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Allure… The Truth

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Allure… The Truth

“Just As La Fon Was About To Finish Vincent, Yet A Third Vampire Entered My Room… It Was His Top Hatted Friend… With The Swirly Brown Mustache… “Don’t Do It La Fon… Vincent Was Only Protecting Your Honor… Something You Seemed To Have Forgotten About In Your Dealings With This Human…” Thomas’s Eyes Were Different Than Vincent’s Green, Or La Fon’s RedNo, His Glowed A Dark Blue… La Fon With This, Released Vincent From His Choke Hold...”

“”Fraaah!!” Vincent Hissed, Then Disappeared Into The Night… Thomas Then Went Back Into The Shadows As Well… Leaving Just La Fon And I. As I Stared At La Fon, My Love, Not Knowing Just What To Say… He Spoke These Words… “I Will Always Wait For You…” As He Stepped Slowly Backwards Into The Shadows…”

“And I Was Alone Again…”



The Second Vampire drove his grey Porsche into a lot where there was an abandoned building.

He got out of his car, and stepped inside.

Meanwhile Arram and Roy Milon had thrown her Dark Blue Mustang into neutral, dowsed the car lights, and rolled up along the side of the road near the abandoned building.

“I don’t like this” says Roy.

“Why? Our Vampire’s probably in there? We can finally put an end to this, and I can go home…” replies Arram as she gets out of the car, and opens the trunk.

She once again pulls out her Crossbow, but this time brings Arrows, or Crossbow Bolts rather, that have containers on the tips full of Holy Water.

She shuts the trunk, and starts to move towards the building, with Roy right behind her, as he loads bullets which also have Holy Water in them into his sawed off shotguns.

“Yeah, but doesn’t all of this seem a bit… Oh, I don’t know… Convenient? he asks.

With this Arram comes to a sudden halt, and looks at him.

“Probably… Now lets do this” she replies, and they both enter a side entrance into the building.

Inside it is absolutely pitch black…

Not a mouse stirring…

Not even a Rat.

They sepparate, Arram going left, and Roy right.

Arram is extremely light footed, and doesn’t make a sound.

Meanwhile, Roy, though a large muscular guy, is also pretty quiet.

The oh too familiar Coldness Fills the air…

“So You’re The One That’s Been Pestering La Fon…” a voice comes from the darkness, and two dark blue glowing eyes start to come towards Arram.

“La Fon?” Arram replies in disbelief, as she quickly raises her Crossbow up to shoot…

But not quick enough as the Vampire knocks it from her hands with lightning speed, shattering it into pieces before it even hits the ground.

She can see him now, it’s the Vampire with the 1800’s looking mustache.

“Allow Me To Introduce Myself… I Am Thomas” he speaks.

What Thomas lacks in looks, he certainly makes up for in charm.

Meanwhile Roy sees Thomas, and is about to shoot, when…

“I Wouldn’t Do That If I Were You” La Fon’s comes from behind him… But before he can turn around and shoot…

“RUN ARRAM!!” he yells, and then is whacked across the room some 30 to 40 feet, landing against a bunch of old office desks.


“ROYYY!!” Arram yells, and runs by Thomas, and kneels down by Roy’s side…

He is barely conscious.

“They set us up…” Roy says, before going unconscious.

The two Vampires now stand about ten feet away from Arram.

She swallows deeply, then stands to face them.

“Just $#$@#’ing Kill Me Already!!” she says with conviction.

This impresses Thomas.

“Take Him Out Back…” La Fon says to Thomas, and in a flash of light, he grabs Roy’s unconscious body, and dissapears with him out a back window.


“NOO!!” Arram yells.

“It’s Alright Daisy Arram… We Won’t Kill Him…” speaks La Fon as he slowly circles her.

Nervous, and frankly scared to death, Arram throws her blue hair back into a ponytail, as it had fallen down.

“Not yet” he finishes.



Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

Part Thirteen – Thomas

Allure… Thomas

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Allure… Thomas

“My Eyes Still Shut, I Could Feel That He Was Waiting For Me To Open Them… “I Can Wait All Night” he spoke. And So I Finally Opened My Eyes And Sat Straight Up In My Bed… Holding The Blankets Tightly Against My Chest… There He Was Sitting In A Chair Near My Window… White Hair To His Shoulders, And Those Glowing Green Eyes… “I Am Vincent” He Spoke. “What Do You Want?” I Replied… And Then He Stood “Tsk Tsk… Where Are Your Manners…” He Replied, And Started Towards My Bed… My Breath And Heart Quickened, And That’s When I Realized The Room Had Grown Deathly Cold… Colder Than It Ever Was Sleeping With La Fon… Almost As If… “You Shouldn’t Have Come Here Vincent…” It Was La Fon… Suddenly He Appeared Behind Vincent, His Red Eyes Glowing, I Trembled With The Site Of Him… Vincent In Turn Froze, But Did Not Turn To Face Him… “Come Now La Fon… I Wouldn’t Have Hurt Your Precise Elizabeth…” Vincent Then Cast A Wicked Grin, His Eyes Glowing Greener… “Although Her Neck Is Quite Appetizing…” With This La Fon Grabbed Vincent By The Throat And Pinned Him Up Against The Wall, His Feet Dangling Above The Ground… “VSSSPP!!” Vincent Cried Out. “You Really Shouldn’t Have Come Here Vincent” La Fon Repeated.



Roy Milon, Arram and Seth are all at a table… Roy starts to stand to approach the brown haired Vampire with the 1800’s style mustache… But Arram grabs his arm.

“No…” she speaks, her eyes wide.

“He’s looking for him…” she explains.

“Looking for who?” questions Seth.

“Our Vampire… The second Vampire has come here looking for him…” she finishes.

Roy sits back down.

“How do you know all of this Arram?” Roy questions her.

She lets go of his arm “I don’t know… I just do” she explains, never taking her eyes off the Vampire.

Roy nods.

“Ok then… What’s our play?” he asks.

“He will search for our Vampire… And we’ll follow him to him” she explains.

“And face two of them??” exclaims Seth in fear.

Roy cracks a smile, kicks up his boots on the table, and lights a cigar “Now yer talken…”

“You two are crazy… I’m not following a second Vampire to our first Vampire… That’s suicide… This is where I draw the line” exclaims Seth, as he draws an imaginary line on the table using a french fry.

“Good idea Seth… Just Roy and I will go… That way if we disappear, you can contact my uncle” with this she picks up Seth’s cell phone, and enters in her Uncle Tom’s number “and tell him what’s happened.”

“Now wait a minute–” Seth starts to say, but Arram interrupts him.

“He’s leaving, we have to do this now” she interjects.

The Vampire pays his bill, and leaves the coffee shop… Roy and Arram get up and head for the entrance as well.

“Arram… Wait” Seth says in a loud whisper.

Arram turns back towards Seth while putting her blue hair into a ponytail “Trust me Seth… We’ll be in touch”

The Porsche drives off, and Arram and Roy get in her Mustang and follow it.

Seth scratches his head, then is about to get up and pay the bill, when…

“Hello there” there’s a thin man in his 40’s, wearing a white suit blocking him from getting up.

Seth stairs up at him “Uh… May I help you?”

“Oh I think so…” the man says, then steps back… Two large men in black suits and black sunglasses step in and grab Seth, dragging him out of the restaurant, and toss him into the back of a black sedan.


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt



Allure… The Hunt

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Allure… The Hunt

“I Found An Old, Reclusive Cabin To Stay In For A While In The State Of Virginia, In The Americas… Perhaps It Was Just A Pipe Dream To Think That La Fon Would Just Let Me Go… But In The End, After Three Months Of Fleeing, It Wasn’t He That Came For Me At All… It Was The White Haired Vampire With The Glowing Green Eyes…

“Hello Elizabeth…” He Spoke To Me In The Dark As I Slept… I Was Afraid To Open My Eyes, Knowing That His Green Eyes Were Upon Me, And Would Be All That I Saw…


Uncle Tom prepares to depart, as Zorin packs his things in the Old Rolls Royce.

