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Sophia Cloud – Father

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Sophia Cloud

by DarkJade

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter Three – Father



Sophia Cloud stepss out of the questioning room, tossing the gold band that apparently belonged to her now dead husband, up and down in the air.

“MRS. CLOUD!” suddenly calls Detective Lolette Jones, also coming out of the questioning room after Sophia.

“Yes?” responds Malcolm Cloud’s real wife, who is waiting in a chair near by.

Sophia comes to a halt, and eyes the woman who is apparently her husband’s real wife.

She is a short dark haired woman… Maybe 30… Attractive… With a mink scarf, and diamond earrings.

Detective Jones realizing that she just yelled out “Mrs. Jones”, not thinking about how the two of them would both likely respond.

Sophia then walks over to the real Mrs. Cloud and holds up the gold band.

“This was your husbands” with this she drops it into Markus Cloud’s real wife’s hand.

She is in shock.

“Congratulations on the 8.3 million estate…” Sophia says as she walks away.

“Too bad he borrowed 8 million of it from me… I’ll see you in court” are Sophia’s last words as she leaves.




Joseph Eddington, a fifty something year old, distinguished/pompous looking man in a silver mustache, stands behind his large black desk, gazing out the window.

Sitting across from him is Sophia Cloud… His daughter.

“So let me get this straight… I offer you a 250 million dollar bank account, if you just come work for me, and not marry that fool Markus Cloud” with this he now looks at his daughter.

“And now you’re telling me, the 8 million your grandmother left you, you gave to him, and now he’s not only dead… But he was never really married to you?” her father finishes with a sneer.

Sophia has her head bowed a bit “Something like that”

Eddington goes to his desk, where he opens up his large black check book.

“Sophia, you’re an even bigger idiot than I ever thought possible” he says as he writes her a check.

He hands her a two million dollar check.

“Go get yourself somewhere to live… Then contact me in a week… My job offer is still open… But you’re only getting 125 million if you join me” he explains, which causes Sophia to look at him.

“You’ve gotta learn somehow… Now get out of here, I have an important investor coming in soon” he says as he goes to his liquor counter, and pours himself a glass of whiskey.

Sophia sits and stares at the 2 million dollar check… Disgusted with herself for taking it, she swallows her pride, and leaves.



Detective John Hollings sits at his desk, stirring his coffee with the back of a pen.

Detective Lolette Jones, his partner, steps into the office.

“Well… That’s that” she says as she sits at a chair in front of John’s desk.

“All the alibis seem to be air tight with the two Cloud Wives… How weird was that by the way” she says, but John is lost in thought.

“John? Are you listening?” she asks.

He looks up at her “Sorry Lolette… There’s just something strange about Sophia Cloud don’t you think”

“Well… Yeah… But that doesn’t make her a murderer” she replies.

“Yeah… But” he says.

“John… Let it go… We don’t have a case… No prints on, or near the body parts… The wives alibis sealed tight… We’ve got nothing” Lolette finishes, then stands up to leave.

“Yeah… I guess…” he solemnly replies, still stirring his coffee.


Markus Cloud’s real wife enters the up town restaurant, The Quandary. Sophia Cloud’s favorite hangout.

Sophia Cloud is sitting at her reserved table, drinking white wine.

Markus Cloud’s real wife walks up to the table and slaps down a check for 8 million dollars.

“I don’t want your money… In fact I don’t want anymore to do with you” she says, then turns to walk away.

Sopha lights a long cigarette “Good… This way I don’t have to kill you” replies Sophia as she takes a hit off her cigarette, which stops Markus’s wife in her tracks… But then she continues walking, and leaves the restaurant.

Sophia smiles and takes her father’s 2 million dollar check out of her purse.

“Sorry daddy…” and rips it to pieces.


PICTURE CREDIT – First Impressions

Sophia Cloud – Day Two

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Sophia Cloud

by DarkJade

Chapter One

Chapter Two – Day Two



Detective Lolette Jones steps into Detective John Holling’s Office.

“Sophia Cloud has come in again… This time, no letting her smoke in the room” Lolette says to John with a half smile.

“I know, I know…” he says half smiling back as he rises out of his seat behind his desk.

“Say listen… Let me talk to her alone today” he says to Lolette who is already shaking her head.

“No… No… No John” she replies as he steps by her.

“Just trust me on this” he says as he puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh… Alright… I’ll give you 15 minutes alone with her, but I’m going to be behind the glass, and will be stepping in one second after 15 minutes strikes” explains Lolette.

“Yeah, yeah” replies John as he makes his way to the questioning room.


Sophia Cloud once again sits alone waiting for the police to come in. But this time she is not dressed in a way that would allure the dead back into the land of the living… Instead she is wearing a long, soft black sweater, over blue jeans, and cream colored cowboy boots.

She also looks fairly pale, like she’s been up crying much of the night.

Detective Hollings enters the room.

“Hello Mrs. Cloud… Thanks for coming back in so quickly” he says as he sits at the table across from her.

Meanwhile Detective Jones enters the room behind the dark glass, and watches.

“Sorry I set off your fire alarm” replies Sophia, whose fiddling her fingers, craving a cigarette.

“No problem” replies Detective Hollings.

“Now Mrs. Cloud” he starts to say.

“Sophia” she interjects.

“Sophia… Sophia, there’s some pretty unpleasant things I need to tell you about your husband” he explains.

