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Wolfjade (Chapter VII) – The Return

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Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


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North of the Execlum Desert is a very unique place…

A place called, River Noran

An unlikely place where harsh desert, transforms to a wooded area, near a river

This is where Wolfjade’s Stormdark Legion awaits…

This is where he has just arrived

“HOORAH!” yell his 120 Swordsmen, and 60 Archers of Stormdark

Though he is ragged, and weary, he raises an arm in appreciation


Wolfjade bathes in a metal tub, brought there for his arrival

His eyes are tired, but relieved, being safely within his camp

Suddenly one of the Emperor of Stormdark’s Advisors enters Wolfjade’s tent, with two Imperial Elite Soldiers, appointed from the Emperor himself

With a wave of Wolfjade’s hand, still within his tub, the two Elite Soldiers leave the tent

The man that stands before him is Eldof… One of Three of the Emperor’s High Advisors…

Eldof being the least trustworthy, in regards to anyone other than the Emperor that is

Everything he does… Every move he makes… Is contrived, and designed to further his own Political Career

“Greetings Great Wolfjade…” he says with a dramatic ceremonial bow

“What is it Eldof…” states Wolfjade, who has now lifted himself up, and out of his tub

His 300 pound form of solid muscle, shaking Eldof a bit…

“Good Knight… In behalf of Stormdark, I say bravo for your penetrative efforts of infiltration into Breenum Hall… Well done sir… Well done…” he states and bows again waving his arms about

Wolfjade drys himself, and begins to place his red under armor attire on

“Speak your words Eldof…” demands Wolfjade, quickly tiring of him already

“The Emperor is coming my Liege…” speaks Eldof, cunningly spying Wolfjade’s reaction

Which, other than pausing for a mere second, there is none

“Good… We have much to discuss… If that is all,” Wolfjade states plainly, hoping to rid his tent of Eldof

Wolfjade begins now to place on his under armor layer of silver chainmail

“Yes… Well… I just thought…” begins Eldof

“Yes?” replies Wolfjade, getting irritated now, as he draws his long sword from its scabbard, and inspects the blade, which is very sharp

“Perhaps you’d like to run your thoughts by me, prior to speaking to the Emperor…” finishes Eldof

With this there is a great silence, as Wolfjade places his blade back in its scabbard, turns and inspects Eldof’s throat, wondering how quickly he could remove his head, even without removing the blade from the scabbard

“Nope… I’m good… You may go,” replies WolfJade as he claps, and two squires enter the chamber to help him put on his black steel plate armor

The Red Lion Emblem blazing on the chest

“Very well my Liege…” Eldof replies holding his tongue, which is sharp… But he’d rather not die this day

He bows, turns, and leaves Wolfjade’s tent

“TURNUM!” Wolfjade suddenly calls, and one of his two Stormdark Swordsmen who stand guard outside of his tent, enters

“My Liege…” he replies.

“I want two of our Archers to keep an eye on Eldof… If he tries to send a messanger, or a bird to the Emperor, kill the messenger… Or kill the bird… No word leaves this camp… Understood?” speaks Wolfjade

“Understood sir,” replies Turnum, who turns and leaves the tent



Chapter VIII

The Return

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The Return

Your Embrace is so Cold

Yes I know…

And the Blood on your Lip

You are Bold…

Somehow I thought…

Foolish Indeed

If I Ran Long enough…

Escape Memory

You would not Find me

Given a Chance…

But I’m a Fool…

Caught in your Glance

Dragged into Night…

Your Vacant Soul…

The Darkest Corner

Absent of Light…

Why Do I Fight…

When you will Return

With Hope of Love…

Destiny Burns…

I Combat Thee

Until she Comes

Pump My Own Heart…

I’m Nearly Undone…

Now I grow Tired…

And I must Rest

I Call Upon the Stars…

To End this Unrest


PICTURE CREDIT – Loneliness By Yaichino

Allure… The Return

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Allure… The Return

“You Think You Can Just Walk Away From Me Girl…” Vincent Said To Me As I Continued To Make My Way Through The Streets Of New Orleans… I Made My Way Into A Dark Alley… Probably Not The Best Thing… But I Didn’t Know What Else To Do. And Once I Was Thirty Or So Feet In, I Turned To Face Him… But He Wasn’t There…

