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It’s Been Too Long

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49613_100001500339784_4200_nIt’s Been Too Long

It’s been too long…

Since I’ve seen your face

It’s been too long…

Since I’ve felt your Embrace

The Mere thought of you

And I am away…

Dancing Nightfall

Warm Moonlight

Silence in two

My Love for you…

We stayed all we could

You know that you should…

Have never looked back

And so I am alone

Maybe you were right

I should have Put Up A Fight…

And now it’s too late

So I wait…




Black Flame

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Black Flame

Why have you Come for me

Sitting at my side…

Knitting my Hands to the Floor

What purpose can it serve…

Striking Fear in the Heart

Of a Man already thin…

You Mock me

With Your Cool, Calm Laughter…

And yet it turns to String it seems

These Shackles made of Vapors…

And Mists

I turn to go…

And you watch me leave…

Not even you are Committed

To This Follying Soul

Not even Fear…

Can Find a way



Trapped With You

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Trapped With You

You Are Afraid…

Alone in the Dark

You Manage your way…

But you are not alone


And you are Not Unloved

The only Constraints on you…

Are You

And so you have a Choice

Stay Alive and Fight…

Or rollover

And Die

But You Love Life…

And Color is your Sky

The Light Within you…

It Lights Up The Night

So Yes you are Afraid…

But Not of anything Real


The Fear you have inside

Is Only What You Feel…


PICTURE CREDIT – Trapped By The Tragic

I Must Stay

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I Must Stay

Come Rain…

Wash This Pain Away

Tell Me there will be Another Day

Of Love…

Of Life…

Of Play

These Distant Chimes

And Winds of North

Speak of Promises…

So Grey

of Hopes…

And Dreams…

Of Cool Winters

And Warmth

They Tell me…

I Must Stay


PICTURE CREDIT – Girl And The Rain

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The Storm Has Passed…

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The Storm Has Passed

And Yet I Stand here…

The Black Sea is Calm

And I can see you…

Far Away… Beneath this Winter Moon

You Look the same…

Though, your Face is Less Clear now

Your Red Hair Still Glistens under the Moon, and Starlight…

And yet… It looks more faded

I have Mourned the Loss of you for 8 Months now…

And yet the Thought of you… Gone now

Never to Love Me again

I Fall to my Knees

What Fate Does this oh so Cruel Sky Hold for me…

I am a Capture of my Own Beating Heart

The One that Knew you…

The One… Who Loved you

Our Fifth Year has fallen to the Wind

And you have Moved on

Yes… The Storm has passed

But how long shall I Last Upon This Broken Barge…

Once a Flagship… To Some Greater Thing

Some… Sublime And Peaceful Place

A Warm Home

And Will My Heart Ever Return to me…

And Fall within My Chest…

Like Ten Thousand Falling Stars…

Breaching Me

Filling me… With a New Love

Leaving My Past Like a Battering Sea

Upon These Broken Cliffs

I Am Not Yours… No

Not anymore

Not for a Long, Long Time

We are no more

My Green Eyes Light Flickers…

Softly now

Oh that they might be Bright Again


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Sadness is here…

How long it stay

Alone I fall

Black Ice Crack

Swim Deep…

Out of Breath now

Tears won’t Come

They Pity Me Not…

Not one shed of Relief…

I Start to Bleed… Watch not

I will not…

I… Shall not


And so I need

The Warmth…

Of the Wounded Heart…

The Fallen Star

For me… No Ark

I Spin to Face you…

And Offer you this

I Strike at Thee…

With Eyes so Dark

I Take Thine Breath

Your Last…

I Release you

My Pain is my own…

Not yours to Bare

You are Unharmed… I Swear

I Stare with Vacant Gaze…

The Light Behind The Green…

Has gone out



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Get Up…

I Lay there in the Black…

Unable to move

No good will come of it

It Insisted

It Will consume you…

I care not…

For I grow Weary…

He reaches down…

I begin to sink

His constant tugging

What is it…

It Questioned

Move on…

There is nothing left

Done your best

And yet…

Hope… Put Out

I am… Put Out

It comes


Upon me

He throws himself…

