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I.D.O. Chapter 3.5 – A Diamond Mine

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade


The next hand full of days, I could not say how many, were full of Trains, Planes, Boats and Automobiles. And at last, dirt. Oh and sky, and oceans, and animals… Yes, lots of animals. I had arrived in Africa.

South Africa to be specific, I dare not be more specific than that, or I might offend a local. As Sam, my father as it were, handed the dark skinned man money, our very minimal bags were place into a vehicle, and the two of us were off. Apparently Sam owned a small diamond mine with some other men, however he spent no time there, and instead hunted and traveled the surrounding lands. I suppose his life was an adventure, I dare say. Nothing like my own had been. This was a sort of Second Life for me. Strange to think, if my mother had not died, I would not be alive. But I dare not ponder too much on that.

Sam seemed a fairly simple man, one that in his rustic way, soaked in all that was around him. Perhaps that’s why on occasion he’d ask me personal questions, he probably figured he should know a bit about me, if I too was to be sucked in. “Tell me about your life Mady… Did you have any hobbies, or pets, or…” with this he looked over at me “Girl things that you liked to do”. Yikes, girls things. How appalling. And yet I tried my best to be polite. “Not so much… Mother took away my paints, as she felt it distracted me from more sensible things, like, clothing, makeup and schoolwork”. “I see…” he replied. “As far as pets, I wasn’t allowed any, as she put it, “What would be the point””Aye, she wasn’t the most cozy of woman I’ll give you that” he said, which kind of surprised me. Him discussing anything to do with her and him that is. With this, I mustard up some courage “Did you ever love her?”. He didn’t reply nor look my way for quite some time with this, and when he finally did “LOOK OUT!!” suddenly he hit the breaks, and all seemed to slow down as he threw his great musket across the front of me, and placed my hand on the wheel. I tucked my head towards him and he took a shot BLAM!! In one shot, he had taken down what he called a White Rhino. It fell to the ground with a Thump! “That thing would have knocked this vehicle over” he gasped, then looked at me “Yes, I loved her”.

End of Chapter Three