Suddenly He Grabbed Onto Me From Behind, His Mouth An Inch Away From My Neck… “I’ll Drain You Of Your Life’s Essence Right Now…” He Spoke… With This I Relented, And Slanted My Neck In A Way To Fully Expose It… “Just Do It…” I Spoke…

I Could Feel His Cool Breath Upon Me… The Hunger Filled Him… But Some How He Stopped Himself “No… Not Yet” He Spoke, Then Suddenly I Was Air Born… He Was Holding Me Tightly… And We Were… Flying




Out front in the huge, half circled driveway, was Arram’s dark blue old Mustang…

Arram sat alone in the driver’s seat reading her mother’s second book… “Vampire’s Truth”.

Her hair was now a dark purple, as opposed to royal blue, but she still kept it in a ponytail.

She needed a change, and so she dyed it a new color.

She sits the book down, and gets out of the car.



Arram sat in her Uncle Tom’s study as he poured her some tea.

“I must say Arram, I am surprised to see you back home…” he spoke, and then made his way to his chair, using his cane.

“I can’t hunt La Fon anymore…” she spoke, whilst gazing blankly out her uncle’s window, watching the birds in the nearby trees.

“I see…” he replied, as he lit his pipe, and tossed the used match into the nearby fireplace.

She looks at him “You knew that La Fon was my mother’s lover…” she spoke.

Uncle Tom took some puffs off his pipe then “Mmm, hmm”

“Why didn’t you tell me…” she spoke more than asked.

With this he stood and made his way over to the window, looking out through the glass.

“It’s complicated” he spoke without looking back at her.

“Yeah, well I’m done” she spoke as she stood.

With this he turned and faced her “Alright…”

“I’m going back to school… Seth has already returned…” she spoke with a rather weak conviction.

“And Roy Milon?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about Roy…” she replied, and started towards the door.

“Arram…” he called after her, and she froze in the doorway.

“What…” she replied without looking at him.

Arram was crying, but her uncle couldn’t see her.

“Oh… Nothing” he continued.

And so she left.



Tears still fill her eyes as she thinks of La Fon behind her in that abandoned building (Back In Episode 15)

“Why can’t I get you out of my head” she thinks to herself.

“You killed my mother… I just know you did”

“I just know it…”



Uncle Tom sits at his desk, writing a note…

“Dear Arram… I know that you will never forgive me for this… But I must tell you the truth… I killed your mother… Not La Fon… It’s difficult to explain exactly what occurred… But suffice it to say, I sought only to protect her from these creatures of the night… And instead, ended her life through my rashness, and rage, meant to be used against La Fon.

I understand why you can no longer hunt La Fon… I would imagine that you, like your mother, feel a very deep connection to him. That is why I shall kill him myself… Though I admit, the last time I tried, ended in your mother’s untimely death… I feel I have no other option.

With this letter I’ve included all the documentation you will need to gain access to your mother’s estate funds…

I’m sorry Arram… I hope someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me… I know that I can never forgive myself…

Love Always… Your Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom places the letter into an envelope holding some other documents… He then hands it to his man Zorin “Mail this right away…” and stands.

He grabs onto a large bag, and his cane, and heads to his front door, where he opens it to exit his house… Standing there is Roy Milon.

“Need some help getten La Fon…” speaks Roy, which surprises uncle Tom.

“If so… I’m your man” Roy finishes.

Zorin pulls around the old Rolls Royce, and Roy and Uncle Tom get into it, and the three of them drive off.





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