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10 Songs (My Inner Soundtrack)

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Going In

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Going In

DarkJade Presents – For The Sake of Levity

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I was Reading My Good Friend Ana’s Post You Know They All Pretend… Which had a Song from The Foo Fighters, so I Clicked The Next Video which was also a Foo Fighter’s Song… I think I’ve seen This Video, but it’s been a While…

And it Reminded me that I hadn’t done a Music Post for a bit… So Here it is

For The Sake of Levity

Learn To Fly – Foo Fighters

lol Pretty Hilarious

Ticket To Ride – The Beatles

Say It Right – Nelly Furtado

Bend And Break – Keane

Raining In Baltimore – Counting Crows

Breakdown – Frou Frou (From Gardenstate)

Have a Good Weekend


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DarkJade’s – Fire

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When I look at you…

It burns my skin

Your Eyes look through me…

I fall apart





By your smile


By your Love





I can not withstand you…

I Bring you in

I put you out…

You will not go



In the End…

It’s all the same

I love you…

You don’t feel the same




I am undone…


PICTURE CREDIT (‘S) – Fire Rose, Fire Art, Ashes to Ashes

7 x 7 Link Award

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Thank You to J.C.V. @ 365 Days 2b Published for this Award

The Rules are as Follows;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell something about yourself that no one else knows, if you want to and if you feel like it.

3. Link to seven of your entries: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, and Most Pride Worthy. This may be challenging, so only do it if you feel like it.

4. Nominate as many other bloggers as you want to and notify them. That way the award is more meaningful, rather than just becoming an endless bloggy chain letter that eventually every single other blog in the whole entire internet will have.

  1. Check
  2. Something I haven’t told anyone…. Hmm… I’ll stick to something that I haven’t told anyone online, lol… When I was young, My Brother and I went to a Friend’s House… We went under his house, where his Dad kept his Hunting Arrows… I can’t really Explain Why what happened next happened, as it didn’t really fit my Character… But I threw one of the Arrows, and it hit My Friend’s Shoulder, leaving a Scar… I don’t recall being mad at him, perhaps I meant to get close… Either way, it was lame, lol… But I was probably like 11 or something.
  3. 7 Links

Most Beautiful Piece – Reader’s seemed to like this Piece I Walk Through Thee

Most Helpful – I don’t know if this one is Helpful, but I Wrote it to be Helpful Fear of Success

Most Popular – DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

Most Controversial – This a bit tricky, as that isn’t really my Thing… So I’ll go ahead and throw this one out The Mind Chronicles – Target Practice… Although I suspect it’s only Mutants that might feel that this Piece is Controversial, ha

Most Surprisingly Successful – Video Games From Your Past. Surprisingly, people seem to Visit this one, though I Wrote it quite a ways back.

Most Underrated – Probably Lion’s Roar which was an Experimental Novel I started which I believe had 3 Total Posts before I let it go…. Here are the 3 Links for that Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two… Part of the Problem may have been, I was Writing so many Posts a Week at the time, like 16 or 17, lol… That I’m not sure people/readers could keep up, and some Pieces may have merely got lost… Or, it just never took

Most Pride Worthy – Probably My First Draft of My First Ever Novella, “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) (This Link is for all of the Chapters)… A Writing Project I began, and Completed, all within This Blog… It is a First Draft, so it hasn’t been Edited in the Least, and wasn’t Written for Print… For the Sake of Writing, Writing, Writing, I don’t take tons of time on Each Post… I return to the Pieces later that I am considering to Self Publish, and Edit them outside the Blog, which is what I will be doing soon with this Piece.

