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I Have Begin Studying The Art/Craft Of Runes…


blue_rune_by_Sabakku_no_GaaraI Hung From A Windswept Tree.

I Hung There For Nine Days And Nights,

Gashed With A Spear,

An Offering To Odin,

A Sacrifice To Myself,

Bonded To The Tree Which No Man Knows,

Or Whither Its Roots May Run.

No One Gave Me Drink.

I Peered Down Into The Depths And

Snatched Up The Runes,

And With Fearful Scream

Fell Into A Swoon.

After I Began To Thrive,

My Wisdom Thrived Too.

I Was Joyful And I Prospered.

One Word Led Me To Another,

One Deed Led Me To Another.

“The Speech Of The High One” The Poetic Edda, c. 1200 AD