Arram is sad, and plays with her Blue Pigtails out of sadness.

“I shall miss you Uncle…” she says, and gives her Uncle a big hug.

“And I you my dear…” he replies and looks at Roy who is nearby, but not too close.

“But You’re in Good Hands I think…” Uncle Tom finishes, then gets into his car.

“I shall see you again soon my dear…” he says as the car drives off.

“Ok… Now what?” asks Seth who looks like he didn’t get enough sleep.



“Well… Like I say… Summer is coming, which means he won’t be able to just stock the high schools…” Arram explains.

“The question is, why didn’t he just kill me… He could have last night” speaks Roy from the back of the car.

He then leans up against the back of the front seat, and notes the “Vampire’s Lust” book again on Arram’s bench seat.

“You know, you really don’t strike me as the type that would read an “Erotic Vampire” book, if you don’t mind me sayen…” Roy says, and Arram quickly tucks it into her purse.

“Yeah… Well… Shows you how much you know about me… Right?” she replies nervously.

Roy looks frustrated… “Ok… You know what… Pull this car over…” he says suddenly.

“What??” Arram is surprised.

“Pull it over” Roy repeats himself, and so Arram pulls off the next off ramp, and into a coffee shop parking lot.

Roy gets his stuff, and gets out of the car.

Arram follows, grabbing onto his arm “Roy? Where are you going??” she says with concern.

“You know what little one… With as much as you, and your “Uncle Creepy” are willing to tell me about what’s going on, I figure I’m better off hunting this guy by myself…” he says, pulling his arm away from her.

Seth jumps out of the car “What’s going on?”

“My Uncle isn’t Creepy…” Arram says most unconvincingly, then looks over at Seth.

“Is he?” she ask Seth, who basically shakes his head yes, confirming that he is a bit creepy.

“I’m out of here…” Roy starts to step away.

“IT’S MY MOM’S BOOK!” Arram calls out to Roy as he walks away.

He stops, then looks at her.



The three of them are eating Cheeseburgers, this time Arram has a Chocolate shake.

“So your Mom wrote Vampire Romance Novels? Don’t you find that a bit coincidental?” Roy asks as he dips some fries into some Ranch Dressing.

“Well… I guess… I don’t know” Arram replies.

“Yes, it is definitely a strange coincidence” Seth confirms.

“And what does your Uncle have to say about it?” Roy asks.

“Well… I kind of snatched this book from his house… I don’t think he knows, that I know that My Mom Wrote them” she explains.

“Uh, huh…” Roy replies.

“Well it’s damn odd” he continues.

“Wow, will you look at that guy…” Seth points at a man getting out of a grey Porsche in the parking lot, who has a 1800’s looking brown barbershop mustache, and heads into the Coffee Shop.

“That dude looks like something right out of the past…” Seth continues.

The man gets a table, and Arram can’t take her eyes off him.

Roy notices Arram’s reaction.

“What is it Arram?” he asks.

“That guys not human…” she says to their shock.


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded



Allure… The Wounded

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Allure… The Wounded

“You Must Hunt Her Down La Fon… She Shall Pay For Humiliating You…” Speaks The White Haired Vampire.

“No… She Will Come Back To Me… Of That I Am Sure…” La Fon Replies.

“She Mustered Up The Courage To Leave You… Knowing Full Well It Would Likely Be The End Of Her… What Makes You Think She Will Come Back To You…” Interjects The Vampire In The Top Hat…

“It Was Never Me That Stalked Her… No… It Was She That Found Me…” Replies La Fon As He Disappears Into His Chambers.

His Vampire Comrades Look At One Another… “I Shall Find Her” Speaks The White Haired One, His Green Eyes Glowing Fiercely…


Arram is sitting by Her Uncle Tom, eating a plate of spaghetti… Seth is talking to Zorin, and eating pizza…

Roy Millon is sitting on the other side of Arram.

Suddenly she stands, and puts her blue hair into a ponytail “I’ll be right back…” she steps away to the restroom.

Roy just stares at his large steak… But he finds he’s not hungry.

He looks up to see Uncle Tom staring at him.

“So you finance your niece to slay Vampires? If you don’t mind me asking” speaks Roy.

Uncle Tom leans forward “Oh but I do mind you asking…” he replies without breaking his gaze.

“Of course you do…” Roy replies, then stands.

Arram returns “Where are you going Roy?” she asks as he starts to walk away from the table.

“I’m going to go see if our friend is out there hunting…” he states, then disappears.

Arram’s gaze follows him, but she quickly sits back by her Uncle.

“He’s an interesting man…” Uncle Tom says.

“Uh… Yeah… I guess” Arram replies, and takes another bite of her spaghetti, swirling the noodles around her fork, then sucking them down.

“NO! NO YOUNG SIR!!” Zorin suddenly yells, and Arram and Uncle Tom both look over and see Seth trying to take Zorin’s turban.

Seth and Zorin both look at Uncle Tom and Arram.

“I wanted to try it on?” speaks Seth… Arram smiles.


There is a High School dance, and many students are outside sneaking drinks, and smokes, and chattering.

One blond girl in particular seems a bit down.

“What’s wrong Shelly?” her friends asks.

“Oh… I just thought it would be easier than this coming to the dance alone… But–” she starts to say as she plays with a small branch that has fallen from the tree behind them, but her friend interjects.

“He’s the one that cheated on you Shelly… He’s not worth your time… You’re so pretty… And Smart… You’ll meet better… Maybe this Summer?” her friend says encouraging.

“Yeah… I guess…” Shelly replies.

“Come on, lets go back in…” her friend suggests.

“Nah… I think I’m goina head home…” Shelly replies.

“Ok then, let me just get my purse from our table and I’ll take you…” her friends replies.

“No Karen, that’s alright, I’ll walk… I could use the walk anyway” Shelly says as she starts to wander off.

“Ok? If you say so…” Karen replies, then heads back into the dance.



Shelly makes her way down the sidewalk, holding her breath between each lamppost…

“Why am I so nervous tonight… I walk this way all the time…” she thinks to herself, making sure not to step on the lines on the sidewalk.

Suddenly an unusual cool air sweeps over her, and the whole area… And each time she passes a lamppost, the light pops and breaks…


She notes it, but starts to sing to herself, and rubs her arms to keep warm… But it’s not working.


“Ok… This is just weird…” she thinks to herself.

POP!” the third time it happens, she jumps inadvertently.

“Jesus!” she says out loud.

“I remember him…” a voice suddenly comes from behind her, but she starts walking faster.


“He was a good man…” the voice continues, as if it’s right behind her, though she is walking much faster now.

She starts to run…

And sweat slightly, as her heart’s pace quickens…

She runs around a corner… And he’s there.

Standing in the middle of the sidewalk, picking petals off a flower.

She stops, breathing quickly “Hello…” she says without thinking.

He looks up.

It’s too bad…” he says.

“What’s too bad?” she asks, not knowing what else to do.

“Flowers… Their lives are so short” with this he tosses the flower stem away and starts to move towards her…

She can not move… Paralyzed by his gaze… And deep… Brown eyes.

VROOMMM!” suddenly Arram’s Mustang comes around the corner, and pulls up alongside the two of them.

Roy is driving it…

“Need a lift little lady?” he asks Shelly, but is looking at the Dark Haired man.

“I… Uh…” the girl replies, unable to move.

The Vampire releases his gaze… And suddenly she can move, and jumps in the passenger side of the car.

“Sure… Thanks…” she says so very relieved.

“So if you’re taking her home… Who will watch over Arram…” speaks the Vampire.

Roy just stares at him “I do believe Uncle Tom will handle that, thanks for asking…”

He didn’t do so well last time… The Vampire says.


Suddenly the light by the car goes out, and before Roy can drive off, the Vampire is at the side of the car, his hand around Roy’s throat.

“GLECHH!” Roy gasps as he tries his best to remove the Vampire’s hand, to no avail.

“Never… Interuppt… My Feeding” he tightens the grip, Roy starts to go unconscious…




Roy is being shaken by Shelly…

“Sir… Sir… Are you alright??” she says.

