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10 Songs (My Inner Soundtrack)

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Zero Cool (Music)

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In 2003, I stepped away from Film Making, and started to work on Screenplays

In 2004 I started writing a sequel to a kinda B-ish Cult film called, ‘HACKERS’

I realize it’s not a great film, but the Cinematography, Acting of the Lead, Quirkiness of the other Hackers, the Mystique/Coolness of the Hacker Persona, and especially the music grabbed me

As I wrote the sequel (Only ever wrote a 50 page First Draft), I wrote down songs I thought would be good in certain scenes

Here they are;

Couldn’t find the next song, maybe I had the wrong name, so I included a song by the same artist below

Last Song would either be one below, or one below that

Photo at top from HERE

Music Path

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Somewhere Before The Age Of 5 (The First Song I Can Remember From A 45 With An Orange Label/Released 1969)

The Next Song I Remember Liking, Still Before The Age Of 5 (Released In 1972)

After That The Order Blurs (I Can’t Find Actual Tracks Of Supertramp’s Music On Youtube, But Here’s A Later Live Version Of My Favorite Song When I Was 6, 7, or 8 (Released 1974)

My Favorite Beetles Album Was Abbey Road, Something Was My Favorite Song, Later Found Out It’s Also My Dad’s Favorite Beetles Album, But I Grew Up With My Mom (Released 1969, On My First Birthday Actually)

Later Came My Favorite All Time Singer, Freddy Mercury (Released 1975)

Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album (Released 1973)

Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Filled Most Of My Thoughts Between 1977-1980

Though There Was An Album From A Unique Artist From France, Jean Michelle Jarre Live In China (Released 1981)

Along Came The 80’s, And The Police Became My Favorite Band (3 Piece Band At That, Amazing Released 1983)

u2 Joshua Tree (Released 1984)

Thriller/Michael Jackson (Released 1982)

Madonna (Released 1983)

Cyndi Lauper (Released 1983)

Then It Was A Bunch Of Theater For Me As My Bro Tried To Pursue Being An Actor 1985-88

Later Came Depeche Mode (1990)

Corporate America Stuper 1991-1999

Then I Left The High Paying Job To Pursue Filmmaking

Red Hot Chili Peppers/Californiacation (Released 1999)

Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory (Released 2000)

Coldplay Clocks (Released 2002)

Orbital Halcyon (Released 1993) But First Heard It In The Movie Hackers (Which Was Released In 1996, But I Didn’t See It Until 1998 On TV, Lol But Loved This Song)

I Don’t Really Remember What I Was Listening To 2003-2010, I Started Working From Home, And Mostly Watched Old Movies Which I Hadn’t Seen Much Of, And Yankee Games, And Laker Games, And Did Some Screenplay Writing

Thought Incubus Came In At Some Point (Released 2001)

In 2011 I Created This Blog, Which Basically Started My Pursuit To Be A Writer, And Started To Listen To Evanescence (Released 2003)

And Then Came Across Kimbra’s Vows Album (Released 2011), Whose Initial Notoriety Came From Her Part In The Gotye Song Someone I Used To Know (577 Million YouTube Hits At This Point) But I Didn’t See That Until I Found Her With Some Of Her Vows Songs, This Video And Song Below Being My Favorite, Though I Think It Was Only On Her Australian/New Zealand Release Of The Album, Not On Her U.S. Version

In 2013 I Was Introduced To A Band Called Alesana, Which Was A New Type Of Music Which Includes Something Called “Screamo”, Where One Of The Singers Kinda Screams, So Not All Of You May Appreciate It… But I’m Blown Away By The Musicianship, Music, And Lyrics

And I Ended Up Liking Maroon 5 (Released 2002)

And A Band Called Trapt (Released 2008)

I Think This Gives You A General Idea Of The Types Of Music I’ve Enjoyed Along The Way

There Is Of Course Many Other Bands And Songs That I’ve Liked Away, But These Were The Main Ones In My Musical Diet

Thanks For Your Interest









DarkJade’s – Red Hot Chili Peppers… Undefined

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Red Hot Chili Peppers… Undefined

One of my Favorite Bands of all Time… And Definitely one of my Influences in the Couple Years that I had a couple Bands.

I didn’t start following The Red Hot Chili Peppers until their Californication Album, and have loved them ever since.


