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DarkJade – Tis The Season… The Nutcracker

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It’s funny, as Tchaikovsky is one of my All Time Favorite Composers, and The Nutcracker Sweet one of my All Time Favorite Pieces of Music…

However, as a “Visual” Artist, as Film Making was my Initial Creative Field of Choice, though now I’ve shifted to Writing… I have often felt that the Choreography of most Productions of The Nut Cracker, was less than thrilling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love to watch the Ballet, especially live, also my Nephew is a Professional Ballet Dancer, so I have seen him dance in several.

Let me give you a few Examples of…

The Pink Nutcracker;

The Blue Nutcracker;

The White Nutcracker;

Now the Productions aren’t too bad, but eh, maybe it’s just me as far as the Actual Choreography…

But Heaven knows, the Music is just lovely…

And now on to some of my Favorite Pieces of Music in it…

Arabian Dance;

Russian Dance;

Now that wasn’t too bad…

Spanish Dance;

Chinese Dance;

The Chinese Music may be my Favorite…

Can’t have an Ending, without an Opening;

A Pretty Festive Opening actually…

And a Middle…

And The Party;

And an Ending;

Thanks for Listening/Reading, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Etc. Etc. Etc.




A Morning With Tchaikovsky

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Awaken Light Spirit… I Becon Thee

Whilst preparing to Write my 31st Blog Post, Fear of Writing Success, which I will Write here in a bit, I tossed on my Pandora Station, Wolfgang Amadeus as I named it, which is basically my Classical Music Station. As I noted in my In Moments of Darkness – Puccini Post, my Three Favorite Composers are Mozart, Puccini and Tchaikovsky. Anyway, like I say, as I was preparing to Write my Next Blog Post, this Song came on and Whammed me. Tchaikovky’s Violin Concerto in D Major, OP 35. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it, though part of it almost sounds Familiar, like someone had based a part of a Film Musical Score on it either Consciously, or Unconsciously. Well, here’s the Piece, make sure you listen until at least the 6th Minute 11th-12th Second of this Video. It is Heroic, and Magnificent. Enjoy

The Version I heard on Pandora was from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The Version Above is Kyung-Wha Chung the 1st Movement, Part 1 of 2.

May 7th 1840-November 6th 1893

Alright, back to Work/Writing, Thanks for Sharing the Moment