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Allure… Changes

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Allure (Book Two)

by DarkJade

Chapter III – Changes

“La Fon and I were happy for several years… Well… He was as happy as a Vampire can be I suppose… His kind are definitely a bit of a ‘tormented’ species. But yes… We were happy… Until…

One day while La Fon was off on one of his three day blood frenzies, I was out walking around his family home’s, and/or castle as it were, courtyard, when my brother Thomas suddenly appeared…

“Hello Victoria…” he spoke as he stood in front of me, in my total disbelief. Wearing his long black coat, silly hat, and black and silver beard.

“Thomas? Why are you here? How did you find me? You must go Thomas!” I insisted as I took him by the arm “You must go!”

He pulled away “The question isn’t why I’m here Victoria… It’s why are you here?” he spoke bitterly.

This wouldn’t end well.

The Diary of Victoria Arram~ (Mother of Daisy Arram)



Roy Millon is tied up hanging from the ceiling of a building on a remote harbor.

He’s blind folded, bloodied and bruised.

“Just kill me already you blood sucker!! He’ll never come for me!! He’s too damn smart!!” he spoke loudly into the darkness.

But no one replies.

Suddenly Arram’s Uncle Tom steps into the building.

Cane in one hand… One handed crossbow in the other.

He makes his way towards Roy.

Roy knowing that the Vampires make no noise, barely hears Uncle Tom approaching.

“Are you crazy!!” Roy whispers just loud enough for Uncle Tom to hear.

“Get out of here Thomas… It’s a trap!” Roy insists.

“I know Roy…” Uncle Tom replies, and with a single shot shoots the rope above Roy, dropping him to the ground with a…


Uncle Tom looks around alertly as he unties Roy’s hands.

Roy then takes off the blindfold.

“You should have let me die!!” spats Roy.

At this point Uncle Tom takes two cut off shotguns from his back, Roy’s guns, and hands them to him.

“I couldn’t do that Roy… You know that” Uncel Tom explains.


Suddenly Vincent enters out of the darkness of one of the corners, clapping his hands together in a mockingly fashion.

His eyes glowing greener than ever.

“Bravo… Vampire Slayer… I even tied him up with a rope, as opposed to a chain, just to let you feel like a hero…”

He continues to move towards them “One…”, and Uncle Tom lets off a shot with his crossbow, “More…” but Vincent simply swats the arrow out of the air “Time…”

Suddenly 8 more Vampires step out of the shadows, surrounding Roy and Uncle Tom…

“You’ve got a plan?” inquires Roy.

“My plan only went as far as this point…” replies Uncle Tom.


PICTURE CREDIT – Vampire Slayer

Allure (Book Two)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Allure (Book One)

Allure… Tough Times

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Allure… Tough Times




“Two Years Have Gone By Since I Saw La Fon… I Miss Him… I Try To Go About My Day To Day Life… I Teach Children Now.”

“But It’s Useless… I Just Can’t Shake Him From My Blood… An Ironic Thing To Say…”

“I Have To Find Him…”

“And So I Shall…”




Roy and Arram are sitting in her dark blue mustang out in front of the school…

Across the street is a mountainous area.

Arrram sits down her “Vampire’s Truth” book.

Roy looks at her.

“So?” he asks.

“She’s looking for La Fon too…” Arram replies thinking Roy’s asking about the book.

“Not the book… Our plan” he replies with a half smile.

“Oh… Sorry… Today’s the last day of school here… I’m sure La Fon will show up for one last buffet, before switching to whatever it is he does during the summer months…” she replies.

“Ok” Roy responds.

“And the Thin Man’s Goons?” he asks.

“All over that hillside across the street… Gunned, and scoped…” she replies.

“Uh huh… What if they shoot one of us?” he questions.

“They won’t…” Arram replies.

“What makes you say that?” Roy replies.

“Because you’ll be with them making sure they don’t” she responds as she grabs her book, puts it in her purse which is around her arm, and gets out of the car making her way towards the middle most point of the school.

Roy jumps out as well “Wait! Arram!!” he yells, but she doesn’t reply.


Arram finds the most centralized spot on the campus, sits down, and starts to read her mother’s book once more.

“It Didn’t Take Me Long To Find Him… One Of The Spots La Fon And His Friends Like Best, Is New Orleans.”

“It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before I Would Surely Find Them… Most Likely In The Middle Of One Of These Brothels, Sinking Their Teeth Into The “Local Stock” Of Young Girls”

“You Shouldn’t Have Come Elizabeth” A Voice Suddenly Came From Behind Elizabeth As She Made Her Way Through The New Orleans Streets.

“It Was Vincent… He Was Behind Me… I Could Feel His Glowing Green Eyes Upon The Back Of My Neck…”

“But I Kept On Walking…”


As the sun started to go down behind the hill, the oh too familiar chill came over Arram.

She sits down the book.

“You Shouldn’t Have Come Daisy Arram…” speaks a voice.

But it wasn’t La Fon, it was Thomas.

I turned to look at his fairly thin form, twirly mustache, and those dark blue glowing eyes.

“He Meant What He Said” he continued as he moved slowly towards me.

“I know” I replied.

He pauses “Yes… I Suspected You Did.”

“So Tell Me Daisly Arram… Why Are You Really Here” he continues, sits beside me, and picks up my book.

His eyes fade to black.

“Vampire’s Truth” he speaks.

“Your Mother Had Some Serious Guts” he continued.

“So La Fon sent you to kill me instead of killing me himself” Arram speaks her head bowed downward.

Thomas sits the book down “Maybe You Haven’t Noticed With All Of Your “Keen” Wit… La Fon Doesn’t WAnt To Kill You…” he finishes.

“Yeah… I’ve noticed” Arram replies.


The white suited thin man’s thugs are laid out with sniper rifles, aiming towards where Arram is sitting.

Roy is watching over them.

“What the hell is she doing with that guy?! Where is La Fon” one of the snipers speaks.

“What? Let me see your binoculars” Roy says and snatches a set of binoculars form one of them.

“Oh Sh#$! It’s Thomas” Roy says and drops the binoculars to the ground.


“Are You Ready To Die Young Arram…” Thomas says as he stands once more before her, his eyes glowing dark blue once more.

“Yeah” she replies with her head still down.

She looks up at him “If you and La Fon could just do me one favor”

Thomas hesitates, as he’s about to strike her down.

“These government men have Seth… I was supposed to deliver them to La Fon to get Seth back… But that obviously didn’t happen…” she explains solemnly.

Thomas’s eyes go black again “What??”

“If you could just make sure Seth is set free… I’d appreciate it… It’s not his fault he’s involved with all of this… It’s mine” she explains, never lifting her head.

Just then, out of nowhere, Roy comes flying through the air at Thomas, but Thomas is too quick and dodges the blow.

“OOOMFFFF!!” Roy grunts as he strikes the ground.

“Where Are These… Government Agents?” questions Thomas.

Arram nonchalantly gestures towards the direction of the hills, and in a flash Thomas is gone.

Arram runs over to Roy, who has stood back up.

“Are you alright Roy?” she asks.

He places both of his hands on her shoulders “You’re not going alone ever… Ever…” he hugs her “Ever again”

She smiles slightly.

Suddenly screaming can be heard from the Hillside across the street


Roy and Arram look at one another.

“Thomas” they both speak in synch.


PICTURE CREDIT – Good Reads Anime

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