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The Warrior Tiwaz

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Conan-Barbarian-520x715The Warrior Tiwaz

Only The Mighty Will Conquer

Only The Strong Will Survive

Tiwaz was a Warrior from the Northen Mountains of Oz Riak

Clad in reds, yellows and gold… Saving the areas of his body which he preferred exposed

And there, his muscles were strong, and well toned

Tiwaz traveled alone, and rarely spoke to anyone

You might see him deep in the shadows of a tavern, slowly drinking his Ohnrik Ale from his homeland

The only kind he will drink

You might see his dark, almost black eyes looking into his cup, as if scoping the universe, and patiently waiting for something to happen


The lands that surrounded these mountains were largely overrun with the dark warriors of Cadrel… But they rarely messed with Tiwaz

The lands surrounding that were largely burned, and their peoples without hope

But this was not something that Tiwaz cared about… He was more of an island, than a fellow man amongst this world

Some compare his swordplay to that of the great Mythic Hero, Ziwa Ond…

And at his side rested the long, black, heavy blade of his father Kenleck

Though this world is on the brink of ending, or at least the lives of the innocent within it, Tiwaz stared deeply into his ale…