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In The Video Below, I Talk About My Appreciation, And Experience Doing/Acting In Shakespeare’s Plays In My Teens & Twenties


Choices… Dreams… Passions… Pursuits… Decisions… Hopes… Creations… There’s Just Not Enough Time In A Day, Lol

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So Soon The Line Editing Will Be Complete for My Novella “I Died Once“… And then the Daunting Pursuit of Finding An Editor for it Shall Begin…

I’ve Come to realize that My Previously Lofty Goal of Self Publishing Something Every 3 or so Months, may not at the Present be Attainable…

Now That isn’t a Complaint, it’s just a “Mathematical Truth”, Lol



I Published My First Ever Work, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” (A Book of Poetry) back in January, Got it into a Bookstore in February, and Created a Kindle Version in March or April, I forget which.

I Then Created This New Black Cover (Because This Blog Design is Black, You can Only See the Purple Font, Lol), With Purple Font, at a less Expensive Price of $5 for My Readers/Follows, and/or Comrades in Ink.


In January I started My Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress Of Doom“, and am still Hoping to Get it Edited, and Self Publish it sometime in the Fall.

I had Hoped to Get “I Died Once” Edited by My Eldest Sister (Who Edited My Poetry Book) in April, but Alas, that did not happen… And thus, I am going to start looking for an Editor for it in June.

What the Delay from My Sister Not Editing “I Died Once” basically means is, I may have to Publish My Second Poetry Book, “Dream Shift“, sometime after I Publish My Novella, and Fantasy Novel (The Cover to the Right is Both Back and Front).

Once again, not a Complaint, just “Math”.

But in the Middle of all of this, I find that I’m being Drawn Back to Film Making as well, Lol

Not as a Profession this time, but as something I might like to do on “YouTube”… As I am a Film Maker, as much as a Writer… And Frankly, I just Miss it.

I Actually Created a YouTube Chanel Here James Mahoney YouTube Chanel

So Far I’ve Just Posted My Short Film from 2002, and Today I just Added some of My First “Messing Around” Footage, that I did just after I got My First Ever Video Camera in 2000… Now Keep in mind, The Footage from 2000 is just My Brother and I messing around with Action Figures… It’s Not Edited or anything like that… It’s just us Messing Around with Action Figures, with the Soundtrack of “Conan The Barbarian” playing from a Boom Box in the Background, Lol… But you might get a Laugh at some of the Footage, it’s Pretty Hilarious. Check Out The Link, and you can see em Both. Also, Follow The Page if you like, as I may be Uploading some More Old Footage just for fun.

But the Reality of it is, I’m actually Considering starting to Film/Produce Videos of Shakespeare Plays, and Posting them on YouTube…

As Lofty as that may Seem, I actually did some Theater Acting when I was in My Teens, and also in My Late Twenties, and I have to tell you I Just Loved it.

I was very Shy when I was young, but My Brother wanted to be a Professional Actor, and thus Convinced me to Join Him in a Community Theater Group… I went on to do 3 Years of Plays, 3 Shakespeare, 2 Children’s Plays and “The Christmas Carol”…

Now I always had Small, and Multiple Roles in these Plays, but none the less, I Fell in Love with Theater…

And in My Late Twenties I returned to Theater, Acting in a Production of “Hamlet”, and then “Measure For Measure”…

And I have to tell you, “Shakespeare” is My All Time Favorite Writer, and “Hamlet” is My All Time Favorite Piece of Writing.

I’m not sure that I’ll do any Acting in These Productions, should I decide to Pursue them, Most Likely I’ll just be Directing, Producing, and Editing them.

Anyway, Like I Say… There just isn’t enough Time in The Day… So I will have to continue to get More and More Organized as I Move Forward.

Thanks For Listening/Reading


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