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Dark Rider – Hunted

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And so the Dark Rider and his comrades began their three day journey to the Mountains of Shenn. Apparently the Scarlet Bandit was paying a visit there to collect money from the Mountain Folk that feared him. A sort of “Pay or Die” sort of tax that the Scarlet Bandit had imposed on many small towns and villages.

After a day of traveling, they made camp.

“This isn’t going to be easy, is it…” spoke Iloh to the Dark Rider.

“Not hardly” he replied.

Suddenly Ems approached Iloh and Dark Rider “What’s this I hear about you being a Ranger?? I thought you were merely a Warrior”.

Iloh did not reply “I’m going to get some rest” and stepped away.

“Well, excusseeee me for trying to stir up a wee bit of conversation… It’s not like Dark Rider is going to talk to me…” he directed this towards Dark Rider who did not reply, as he sharpened his dagger. “Yah see…” Ems walked off to post guard.

There travels were fairly uneventful, and so they made good time to Shenn. At the time they arrived, and started the mountains incline, the weather was cool, but there was no rain or snow.

Deep into the mountains they wined, and soon night had fallen upon them.

“Up there…” Largoth suddenly pointed towards some smoke that could be seen rising from the distant trees. “Looks like some kind of camp… I’ll check it out” spoke Iloh. “I’ll come with you…” Elsya interjected. Iloh nodded at her, and the two of them were off. Meanwhile Ukorian, Ems and Largoth prepared camp, but waited to light their fire until they knew who it was up ahead. When Iloh and Elsya finally reached the camp, it appeared to be Orcs.

“Orcs…” Iloh spoke quitely to Elsya who nodded. “We camp without a fire tonight, and double our guard…” Iloh finished. The two of them then quietly made their way back to camp, wiping away their tracks as they went. One being an Elf, and one being a Ranger, this was not difficult.

Meanwhile in the shadows, they were not alone.




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