Can’t Stop

My Friends

Dosed… My Favorite Chili Pepper’s Song

The Adventure’s of Rain Dance MaggieI’ve never actually Heard this song… Cool Video

Snow… Tell me their Drummer doesn’t look like Will Ferrell, lol

Soul To Squeeze… Their Guitarist was just Amazing

Dani California… This Video Pretty Much Reinforces my “Undefined” Post Title, lol

And I shall leave you with this one, which really brought The Chili Peppers into the Global Consciousness…

Under The Bridge

I Lied, one more… Love this one… Scar Tissue

BONUS FOOTAGE – WARNING DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT IF YOU HAVE HEARD ENOUGH CHILI PEPPERS FOR ONE SITTING:D (Just found these, couldn’t pass it up, Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, my Favorite All Time Beatles Album was Abbey Road)

Live At Abbey Road Studios Part 1

Live At Abbey Road Studios Part 2 – Haven’t seen this before, but it Captures why I love them… The Music, not the Interviews, lol… But I do think they’re cool

Live At Abbey Road Studios Part 3

Thanks for Listening/Watching/Reading


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Missing The North

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The year was 1999… I had been working for a Medical Brace Company for some 8 1/2 years… About 2 years longer than I should of. And thus, I was completely fried on Corporate America… And Sales… And Cubicles… And Artificial Lighting.

One year prior, I had gotten out of a 8 year relationship as well… Both the Career/Job, and the Relationship, had left me in a Grey Zone… Floating… Sleep Walking through life.

From the moment she left, I started to wake… Awake from this Stream of Years where I absolutely did not pursue any of the things/dreams that I wanted to.


Awake… First thing I did was go out and buy a Computer, and then a New Electric Guitar, then a New Acoustic Guitar… And at last… A Black Jeep… Something I had wanted for years, and simply couldn’t afford while supporting two people.

(Looked like this Jeep, accept black, and had a hardtop)

I literally drove the thing off the Sales Floor… It cost way too much money, but I had gotten a roommate which basically cut my rent in half, so I hardly felt the more expensive payment. Plus, I was only supporting one, something I hadn’t done for 8 years.

But this Jeep didn’t come easy, as a month after that relationship ended, before I had bought the Jeep, I went on a road trip to see my Oldest Sister in Northern Arizona… And on the way, I hit a Flash Flood, something I had never seen before, the road simply became a River, you couldn’t even see the road… So I just let off the gas, and slowly moved to the right lane… I did not hit the brakes, as I didn’t want to start to roll or hydroplane… But I ended up rolling, and hydroplaning anyway…

(Pretty much looked like this truck, but without the shell on the back)

WHAM!! Frankly, it was the only reason I got the Jeep… Because my Pickup had 13 thousand worth of damage, and it was only a 17 thousand truck… So you can imagine what that thing looked like… Twisted, and torn… I was goina send a picture of it to my Mom, but after I saw it the next day, as the wreck happened at night, there was no way I wanted her to see that thing. The only reason I didn’t get more messed up in the wreck was 1) I let off the gas, and didn’t use the breaks, so when I rolled, I only rolled twice, lol… I know it sounds bad, but rolling 4 to 6 times would have been much worse… 2) It was a Ford Extra Cab Ranger, and was built like uh… Well, like a truck, lol. No, in all honesty, that thing held up really well… But if I hadn’t have had that extra cab, my head might have gone right through the window behind my head… Ironically, the truck I had before this one, was a Ranger without the extra cab. And 3) As soon as the truck started to roll, I completely relaxed, my body went limp, as I had always heard that people who are asleep in a car crash fair much better, because their muscles are relaxed… A lot of the injuries in accidents are from people tensing up, and thus their muscles and body get all jarred to hell on impact… And/or impacts.

So that’s why I got my Jeep… I needed a new vehicle, and I wasn’t supporting two people anymore, so I could afford it. The other thing I could have spent my money on instead, as I was doing pretty good in sales at that point, was to get like a Condo or something… But I wasn’t going to do that… Because frankly, I was fried on that job, and didn’t want to get tied down to a Condo Payment.

After I got the Jeep, I started a Band… What a blast… Another one of my Dreams… And though I/we never performed live, we rehearsed for months in a practice studio, and it was a blast. That’s really when I did my first bits of Poetry… You see, after that break up, I no way in hell planned on dating anyone… But, of course, love comes when love comes… And I got romantically involved with a very good friend of mine from work… She had also just left a long term relationship, and so the obvious happened, and after a few months of being together, it fell apart.

But it did supply an endless amount of song lyrics, lol

For the next year, my life became one cliche’ after another.

But oh well… What else can you expect from a guy who was coming out of a 4 plus year cloud of greyness…

And so, in August of 1999, a year after the 8 year relationship break up, 11 months after rolling my truck, and 5 months after breaking up with my friend and basically getting my heart smashed… I decided it was time to leave the state.

You see, my brother lived up North in Oregon… He had met his wife in Northern California, moved to Hawaii where she was from, and moved to Oregon after that… Then to Northern California, back to Hawaii, then back to Oregon again… lol Or something like that… He and his wife were basically like gypsies… But at some point during that time, they had a baby boy… And so were settling down in Oregon for a while.