4. My Nominated Blogs… I’ll just do a few

  • Little Trot – I just love this Blog… You should Definitely Check it out
  • 1001 Scribbles – Also a Very Enjoyable Blog… One I’m actually just starting to Guest Author on every couple of weeks… But you should check out her stuff
  • Ma che bonta! – All I can say is wow… The site used to be in Italian, but I didn’t care, I Followed it just to see the Pictures of her food… Unbelievable… When she found out I was Following it even though I couldn’t read it, she literally Added English Text underneath the Italian… Just Awesome… Check it out
  • Mark Photoblog – This Guys Photo’s are just Amazing… He is actually a Photographer on my Dark Globe Site, and I just can’t Recommend his Actual Site enough… Check it out

That’s all I shall List… I shall Spare some of The Blogs that I Often Nominate, such as La Plume Noire, The Insanity Aquarium and Evolution of Insanity… I’m sure many of you are very aware of how Highly I hold their Blogs. As are they.

Thank You Once Again J.C.V. for the Award

I Truly Appreciate it


DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

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It’s funny… My Favorite Beatle was actually George Harrison.

The Quiet Beatle if you will, though I suppose that could have been Ringo as well. Sadly my initial experience of Ringo was more of the Background Beatle, who loved girls with Big T($*@’s.

And truth be told, that’s not quite right. I suppose the fact that I saw him in the movie “Caveman” as a kid may have had something to do with that initial impression of him.

The truth is, that after all of these years, I see Ringo as the Back Beat (Ironically there was a Film about the Beatles called Backbeat) of the Beatles. Essential to the Dynamic that set the Stage for John, George and Paul.

I think if I was John, Paul or George and was to cast a look over my shoulder at Ringo during a Stage Performance, the message in Ringo’s Eyes would have been “I’ve got your back, just say what you need/want to say”. The Beatles aren’t the Beatles without him.

Back to George however, there’s just something about his Guitar Playing… This Atmospheric Universe that comes from the strums of his soul, and is delivered by his Guitar. Thank you George, amazing.

And as it turned out, my all time Favorite Beatles Song, on My Favorite Beatles Album “Abbey Road”, was Written By George Harrison. “Something”

Also one of my Favorite Songs “Here Comes The Sun”

Yes “Abbey Road” is My Favorite Beatles Album.                                                                     Perhaps you are familiar with this Beatles Image. I suspect you are. The Cover of “Abbey Road”. In a time where the Band was on the verge of dissolving, they got together for one last Album, as it turned out. And though the Last Album Released was “Let It Be”, as I understand, most of “Abbey Road” was actually recorded later.

I suppose I should talk about those other two Beatles… What were there names? Oh yes, “John and Paul”. The saying of it has a bit of a Religious Ring to it, does it not.

And so it should, Musically Speaking anyway. For if the combination/blending of John and Paul’s Writing isn’t something close to a Religious Experience, I don’t know what is. But in reality, there Music is not a Religion, it’s more of a Melodic/Collaborative Phenom. It’s moved and changed more than one Nation, and I for one Thank Them for it.

That said, in watching some of the footage around the time of “Abbey Road”, it is quite obvious/apparent that it was time for each of the Beatles to go their own way… Even more so in regards to John and Paul.

But way before Ringo’s Silly “Caveman” Movie, came some “Truer” forms of the Individuals Independent Efforts…

John (The Walrus)…

“Imagine”… In my mind, one of the Most Beautiful Songs ever Written.

Paul… “Maybe I’m Amazed” That Boy was In Love

George… “My Sweet Lord”


Eh, he’s still the Beatles Back Beat, lol

I’ll go ahead and end this with a few more of my Favorite Beatle Songs

My Favorite By Pual… “Hey Jude”

I always think of this next one as a Solo Effort by George, but it was on the Beatles White Album “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

“The Long and Winding Road” from “Let It Be”

If that footage didn’t scream “A Break Up Is Coming”, I don’t know what does

A Sentimental Favorite… “In My Life” (The Music Starts on the 25th Second of the Video)

And I’ll go ahead and End it with this one for Symbolic Purposes, as the Beatles did “Come Together” one last time for “Abbey Road”

Thanks For Listening/Reading




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