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The Vengeance – Training

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The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

“I have failed you Kin… And now with both you, and Father gone… I am lost.”

“It is the Vengeance alone that keeps me going… Keeps me breathing… Keeps my heart beating”

“Though the Blood it pumps be black.”

“I have yet to prove that Mr. Mashahiro is behind both your disappearance, and father’s death…”

“But in my heart… And in my gut… I know it to be true”

“And so I will continue to train… Not as Tukui Shinsou, Military Pawn to a Government out for itself…”

“No… I am free of that now… But with what I’ve learned within those walls… There will be no escape”

“for Mr. Mashahiro… But It must be at the right moment… He is an extremely powerful, and well”

“guarded man… So I shall train hard, but at night, under a new identity… I will be Adauchi…”

“I will be…”



The Year 2080

Tokyo City

Mr Mashahiro’s Home


Mr. Mashahiro is at his desk looking over some documents on his computer screen.

Within his chamber are two well armed bodyguards in white suits, and shades.

A late twenty something year old man in a grey suit enters the office. His name, is Juro.

“What is it Juro, I am very busy today… Trying to run an Empire here,” snaps Mr. Mashahiro without looking up at him.

“He was here… Sir,” replies Juro.

Mr. Mashahiro looks up at him bothered if anything. “Who was here?”

“Well… Not here… But across the street… Tukui Shinsou… Sir.” With this Juro swallows loudly.

Mr. Mashahiro stands, “You were supposed to keep men on him!”

“And we did… Sir… Which is what lead us… Here,” Juro replies.

“He was watching your home… Sir,” he finishes.

“Well then… Send him a singular warning… I will not tolerate anymore of his ‘watching’ me,” Mr. Mashahiro speaks, then sits back down at his desk and goes back to work.

Jiro bows, “Yes Sir… Consider it done.”

Jiro leaves the room.

Katsuo Industries


Tokui and Arata leave work.

“Hey, I’m going to go grab some noodles and fish… Care to join me?” speaks Arata.

“No… I mean… I have something I have to do in Tokyo City,” replies Tokui.

“Tokyo City?” Arata replies back.

Tukui gets on a hovering bus transport destined for Tokyo City, and waves back at Arata.

Arata scratches his head, and waits for his bus transport.

Tokyo City

A Hydro Bike Outlet


Tokui is purchasing an extremely expensive, and fast yellow Hydro Bike, black riding gear, and a helmet.

He pays the man in cash-tokens.

An Abandoned Factory


Tokui is inside an abandoned building training in a Hybrid, Military Taught Form of Martial Arts.

He’s fast… Very fast.

A Busy Nightclub


Tokui arives on his Hydro Bike, and parks it outside the club.

“AION 8000… Not bad,” speaks a man outside the club hanging with his buddy, referring to Tokui’s bike.

Tokui goes in the club.

It’s packed with hundreds of people.

It’s dark, with multi-colored lights over the large dance floor.

He goes to the bar and orders a blue drink.

Woman are all around selling themselves, and sleazy looking dudes are selling illegal stimulants.

30 Minutes later

Tokui has had a few drinks, when two large men approach him from behind wearing black suits.

“Can I help you two gentlemen?” Tokui asks without looking at them.

“Your name Tokui Shinsou?” one of them asks, holding a picture of Tokui. But somehow Tokui looks different than the photo… Darkness fills him, and it shows.

“The name’s Adauchi,” Tokui replies.

The two men look at one another, then one of them grabs Tokui’s soldier.

“You really shouldn’t have done that…” speaks Tokui.

In three moves he knocks both men to the floor, unconscious.

The bartender looks nervous, and several bouncers surround him.

He holds up Cash-Tokens indicating there’s more drinks to be had, and the bartender signals for the bouncers to remove the two unconscious men.



Episode IV – Truth