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Allure… Thomas

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Allure… Thomas

“My Eyes Still Shut, I Could Feel That He Was Waiting For Me To Open Them… “I Can Wait All Night” he spoke. And So I Finally Opened My Eyes And Sat Straight Up In My Bed… Holding The Blankets Tightly Against My Chest… There He Was Sitting In A Chair Near My Window… White Hair To His Shoulders, And Those Glowing Green Eyes… “I Am Vincent” He Spoke. “What Do You Want?” I Replied… And Then He Stood “Tsk Tsk… Where Are Your Manners…” He Replied, And Started Towards My Bed… My Breath And Heart Quickened, And That’s When I Realized The Room Had Grown Deathly Cold… Colder Than It Ever Was Sleeping With La Fon… Almost As If… “You Shouldn’t Have Come Here Vincent…” It Was La Fon… Suddenly He Appeared Behind Vincent, His Red Eyes Glowing, I Trembled With The Site Of Him… Vincent In Turn Froze, But Did Not Turn To Face Him… “Come Now La Fon… I Wouldn’t Have Hurt Your Precise Elizabeth…” Vincent Then Cast A Wicked Grin, His Eyes Glowing Greener… “Although Her Neck Is Quite Appetizing…” With This La Fon Grabbed Vincent By The Throat And Pinned Him Up Against The Wall, His Feet Dangling Above The Ground… “VSSSPP!!” Vincent Cried Out. “You Really Shouldn’t Have Come Here Vincent” La Fon Repeated.



Roy Milon, Arram and Seth are all at a table… Roy starts to stand to approach the brown haired Vampire with the 1800’s style mustache… But Arram grabs his arm.

“No…” she speaks, her eyes wide.

“He’s looking for him…” she explains.

“Looking for who?” questions Seth.

“Our Vampire… The second Vampire has come here looking for him…” she finishes.

Roy sits back down.

“How do you know all of this Arram?” Roy questions her.

She lets go of his arm “I don’t know… I just do” she explains, never taking her eyes off the Vampire.

Roy nods.

“Ok then… What’s our play?” he asks.

“He will search for our Vampire… And we’ll follow him to him” she explains.

“And face two of them??” exclaims Seth in fear.

Roy cracks a smile, kicks up his boots on the table, and lights a cigar “Now yer talken…”

“You two are crazy… I’m not following a second Vampire to our first Vampire… That’s suicide… This is where I draw the line” exclaims Seth, as he draws an imaginary line on the table using a french fry.

“Good idea Seth… Just Roy and I will go… That way if we disappear, you can contact my uncle” with this she picks up Seth’s cell phone, and enters in her Uncle Tom’s number “and tell him what’s happened.”

“Now wait a minute–” Seth starts to say, but Arram interrupts him.

“He’s leaving, we have to do this now” she interjects.

The Vampire pays his bill, and leaves the coffee shop… Roy and Arram get up and head for the entrance as well.

“Arram… Wait” Seth says in a loud whisper.

Arram turns back towards Seth while putting her blue hair into a ponytail “Trust me Seth… We’ll be in touch”

The Porsche drives off, and Arram and Roy get in her Mustang and follow it.

Seth scratches his head, then is about to get up and pay the bill, when…

“Hello there” there’s a thin man in his 40’s, wearing a white suit blocking him from getting up.

Seth stairs up at him “Uh… May I help you?”

“Oh I think so…” the man says, then steps back… Two large men in black suits and black sunglasses step in and grab Seth, dragging him out of the restaurant, and toss him into the back of a black sedan.


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