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They Are Living, Breathing Beings Of Light

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This post is not meant to judge, nor lecture… Think of it as a plea, and something for you to consider

There was a time when most Humans on this planet needed animals in their diet, and in some areas of the world, there still are (Due to other things than the bodies actual need for animals themselves)

But that time has come, and gone

I’ve been a Vegan for 7 years, and it’s been great… Truly

My girlfriend is actually an Activist, I am not (Well, maybe in this small way)

Generally most reply “What about protein?”

But that is only the first wave of defense that they come up with, in reality, protein is not an issue with Veganism… It’s just a matter of being made aware of the other proteins that exist

But in the end, what I’ve noticed the most from her reach out conversations is, in the end, it’s the ‘taste’ that causes people to deny the idea of changing what they eat

Speaking as someone who started being a Vegan at the age of 44, taste has not been an issue in regards to eating a Vegan diet

It simply made me a more creative cook, and in the end, I’ve had some of the best food of my life


Take for instance this Thanksgiving Platter I had/created this last November (Above)

It was literally the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had

And it’s not just that I’m a great cook, it’s completely doable (Here’s some more Photos from this years Feast)

In fact, I truly believe that if we’re going to reach out and ask people to make changes to their diet, the least we can do is give them some menu ideas, which is why I created my ‘James Cooks Vegan‘ Blog

I’ve got 70+ Recipes on there

Also, keep in mind, eating Vegan, doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy

It just means you don’t include Animal, and Dairy in your diet

Beyond not really needing to eat/include Animal in our diets, Factory Farming is really messing up our climate (I watched the Documentary Earthlings on YouTube in 2013, which really pushed me over into Veganism… But, I have to warn, it’s very graphic)

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‘The Game Changers’ Is the most current Film I’ve watched (It’s on Netflix &/or rentable), which came out in 2018

This Film gives you some info. on the science in regards to Veganism, and shows some amazing athletes etc. whom have made the change

Anyway, I didn’t plan on doing this post, but 2020 for me is a time of action in general, and so you may see me do some posts here and there on some things in that respect

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading