writing

And Now I Leave you with a Full Concert from My Favorite Singer, Freddy Mercury, in what is the Best Concert Footage I’ve seen with him, and Queen

Happy New Year!!



Queen – Live At Wimbley 1986

DarkJade Presents – Some 80’s Songs

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DarkJade Presents – Some 80’s Songs

Yes, I was a Teenager in the 80’s… It’s True

Back when Plastic Clothing, and Large Hair was not only Acceptable… It was Expected, Lol

Ok, so I never owned any Plastic Pants, but I did partake in a lot of the 80’s Music…

I will say this about the 80’s, it was a Fun Time to be a Teenager

Nuff Said, Some 80’s Songs

A-Ha – Take On Me (Was going to buy this Album for a Girl I liked when I was a Teenager… Sadly I lost my Wallet with all my Money in it on the way to her house, Lol… Either that, or “She Stole It!!” Sadly, it was most likely the latter… But what did I know… Not much, Lol



George Michael – Careless Whisper (I actually liked George Michael’s Songs later than when they were out, Lol)



Madonna – Lucky Star (This is the Song I liked most by Madonna… I stuck with her through her “Like a Virgin” Album, but after that, meh… She’s made a lot of good music beyond the 80’s, but when “Lucky Star” was out, I was definitely a Fan)



Thompson Twins – Doctor Doctor (Loved Thompson Twins… Even saw them in Concert, Lol… A Band called O.M.D. opened for them, Liked them even better)



OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark) – So In Love (I think this is the Song I really Liked by them, Lol)



The Human League – Don’t You Want Me Baby (Can’t remember if I liked this song, but I sure heard it alot, Lol)



REO Speedwagon – Keep On Loving you



I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner (This is pretty much my Favorite All Time Romantic Song from the 80’s… Yes I was a Romantic, even when I was a teenager, Lol)



A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (Yes, I liked this song before it was ever used in a Violent Video Game, Ha)



Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (I thought Annie was the Sh#@$… And I still do, Lol)



Under Pressure – Queen/Freddy Mercury and David Bowie (Two of my All Time Favorite Singers Ever Together, not much Better)



Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (Loved Cyndi Lauper, This One, True Colors and She Bop, Lol)



I Think This is Enough For Now, Lol

Wait, One More, Lol

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (My Favorite All Time Michael Jackson Song, Loved Him Back Then)



Thanks for Listening


DarkJade’s – Fire

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When I look at you…

It burns my skin

Your Eyes look through me…

I fall apart





By your smile


By your Love





I can not withstand you…

I Bring you in

I put you out…

You will not go



In the End…

It’s all the same

I love you…

You don’t feel the same




I am undone…


PICTURE CREDIT (‘S) – Fire Rose, Fire Art, Ashes to Ashes

DarkJade Presents – The Unusual Ones

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Weird By Any Other Name, Sounds Just As Sweet…

Shirley Manson – Garbage – You Look So Fine

I’m the first to say some of the “Oddest” Musicians, are some of the Sexiest and Coolest

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

No One Odder… No One Cooler

The Guy has such a great Voice, I always felt if he had someone else Write his Music, he’d be unbelievable… But this song is one of the Exceptions, just Close yours and Listen to it

Robert Smith – The Cure – Pictures of You

One of my all time Favorite Cure Songs. There Music was Exceptional, and There Singer, well lets just say if Eye Liner was Candy, this Guy would have some Rotten Teeth, lol

Freddy Mercury – Queen – We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

Ok, maybe there’s one guy that’s Odder than Bowie… The King or Queen as it were of More Than Rock N Roll, Freddy Mercury… His Voice is simply My Favorite of all Time… God Bless yah man, you F#@#’n Rule!

Lets Go Ahead and End This on Someone Whose Not Known as a Musician, but Still Found His Weird/Great/Cool Place in Musical History

Tim Curry – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

Tim Curry’s Defining Moment, the guy is Just Awesome

Thanks For Chillen for a bit, have a Great Weekend


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