And we are one

And I am…






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The Quiet One

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The Quiet One

His Father was a Monster…

No… Not Mine

Mother so Protective

They Mocked Him all the time

He spent most time alone…

Some might say Confined…

Alone in the Dark…

Expansion of his Mind…

His Sadness not his own…

He Paid it over time

He often wore Dark Clothes…

It kept him from the Light

His Gaze was often down..

To Steer Him from their Eyes

The Angry and the Bored…

Often Him Despised…

Why Should he be Allowed to Feel?

The Angry would inquire…

It’s just Pain… What’s the Big Deal?

The Anger made them Blind

And as they Turned and Walked away

Their Soul would start to Rumble…

The Boy Looked up… Had this to say

Your Heart will Surely Crumble

Change Yourself… There still is time

The Angry Blocked their Ears

It’s Not Too Late… To Only Try

With This they Disappeared

You Don’t know me…

Don’t Act… Like you know me





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Blackness, I’m tired of running from you…

So instead I sit here taking a beating

I have not the strength to bat you off… No

My Flesh grows tattered, my Heart is Torn

And Yet… I’ve surrounded myself with love

And Warmth

And Hope

Like a Chess Match with a Blind Man…

Yet I am still out matched

Like a Swim with Weighted Boots…

I Sink in it, and wait at the bottom for it to Pass


Bloop… Bloop

The Bubbles Pass

I Check my Time Piece, but it appears to have Faltered

The Submersion seems to have gotten the better of it

Water Floods it’s many gears

And Countless Circuits

And the Lines grow Heavy on it’s Face


I shall wait for this to pass…





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I.D.O. Chapter Five – Withdrawal

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade

CHAPTER V – Withdrawl

Our next days of traveling, we didn’t speak all that much… But the Sites and Views of Africa were more than apt to sustain me.

As my deep blue eyes stared outwardly, they seem to widen and deepen… Or at least it felt that way.

Minutes became hours, hours became days… Until at last we reached my Father’s estate. I was starting to give up on referring to him as Sam, even in the sanctum of my own thoughts.

He seemed to have business with a dark skinned man that ran the place well he was gone, and so I adjourned to the room I was given, which was actually near a small lake. I seemed to be dragging a bit today, as my bag seemed quite heavy. And I knew that it was not.

Once inside, it was a very nice room, and would more than due. It was at that point that I found myself, in some sort of catatonic stagger, making my way to the waters edge… And it happened.

The next thing I knew, I had most likely collapsed, as I lay their in a flood of my own tears.

Was it my mother’s death? Or the elapsed vigor of the journeyI knew not.

What I did know was I wasn’t going to let my father find me this way… As I’m sure he too is feeling the affects of this “sudden” daughter. And so I somehow rose to my feet, and made my way to the main house.

He was inside a smoking room, with a short drink of whiskey at his side. “Well hello” with this he rose to his feet, and sat down his paper. “Caught a nap did yah…” this struck me as a curious thing to say, as we had just arrived… But then as I looked at my small watch around my wrist, I realized that I must have been laying by the water for some three hours, and not realized it. I removed the watch and sat it on the end table nearby, for I had no interest in time as of late… Time had stopped the moment I descended into my mother’s pool… And in truth, I have yet to have ascended. He approached me with a smidgen of curiosity in his eyes.

“What’s this on your face…” all slowed down as he reached to my face, and wiped away a bit of dirt near my right eye, the side of my face that had made a resting place of the ground by the water.

I teared up. Now I knew he didn’t know how to react to this, so instead he began to walk by me… I felt my heart sink, but then his hand took mine as he passed “Come on Mady, Tatenda has prepared us some food…”.

And so we went to supper.

End of Chapter Five