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Zero Cool (Music)

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In 2003, I stepped away from Film Making, and started to work on Screenplays

In 2004 I started writing a sequel to a kinda B-ish Cult film called, ‘HACKERS’

I realize it’s not a great film, but the Cinematography, Acting of the Lead, Quirkiness of the other Hackers, the Mystique/Coolness of the Hacker Persona, and especially the music grabbed me

As I wrote the sequel (Only ever wrote a 50 page First Draft), I wrote down songs I thought would be good in certain scenes

Here they are;

Couldn’t find the next song, maybe I had the wrong name, so I included a song by the same artist below

Last Song would either be one below, or one below that

Photo at top from HERE

DarkJade Watch – Some ‘Post’ Editing Stones

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So I’m Done Editing for the Day… Did a lot

And I was looking for a Concert to Check out while we Wait for The “Lakers” Game to start

And Came Across This ‘Great’ Rolling Stones Concert from 1991

Hope you Enjoy it