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I.D.O. (Chapter VIII) – Safari

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project

A Novella

by DarkJade


So my Father finally figured that it was time that I saw a bit more of the Country.

Which in an American in Africa terms meant, a Safari.

I thought perhaps we’d fly somewhere, as he, and I as it turned out, both loved to fly.

But this would not be the case. Instead we would be taking that Old Jeep Beast that he had originally brought me here in.

And so we got together a week or so worth of clothing and supplies, and headed out.

I probably slept for the first several hours, as we left between 3 and 4am in the morning.

When I woke, we were having some crazy Africa Rains, of the like I’ve never seen.

But once the sky cleared, the colors were simply overwhelming…

The sky had turned a sort of Blood Red, Yellow Blend. I was was mind staggering.

And when you breathed in, the senses were simply amplified by the damp terrain. It was truly Miraculous.

The Lion’s, Giraffe’s and Gazelle’s were amazing… As was all of the Wild Life.

But the most impressive thing about Africa, was the vastness… The sheer Magnitude of the Space.


A stranger paid Sam’s Estate a visit.

“I’m looking for Sam Monroe… Can you tell me where to locate him…” he inquired.

“No Sir… I can not” replied the very nervous House Man.

“Perhaps I can persuade you…” he spoke, as he forced his way into the home.


On the Fourth day, my Father took me to an amazing Mass of Water.

And as the African Sunset fell, the waters looked Darker, and Darker.

As my Father made a camp fire, and set up the tent, I sat out there by the water for what seemed to be hours, as millions of stars filled the sky.

The stars in turn reflected upon the water, it was then that my mind shifted to some sort of Dream State.


I was back at my Mother’s Estate… I was maybe three years old.

The Kitchen Lady at the time had poured me some breakfast cereal, and one of those little plastic toys fell out of the box.

I remember reaching my little hands out for it “Mine!”.

The Woman smiled, and opened it for me. It was Red? or… Blue?

Anyway, as she handed it to me, Fred walked in the room and smacked it out of her hand.

“She doesn’t need that…” he spoke as he got himself some juice.

Tears started to well up in my little eyes, and it was like he sensed it, as he turned to look right at me.

“Don’t even think about it Little Princess… Or by god, I will smack you”.

It was just then that my Mother walked in.

“Fred, why must you be so cruel to Little Mady…”

With this Fred suddenly back handed my Mother across the face, knocking her clear off her feet, and to the floor.

“THUNK!” I can still remember the sound of her hitting it.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that Woman, you understand!”.

My Mother lay down on the floor, wiping blood off her mouth, and looked over to me.

“Stay quiet now Mady…”.

And that’s what I did for the next twelve years… Stayed quiet.


Suddenly I was back in my body, in a full sweat, as my Father was putting a blanket over my shoulders.

“Not hungry tonight, eh?”.

I looked over at him. “He was a Monster…” I said.

My Father looked at me with a puzzled look on his face “Who?” he asked.

“Fred” was all I said.

“Oh him… Yeah” he replied as he sat beside me.

“I always blamed Mother for being with him…”. I looked at him once more “But now I think maybe she was afraid to leave…”.

My Father pondered this a bit “Could be” he replied.

End of Chapter VIII