Now my brother and I were really, really, really close when we were young… But because I had been pretty tied up with my long term relationship, and he had moved north and was traveling all over the place with his new wife, we simply didn’t see each other much for a bunch of years… So when he finally settled down, he was constantly calling me, trying to get me to move up to Oregon to be near him and his family.

And once I broke up, rolled my truck, and got my heart broken… I figured it was time to break away from where I had lived pretty much my whole life, and head up north…

To Eugene Oregon

So I absolutely stuffed my Jeep with my stuff, and bought a the Brand New Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Album, Californication, and literally listened to that thing over and over and over again the whole way to Oregon… Man, what a great album

Here, incase you wanta get in the mood, lol

Loved that Album.

They even had a song called Road Trippen on it

I highly recommend buying it, and just playing it over and over again if you decide to hit the road for any reason…

Now Eugene Oregon, I have to tell you, is simply Beautiful Country… It rains there a lot, but I lived in this little room off to the side of the house my brother was  renting, and started to decompress from the previous 9 years of my life… I Wrote, and Wrote, and Wrote… Mostly Film Concepts… And shortly after getting there I went out and bought a really nice Video Camera, and started working on Experimental Films with my brother… It was simply awesome.

And so easy to create when it was raining outside so much of the time… As I arrived there in like November, December of 1999… After a bit, I wanted to get a job, as I was living off of my hard earned 401k money (I do not recommend doing this by the way, lol… I don’t regret it at all, but… Eh, I don’t recommend it, lol) So sadly, it was back to Corporate America… At least for a few months anyway, as I SIMPLY COULDN’T STAND ITTTT!!! Not the job, being in an office again.

But the money helped make the transition to my new home easier anyway… During this time, I reconnected with my brother, which was just awesome… And did hundreds of hours of Experimental Film Work, and tons and tons of Writing… I also did some Painting, but I have to say, it’s not one of my Gifts, lol

After a hand full of months, and a few dozen walks down by the Willamette River which was simply amazing, we ended up renting a 1908 Victorian Home… And that was simply amazing… Oh, it was ran down, nothing fancy, but so damn cool…

And my room was on the second floor, which I simply loved… Every morning my Nephew would run up the stairs, he was like 3 or 4, and dive under my blankets, and hide from the bad guys with me… lol

I lived there with them for many more months, ended up leaving the office job, and got a job at a health market… It didn’t pay a lot of money, but man was I happy…

Every night when I would get home, I’d work on more Experimental Film stuff, and when my brother’s wife and son would go to sleep, he’d come up to my room, and we’d watch some flicks… Or work on some Film stuff.

Also when you went downtown in Eugene, there was this quaint little Coffee House, where musicians played music live… And sometimes we’d all get Chinese, or Indian Food, and then head there to listen to music, get a coffee, and/or a bakery good.

I never thought I’d miss those times so much… My focus was really reconnecting to my brother, starting a film career, and healing from the previous 9 years of my life… All of which I did… But after 9 months of being in Eugene, OR, I started to miss my home, and returned to it.

And now here I sit, some eleven years later, missing my Northern Home.

Which reminds me, I have two or three hundred hours of Video Footage on Hi8 Video Tapes, that I need to have turned into DVD’s, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading




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DarkJade – To Know Me… Is to Know My Playlist

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I came across this Site today… Actually, it was someone who had Clicked “Like” on one of my Poems I believe.

Ironically, they also used the Same Theme as This Blog… Which I hadn’t seen anywhere else so far.

They were a Poet who had a Music Player on Their Site, which started to play some lovely music as you entered the Site… And so I started thinking.

I actually have some “Optional” Music on my One Knight Site, but I’ve never had any here… Especially Music that starts as you enter the Site… Partly because I use Music and Videos on some of my Posts, but also because, each Written Piece has its Own Feeling Etc., and thus the music that comes on may not “Fit”.

However, I was so impressed with this Poet’s Choice of Music, that I realized, I really do want to continue to share my Musical Tastes with my Readers, as Music is truly the way to my Soul… And thus, “To Know Me… Is to Know My Playlist“.

Granted, I have already Written Several Pieces which include Music that I like, but this shall be my First Actual Playlist, with More to Follow. I shall Introduce you to My Playlist on this Post, but it will also be “Playable” on the New Music Player I’ve added to the Right under some of my Other Widgets, and/or Menus.

