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I.D.O. Chapter Four – Dream State

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade

CHAPTER FOUR – Dream State


A Young dark haired Girl, maybe three, plays with a beach ball by the pool of Mady’s Mother’s estate.

As She plays, she is distracted by the sounds of fighting within her home.

The ball becomes loose, and bounces towards the pool. The little girl pursues it and grabs it just before it falls into the water.

The Fighting continues.

She turns towards the house where she sees a man and woman fighting in the living room of the home.

The little girl takes a step backwards, and is in the pool.

As she falls, she lets go of the ball, and so sinks slowly to the bottom.

She stares upward through the water, but does not breathe. Not one bubble.

Suddenly a man is in the pool, and pulls her out.

“Mady!!”. “Are you alright!!?” he says frantically, the woman stands behind him and watches.


“I can not stay here Scarlet… I must go” are the last words she hears before…


I am awake. I find myself laying inside of some sort of tent. I ascertain that it must be night, as the tent walls glow a wobbling yellow. Like fire light.

I grab a sweater, and step outside.

My Father… Er… Sam…

Has started a campfire, and appears to be cooking something. His back is turned to me.

“Boy you really passed out…” he spoke.

“Mmm” I replied as I approached the fire.

He looked at me, whilst also cooking something on a stick.

“Bad dreams…” interesting that he wasn’t asking, he was simply stating it like a truth.

“Perhaps…” I replied.

Much silence went by, save the clanker of the tin plate as he dished me up some local meat, and greens.

“Thank you”.

The sounds of the African night were… Well… Torrential to the senses.

But to the darkened soul, what else would they be.

It was at this point that he started to interrogate me again… Or rather… Make conversation.

“So… Pool… Last breath… Anything?”. This surprised me, only because of the dream I had just had.

“Was my mother’s name Scarlet?” I replied.

He simply sat there staring at me.

“It used to be… Yes”.

“You didn’t know your mother’s name?”

“No…” I solemnly replied.

“Fred insisted on calling her Mrs. Holden” as that was, er is, Fred’s last name. Frederich Walter Holden the Third. Argh.

“And she insisted that I call her Mother”.

“Well… Yes… Scarlet Violet Monroe… Er… Vanderbelle, was her maiden name”.

“What a tremendous name” I proclaimed.

“Yeah, well, with a great name, came a lot of pressure from her parents… And in the end, her Grandmother Edith Donday Vanderbelle” with this he seemed to almost growl.

“I see”.

“Before you ask me a third time about not breathing in the pool, you might consider talking to me about something trivial…”

“Trivial?” he replied.

“Yes… Like, where I got these boots… Or…” I rise to fetch a glass of water, he hands it to me. “Thank you”.

“Why I never wear my reading glasses, and instead set a book on my desk, and use the telescope from Uncle Henry to read them, whilst I sit in the comfort of my bed…”

He stood “I don’t do trivial…”. With this he cleaned up and headed for a blanket he had laid out on the ground for himself.

I simply watched. Well, no wonder he left my mother, if he doesn’t do trivial, then he couldn’t have possibly “done” her, as the whole of who she was was trivial. I went to bed.

End of Chapter Four