“What can be more unpleasant than the fact that he’s dead” she replies, tears starting to well up in her light blue eyes.

“I’m afraid… It’s the way that we found him…” he further explains.

“The way?” she questions.

“Well… The condition of his body… Was… He was in several pieces” he says not knowing a better way to put it.

With this her pupils go small, and her hands hold perfectly still.

“Go on” she says.

“His body was in five pieces… In five different locations” he tries to explain as delicately as possible.

“What kind of monster could do such a thing” she says as tears start to roll down her soft cheeks.

“The worst kind I fear” he replies.

He then opens up a manilla folder with documents inside.

“I hate to ask you these things… But I must” he starts.

“Go ahead” she replies.

“It says here you’re due to inherit your husbands fortune… 3.3 million in stocks and bonds… And his family home, which is estimated at 5 million dollars” he explains.

“Ok…” she replies plainly.

“There’s only one problem” he states.

She looks at him blankly.

He then pulls out a ring and places it on the table. A plain gold band.

“Do you recognize this ring?” he asks.

She looks down at it “No”

“Well… We found this ring on his wedding ring finger” he explains.

She sits perfectly still.

“That’s impossible… His wedding ring is Platinum… I picked it out for him when we visited the South of France two years ago” she explains, now looking a bit frantic… Then calming.

“Yes… Well… That’s the thing” he starts to say, but then Detective Jones comes in.

With this Detective Hollings stands, and gives Lolette the chair across from Sophia.

“Sophia… Your Husband was still legally married to another woman” explains Detective Jones.

Sophia sits perfectly still once more… Her pupils unmoving… Her skin sweating in the slightest possible way… Making her look cold.

“That’s not possible” Sophia calmly replies.

“I’m afraid it is… Which means, the will with you listed as the benefactor, is null and void” Detective Jones explains.

With this Sophia stands, and picks up the gold band.

“Good days officers” she walks out of the room, leaving the two Detectives speechless.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Animatrix

Sophia Cloud

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Sophia Cloud

by DarkJade



Sophia Cloud sits alone in a cold grey room with artificial lighting.

Her body is slim, and she is wearing a short white suede skirt, and a silky cream colored blouse.

Her face pretty, lips soft pink, and slightly thin. But not too thin. Her eyes are a light, bright blue.

But her most notable feature is that of her brightly dyed red orange hair, cut into something more than sheik.

Not to mention her two thousand dollar white high heals, which are extremely high.

As she sits waiting for the police to come into the room, she is calm. Extremely calm.

Meanwhile behind dark glass Detective John Hollings watches with is partner Detective Lolette Jones.

John is an average looking fellow… With a fairly rugged partial beard, and black hair.

Meanwhile Lolette is an average looking black woman, who looks like she really doesn’t like Sophia Cloud, without yet meeting her.

After maybe twenty minutes of watching Sophia Cloud behind the glass, she at last looks up at the glass, as if she knows she’s being watched.

John looks at Lolette “Lets do this”.

The two of them then enter the questioning room, which barely affects Sophia’s countenance.

Lolette sits across from Sophia, as John stands back against the wall behind Lolette.

Sophia finally looks up at Lolette.

“Hello Mrs. Cloud, I’m Detective Jones… And this is my partner Detective Hollings” speaks Lolette.

“Hello” Sophia softly replies as her eyes shift to John.

This makes him slightly uneasy.

She then looks back at Lolette.

“Do you know why you’re here Mrs. Cloud?” asks Lolette.

Sophia doesn’t respond right away.

“No” she finally replies.

John then leans over the table as if to intimidate her.

“When’s the last time you saw your Husband Markus Cloud?” he asks.

She does not look at him “May I smoke?” she asks.

“Smoking’s not permitted in the building…” Lolette starts to say, but John touches her arm indicating it’s fine.

Sophia then takes out a gold cigarette box, opens it, and takes out a fairly long, expensive cigarette.

John takes out a lighter and lights it.

She takes a long hit “Thank you” she responds, not looking at him.

“Two days ago… My husband is out of town on business” she replies.

Detective Hollings looks back at Lolette, and steps back once again.

“Your Husband is dead Mrs. Cloud” Lolette explains.

Sophia stops mid puff of her cigarette as a tear comes to her soft blue eyes.

She then continues to take a hit, a longer one this time.

“What?” she then asks.

“You’re saying you don’t know anything about it…” John states bluntly.

Sophia Cloud looks up at Detective Hollings… Anger, and hints of tears in her eyes.

“No Detective… Not until Detective Jones just informed me” she then looks back at Detective Jones.

“Can I have a moment…” Sophia suddenly says.

Lolette looks at John, who nods in agreement.

Lolette then stands “We’ll give you a couple moments to collect yourself”.

The two then step out of the room.

Sophia then sits holding her cigarette, her hand shaking, she takes another hit.

Just as Detective Jones and Detective Hollings return to the hidden room behind the dark glass, the fire alarm sprinklers go off in the questioning room where Sophia is.

“What the hell!” Lolette starts to head out of the room to turn them off, but John grabs her arm.

“Wait…” John says as he watches Sophia continue to smoke, without reacting to the sprinklers water coming down upon her.

“The cigarette isn’t even lit anymore, and she’s still smoking” he says.

Lolette looks at him “She’s in shock about her Husband’s death” she says as she continues out of the room, and into the other to take Sophia out.

Meanwhile Sophia looks as though she’s looking straight through the dark glass at Detective Hollings as she’s taken out of the room.