Also if you’d like access to this First Playlist, you can Simply Click This DarkJade Playlist

Thanks for Listening, and Enjoy

Song 1 – Tears For Fears (Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Live))

Song 2 – Linkin Park Live (Breaking the Habit)

Song 3 – Coldplay – Paradise live at Austin City Limits Music Festival, September 16th, 2011

Song 4 – The Police – Walking on the Moon (Live 1983) – Check Out Stewart’s Drumming

Song 5 – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication Live at Slane Castle) – You gotta check out the beginning of this Video

Song 6 – Pearl Jam (Black) – Love Pearl Jam, this guy gave his soul

Song 7 – The Beatles

Song 8 – Mozart – “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” Allegro

Song 9 – Tchaikovsky – Sleeping Beauty – Forgive the French Speaking Animation in this, lol

Song 10 – Puccini – Nessun Dorma (Pavarotti, NY 1980) Only one of the Greatest Songs of all time, Written by one of my Favorite Composers of all time, Puccini… Sung by none other than Pavarotti

Song 11 – Orbital (Halcyon and On and On) – I’ve often said if you want to know what my Soul Sounds like, than Listen to this Song… The way this Song “Sounds”, is how I “Feel” about Love, Life, Thought, and Emotion in General

Song 12 – The Black Eyed Peas (with Slash and Usher) – Put this one in for fun… I definitely have a soft spot for Pop, can’t take life seriously all the time, lol Or yourself for that matter

Song 13 – Depeche Mode – Useless – Love Depeche Mode

Song 14 – The Cure – A Forest (Live in Japan 1984) – Depeche Mode and The Cure were pretty much my two favorite bands when I was in my 20’s

Song 15 – Chicane – Saltwater – Beautiful Song… I have a Keen Passion for Synthesizers, something I’ve had pretty much all my lifeAnd So Trance is definitely part of my Musical Diet Not to mention I find it quite instrumental in bringing you pretty damn close to a “Dream State”, whilst still being awake. Something I find Quite Useful as a Writer, as the Subconscious is where so much of the Good Stuff comes from

Song 16 – Clubbed to Death

Song 17 – The Missing Track – This one didn’t work for some reason, maybe I’ll throw it on my List next time

Thanks For Listening





DarkJade Back Thought – Chillen in the Sub-Mind

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“Back Thought – Chillen in the Sub-Mind”

A Musical Self-Exploration

Brought To You By DarkJade

Music Takes you somewhere Else… Sometimes reaching a place you might call “The Sub-Mind”… Home and Breeding Ground for the Back Thoughts… Or splintered Makings of the Mind

Come with me as I take you to the Realm of the Back Thoughts… The Sub-Mind of your Consciousness

Some Tunes and Videos that might Help You get there


Interesting as I’ve often wondered how the four of them (The Black Eyed Peas) came together, as each of them is so different… I hadn’t seen that Video, but I feel it is an accurate expression of four completely different entities coming together to form a singular thing

Inside (Kick Back and take this one in, it’s a good 10minutes long)

Enigma has always been awesome… And, I believe, they “get it”, spiritually speaking

Stay a While

I’ve used this Song in another Piece… But I just love it… Amy and Ben are also a case of Souls coming together, making something Beautiful, and in their case continuing in separate directions.

I sense it’s time to return you back to the Surface, and so take the sleeve of my shirt, and we shall Ascend

Rise to Light (Just Close your Eyes and Listen to this one, it shall return you to the Light, and the Briskness of the Skies Cool Voice)

Thanks for Listening




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Emote – A DarkJade Musical Journey

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Sometimes Words just don’t do the Trick. I thought it might be cool/interesting to take you on a musical journey into the back end of my mind, where music finds a home amongst the many images and creations that are conjured forth from there.

Let me begin with a song that I first heard watching a B Film by the name of “Hackers”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it or seen it, many may not think much of it, but when I saw it way back in 1998-ish (I didn’t see it in the theater), I was taken by the choice of music that the Director chose to use. Starting with this first song which was played in the second scene of the Film. Whilst looking on youtube for the song, I found this footage that someone played the music to. I often think of this song as a reflection of what my soul/mind/heart might sound like.

When I was very young, there was a Band called Supertramp that had an Album called “Crime of the Century”. Though the song “Dreamer” was the song I liked most as a child, I thought I would instead play the Title Track “Crime of the Century” itself. Whilst looking for it on youtube, I found this short film that had been set to the song.

This next song had a profound affect on me as a youth, as well as the Band “The Police”

“Every Breath You Take”

This next Band is one of my Favorite’s, and in 1990 when the Album “Violator” from “Depeche Mode” came out, I simply couldn’t play it enough. “The Policy of Truth” was my favorite song on it.

In 1999 when I traveled north to live in Eugene Oregon with my Brother and start to pursue Film Making I played this next Album over and over and over again the whole ride up, brand new right out of the package. “Red Hot Chili Peppers” “Californication”, which is also the song that lead me to purchasing it.

In 2005, in the heart of my White Jade Screenplay, I heard this next song, and bought the Album Immediately. “Coldplay” was the band, “Clocks” was the song

As this musical journey draws to it’s end, I hope that perhaps you have a bit more of a feeling of where I’m coming from when creating, it’s an immensely emotional experience for me whilst weaving my Art’s, I hope that you can find some enjoyment in it as I go.

2003 “Linkin Park” “Numb”