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RIP Sean Connery… There Is No One Else Like You

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Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez (Highlander)

One Of My Favorite Actors For Years… I Am Very Saddened By This

RIP Sean


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What is it about Knights that is so appealing

Excuse me would you mind not stepping on my sword...

I remember my first true effort at writing was when I was very young, maybe 10 or 11. I actually began writing about a Knight who served a King (Sean Connery of course, even then I was thinking Film). But this Knight was ready to have a life of his own, to be with his newly wed Wife (Who was more than an ordinary woman, she was actually quite good with a bow if I recall). And of course there were Castle’s

Honey I'm home... What do you mean the plumbing is acting up again

and let us not forget…

Rarr... I'm goina eat yah

Dragon’s. Now Dragon’s can take us in a total different direction. But we’re talking about Knights (Must remember to stay on target)

Would you take the damn picture already, this shield is heavy!

Is it the fact that they ride in on great white stallions to save the day? Or the fact that they say things like “STAND BACK!! HE’S MINE!!”. Is it the shining armor, or the fact that they serve a King. Or the clanking of the metal as they walk? Wait a minute, Knight’s weren’t really like that… Were they?? Or is it just Romanticism, or Hollywood that has lead us down this path of being enamored by them. Romanticism, that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. I favor myself a Romantic, I suspect most that truly enjoy Knights are…

Lets face it, Knights kick ass! And on that note, so do Castles and Dragons!!

In closing the name of my childhood novel was to be “One Knight”. You can imagine how distressed I was when the not so great film came out

I know how you feel Sean. “First Knight”. Costarring none other than… Yeah… Sean Connery.

Even then I suffered from “Why did you wait to Write it” itis. But oh well.




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