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I.D.O. Chapter Five – Withdrawal

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade

CHAPTER V – Withdrawl

Our next days of traveling, we didn’t speak all that much… But the Sites and Views of Africa were more than apt to sustain me.

As my deep blue eyes stared outwardly, they seem to widen and deepen… Or at least it felt that way.

Minutes became hours, hours became days… Until at last we reached my Father’s estate. I was starting to give up on referring to him as Sam, even in the sanctum of my own thoughts.

He seemed to have business with a dark skinned man that ran the place well he was gone, and so I adjourned to the room I was given, which was actually near a small lake. I seemed to be dragging a bit today, as my bag seemed quite heavy. And I knew that it was not.

Once inside, it was a very nice room, and would more than due. It was at that point that I found myself, in some sort of catatonic stagger, making my way to the waters edge… And it happened.

The next thing I knew, I had most likely collapsed, as I lay their in a flood of my own tears.

Was it my mother’s death? Or the elapsed vigor of the journeyI knew not.

What I did know was I wasn’t going to let my father find me this way… As I’m sure he too is feeling the affects of this “sudden” daughter. And so I somehow rose to my feet, and made my way to the main house.

He was inside a smoking room, with a short drink of whiskey at his side. “Well hello” with this he rose to his feet, and sat down his paper. “Caught a nap did yah…” this struck me as a curious thing to say, as we had just arrived… But then as I looked at my small watch around my wrist, I realized that I must have been laying by the water for some three hours, and not realized it. I removed the watch and sat it on the end table nearby, for I had no interest in time as of late… Time had stopped the moment I descended into my mother’s pool… And in truth, I have yet to have ascended. He approached me with a smidgen of curiosity in his eyes.

“What’s this on your face…” all slowed down as he reached to my face, and wiped away a bit of dirt near my right eye, the side of my face that had made a resting place of the ground by the water.

I teared up. Now I knew he didn’t know how to react to this, so instead he began to walk by me… I felt my heart sink, but then his hand took mine as he passed “Come on Mady, Tatenda has prepared us some food…”.

And so we went to supper.

End of Chapter Five




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Alone I Float

Above this Vastness of Dark, and Deep Water

Simplicity is there

As I spin slowly, letting my fingers touch the Coolness Below

As they immerse within the depths of Imagination

The Impending Truth awaits me…

But I am not ready…

I wish that I was… But you can not rush these things

And so I wait…

Knowing full well, you will never come

As I look around me, I realize I am not Alone after all…

These Pedestrians of Light

You… Wanderers of the Night

Look how you touch it’s waters with me

Each more inspired, and impressed, than the next

Oh how they smile

And yet what a wonder is this… For Courage is such a Rare thing

And Strength… Not a Common Deployment

Hard Earned… And Rarely Given

You look at me “She will not come you know…”

But your words fall in front of me…

Like Petals to the wind

And Mine Eyes Blink away my Worries

And see only Into Your Heart…



Some Better part of me

Perhaps it’s true… And she will not come

But Perhaps She will





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Japan – Compassion

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This is Dedicated to Japan, and the Japanese, and all who have suffered through their Great Crisis…

~Japan – Compassion~

We Can Not Feel Your Pain

We Can Not Know Your Suffering

As I sat on the floor, by our Television Set, some 6+ Months after The Tsunami in Japan, I had brought a pad of paper to Write a New Poem… But on the Screen, watched by someone in my Home, is Footage of that Day in Japan.

A Boy who lived One Kilometer from the Ocean when the Tsunami hit, explains how his Father was the first to see the Black Waters coming. That they had felt the Earth Quake, but hadn’t even considered the possibility of a Tsunami hitting and reaching that far inland. There were no Warnings, as the Earthquake prior had knocked out all power. And so this Boys Father yelled for him to get upstairs… And he did, but before he knew it the water was up to his knees on the Second Floor, and somehow he managed to get on the Roof and survive. His Family did not.

It was at this point that my Focus Shifted, and I instead considered doing a Poem in regards to Compassion Towards Japan, the Japanese, and all that have been Painfully Affected.

Your People Are So Beautiful

Your Sadness So Great

How can we, who are so Far Away from you, even remotely hope to convey our Compassion for you, and your People.

Know This Brave People

You Are Loved

You Are Felt

Inside Each of Us

We Hold You High

We Grant You Hope

We Have Seen Your Beauty

We Have Felt Your Strength

I only hope that your Wounds Will Heal quickly, but I know that will not be the case. The Poem I was about to Write when I caught wind of this 6+ month later televised show, was Called Dream. But my Dream has changed… My Dream is for you, and yours, and all that have Lost, Suffered and Pained in Japan.

I Leave My Dream With You

Most Sincerely,


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In my weaker moments…

I sometimes find my hands tied behind my back

My Face pressed hardly against the Wood Floor

Or was it Marble, I forget

And your Dark Breath against the back of my Neck

“Easy now boy… You’re not going anywhere…”

Ah yes, I remember you sir

The Splinters from the Wood, and the Coldness of the Marble

Do Strike my Memory

“Hush…” he’d say “Hush and just listen…”

But this was no easy task for me…

For I most disliked Pain, and the Like

“You are a clever one…” he’d whisper

But I was too wise to take this as a Compliment

And the bindings would start to loosen…

“Ahhh… Hold you now, hold you…”

As the Shroud that was his Blackened Cape

Would begin to shatter with Pins of Light


But it was no use, I’d turn on the floor and face him

My Hands pressed firmly Against his Chest

“Be Gone You…”

The Light would come from within me

My Arms Glowing Blindedly

“You have no Power over me…”

And he would Screech “Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Boyyyyy”

And he was gone

And I was fine



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A Grip on the Darkness

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play while reading…

~A Grip on the Darkness~

Alone… Always


These Dark Purple Lights makes Not Fair Company…

Come in… The Thought is Warm

But the Means… Are Not

These Translucent Hopes… of Glimmering Light

But Memories of some Greater Thing… Some Normal Thing

The Winds of Time Cast a Ghastly Glow

On what you Hope Will Be… These Figments… These

…untouchable Integer Components of Unknowns

The Air is full of what isn’t Really There

And You are Grasping at what you only Hope is True…

But wait… You are not Breathing

Breathe… In New Hope

Breathe Out the Strength you know you Hold

Expand Beyond what you know, and think is Possible

Do it now…

…do not wait

You Are Home




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PHOTO CREDIT – Sad Anime Boy


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This Bold Darkness that clouds my everyday way

Hold her hand it says, but there is no hand to be held

Touch her face… No face to be known

You cannot escape me, though you try, it urges

Why not give in… But to what

Pain my boy, feel the pain you now deflect, and evade

And so I hold, and see/feel what passes

It is not… Pleasant


This Bold Darkness seems to know my name

Feel my breath… Heads my way

I try to reason with it, it nods and says

You speak of pleas, I speak of truths

I long for Light… It’s where I stay

The warmth of love, so far away


Wait be still, I think it sleeps

This Bold Darkness, rests for now


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