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Robin Williams

Posted in Writing with tags on August 12, 2014 by darkjade68

I don’t know what to say about Robin Williams…

I’m simply devastated by this loss

So much so that I’m not even ready to Post a Picture of him on this Post

He is literally one of My Favorite Humans on this Earth

He has been for a long, long time

Yes I watched “Happy Days”… And yes I watched “Mork And Mindy”

And I knew there was something/someone special there

And I Loved “Popeye”… He was Amazing

Then it was “Moscow on the Hudson” for me… Such an Obscure Film, but he was Amazing

I connected with this guy on a very deep level right from the beginning of his career

Part of it may be that I wanted to be a Filmmaker since I was 7

And just always watched things through that lense

But mainly he’s one of the most Human, Human Beings I’ve ever come across

So Raw… I won’t even try to talk about his mind… Other than to say, it was a World

Then in 1987, “Good Morning Vietnam” came out… And he literally became my Favorite Actor

Hangen there with Sean Connery

Right around then I also felt River Phoenix was one of my Favorite Actors… Then we lost him

Also Devastating

But Robin… I’ve known/loved him for a long time… Me and Millions, and Millions of others

To me he was/is literally the Funniest Man on the Planet… The Funniest Man I’ve ever been exposed to in my Life

The hardest I ever laughed in my life was watching “Aladin”, when he came out of the Lamp for the first time… I laughed so hard during that scene I cried…

But before that came “Dead Poets Society”…. Mind Blowing Performance… Impactive beyond belief… That Film, and he, Blew me away

“The Fisher King” was strange, But he was Brilliant

Everytime he’d take the Screen, My Universe Expanded… He felt like some Brilliant, Eccentric Uncle to me


He got inside, and changed you

This was no ordinary actor… He was a Titan…

And in “Hook”, he was the 100% Perfect Choice as Peter Pan in his Older Form


He made you believe, in a World of Make Believe

Then in 1993, “Mrs. Doubtfire”… This was truly when his career completely went through the roof with his Comic Genius

He completely showed that being in a Divorced Family, was ok… That like they said in the movie, there are all kinds/types of Families…

Coming from a Divorced Family, I understood this… And so did he, and the Writer and Director of this Film

But Robin is So Damn Human… It literally doesn’t matter what kind of movie is surrounding him, he Takes You To The Core of Humanity

He changes you

He changed me with every performance

Then in 1996, “Birdcage”

One of the most Human Characters I’ve ever seen on screen

He was originally casted as Nathan Lane’s Role, but I believe asked to play the other

Kinda sorta the ‘Man’ so to speak in the Gay relationship, as opposed to the more Flamboyient Nathan Lane Character

Who 100% nailed that role by the way

Both of them, Brilliant

But the way that Robin acted towards his son in regards to getting married young… Brilliant, Real, Human to the Core

See it if you haven’t

But in 1997’s “Good Will Hunting”, Robin went to a Whole New Height

Even the Academy found this to be true

100% Genius… My God you don’t even know he’s an Actor in that Film

He single handedly gave Psychology a Good name

Something that is difficult to achieve, as there are some that do not embrace Psychology

But beyond that… I @#$@# Love him in that Role

None of this… Absolutely none of this will truly capture what Robin Williams means to me

But I can’t sleep… And though I don’t want to read about it, or watch television about hit, or hardly even talk about it… I just need to get even a drizzle of this out… And so I write this

Beyond this are several other Brilliant Roles… “What Dreams May Come”, “One Hour Photo”

But I can Write No More

I’m in serious pain just finishing this up

I grew up with my Single Mom… Dad was not around, which was a good thing, as I didn’t feel they were a good match

I think the divorce was harder on my 3 other siblings

But it was a household where Emotions, and expressing Emotions, was the Norm

And so my Empathy in this matter in regards to Robin…

Is huge

I will never be the same being exposed to him… And I will never be the same now that he has left this planet

I do believe he has brought more joy to this world than any other single human I can think of

I know he has for me

All I know is when I miss myself, I often throw on one of his films… And I feel whole again… No clue why

But I suspect it has to do with his utter humaness… As well as being the funniest man on the planet


I love you Robin… I do admit it… Though I have, and may now never meet you… You have brought me the greatest joy, and I thank you for it



Walt Disney – Through My Eyes

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While growing up I had three primary Heroes, Walt Disney (The Man), Bruce Lee and Captain America. Following closely behind were George Lucas, and Gary Gygax. I touch briefly on George Lucas on this post I did Star Wars – DarkJade’s First Look. I hope to write more about each of my other four heroes at a later time… But now for Walt Disney.

Walt Disney

As a child I remember going to see The Jungle Book, it must have been the 1978 re-release (Original Release 1967). I loved it, especially Shere Khan whose voice was portrayed by an actor by the name of George Sanders (All About Eve).

Shere Khan - The Jungle Book

Perhaps I’ve always been drawn to villain’s in story’s. Or maybe just good villain’s, which he was. And then Robin Hood which was re-released in 1982 (Original Release 1973 ).

Robin Hood - Walt Disney

I liked Robin in this one, but also liked the villain’s

Mommy... (Prince John)

Prince John with the voice of Peter Ustinov

Sssssssss... (Sir Hiss)

…and Sir Hiss (Didn’t know that was his name, lol). Voice portrayed by Terry Thomas.

I guess we must have seen Bambi in it’s 1975 re-release (Originally Released in 1942),


and Fantasia in it’s 1977 or 1982 re-release (Originally Released in 1940)

Mickey - Fantasia

There was Lady and the Tramp, which we must have seen in 1980 (Originally Released in 1962)

Spaghetti Scene - Lady and the Tramp

…and the Aristocrats we must have also seen in 1980 (Originally Released in 1970)

O'malley and Duchess - The Aristocats

I actually had a huge O’malley Stuffed Animal I had gotten from Disneyland… Disneyland

Lets talk about Disneyland for a minute

Disneyland at Night

No place in the world like it (Ok Disney World in Florida is a tad similar). Likely the most Creatively Imp-active Place I’ve ever experienced. We went there a whole lot when I was a kid growing up in Southern California.

Truth is it’s hard to put into words what Walt Disney has meant to me, so I shall continue to let the images speak for themselves, with my comments close by… Enjoy

Battle to the Death - Prince Phillip & Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Talk about a Great Villain, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Walt Disney Film. I saw it in 1979 (Originally Released in 1959)

Watching TV - 101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations… Most likely seen in 1979 (Originally Released 1969)

The Lion King

Amazing… Walt’s Dream lives on in The Lion King Released in 1994

Meet the Genie - Aladin

I’ve never laughed that hard in my life during a movie, then when the Genie (Voice by Robin Williams) came out of the lamp in Disney’s Aladin. That scene was hilarious. Released in 1992.

DarkJade Signing off

Let me know whatcha think, and how Disney affected your life.





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