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Whisper Moon – Sleep Now

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Whisper Moon (Episode III) – Sleep Now

The Outskirts of New York City

February 26th, 2012


Marin had fallen asleep on Jonan’s lap… And so Jonan was stuck watching some terrible… Well… Some Cartoons.

In his thoughts were memories of his Teenage Hood, and being friends with Allissa…

In a certain way, she was the only friend he ever had… In his life… Period.

He hadn’t really thought about it before, when High School ended, everyone pretty much went their own way… And so had he… He spent the next 4 years doing heavy Technologies Research, and by the time he was 24, had 16 different patents… Two of which had made him Millionaire in weeks… And 3 more that by the time he was 26 not only allowed him to buy his own building, but frankly, he was a Billionaire because of all of their diverse uses.

RATTLE RATTLE” suddenly Jonan is awoken from this daydream from the rattle of the front door, like someone was trying to get in.

Quickly he sat Marin down on the couch without waking her, and got on his Cell “Paul I need you here” and hung it up.

As he moved towards the door he could hear the back door through the kitchen now being rattled.

He quickly, almost silently, ran back there, unlocked the door, opened the door slightly, and jumped around the corner into the laundry room.

Outside the the door the two black ski masked wearing men holding guns looked at one another and shrugged.

They then entered the kitchen guns first.

From nowhere Jonan stepped in front of them “Hello” disarmed one, and knocked the other out with a direct blow to the face.

Oommff” he slumped to the floor.

The second man leaned over trying to get his gun, and Jonan took him out quickly, and quietly with two solemn blows to first his side, then the back of his head.

“Move like water” he spoke under his breath as he did this… Looking at his hands like they had controlled their selves.

CREAKKK” came the sound of a footstep behind him…

As he swung around, he was confronted by a third man in a mask who must have come in an open window or something… This man was holding the sleeping Marin, and pointing a gun directly at him “Bye Bye” the man said as he let off a single shot…


Jodan moved like no other could have to avoid the shot, but still got hit in the shoulder…

UGHHH!” he yalpped as he was knocked back, but was still standing.

SCREECH!!!” Marin woke with a scream.

The man turned and headed towards the front door, opened it, and there was standing the Ominous Form of Paul, Jonan’s Cauffer “You really shouldn’t have done that” spoke Paul.

And then a large cooking pan came flying through the air and smacked the back of the masked man’s head…

OOMFFPTT!!” was the last sound he made as he fell to the floor, Paul catching the child so that she didn’t fall with him.

Jonan had thrown the pan, and was now standing in the kitchen holding a “Hello Kitty” Oven Mitt against the wound on his shoulder.


PICTURE CREDIT – Little Girl Sleeping

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