Roy leaps out of the Mustang, and draws both sawed off shotguns.

“I think he’s gone…” Shelly says.

Roy is freaked out for a moment, but then gets back into the car…

“Boy I wish you were right…” he says.

VROOMMM SCREETCH!!” and drives off.


PICTURE CREDIT – Sign Up Vampire Knight

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Twelve – The Hunt



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Allure… Too Late

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Allure… Too Late

“The Train Left The Station Sometime After Midnight… It Was Near Empty As I Sat Alone Peering Out The Window Into The Darkness… With The Full Moon Blaring, I Could See His Castle High Upon His Families Estate… There Was No Turning Back… No… It Was Too Late For That…”



Arram sits her Mother’s Book down, as Seth is Driving… She peers out her window, the wind blows through her blue hair, as the roof is down on her Convertible Mustang…

Seth is Blaring Music on the Radio, well Roy sits in the back, sharpening his over sharpened hunting knife…

Roy leans forward, and sees the book “Vampire’s Lust” sitting on the front bench seat, between Seth and Arram.

“Whatcha readen there…” he asks.

Arram grabs the book, and stuffs it in her bag… Seth turns down the radio, and is about to reply, but Arram quickly changes the channel on the radio, and turns it up…

“Music!” she says playfully, and starts dancing in her seat…

“KATY PERRY? REALLY??” says Seth loudly over the music.

Roy shakes his head, leans back in the seat, and goes back to over sharpening his knife.

The car cruises down the coastline…

As they enter a Northern Beach town, and Seth has turned down the music, Roy leans forward again.

“How do you know he’s heading this way?” Roy asks.

“I just do…” replies Arram, as she puts her hair up into a ponytail.

Seth looks at Roy “Nice, right?”

Roy sits back in his seat.

As they enter the town, Arram notices the local High School down the road to the right.

“Head over there…” she says and points towards the school.

Seth takes a right and slowly drives by it.

“This is where he’ll come…” states Arram morosely.

“He likes em young, eh?” Roy replies as he scopes the surrounding buildings.

“Easy pickings…” interjects Seth.

“And seventy five percent of them walk home…” adds Roy.

“Younger people are trusting…” adds Arram.

Seth and Roy both look at Arram.

“What? It’s true… Life hasn’t worn them down…” she continues.

They both keep looking at her.

“Or so I hear…” she finishes, now uneasy from them staring at her.

“There’s a Hotel…” Arram points up ahead.

“Right next to “Ed’s Buns”… A Burger Joint, nice” adds Seth

Arram looks back at Roy “We’re going to go get–” she starts to say, but Roy interrupts.

“Cheese Burgers and Shakes, gotcha… I’ll catch up with you…” Roy interjects.

Arram nods.

They pull into the parking lot, and Seth and Arram go to the restaurant.

Meanwhile Roy makes his way over towards the school


Roy walks around the perimeter of the school, noting nearby trees, and shadowy places where a Vampire might be waiting… Watching.



Roy arrives, and sits next to  Seth with a smile.

Seth is mildly annoyed, as Roy is huge, and takes up most of their side of the bench seating.

But he continues happily dipping french fries in his chocolate shake.

Arram once again has a Strawberry Shake, for the third day in a row.

“I thought you liked variety?” asks Roy.

“How do you know I like variety?” she replies.

“I just know” he says with a smile, and lights a cigar.

Arram takes the cigar out of his hand, and dips it in the Coke she got him.

“You can’t smoke in here…” she says.

Roy notices there’s also an extra burger and fries, and starts to eat the burger without the bun.

Seth gives him a weird look.

“It will be Summer soon…” Arram suddenly says.

Both of them look up at her from their food.

“He’ll have to change his feeding habits… The kids won’t be in school…” she continues.

“Which means he’ll be harder to track…” replies Roy with a pensive look.

The waitress arrives, one look at Roy and “Wow…” she says without thinking.

“You are a big fellow…” the waitress continues.

Suddenly she has the coke with the cigar held up  at her “Could you get him a refill please, this one has a cigar in it” speaks Arram.

“Sure dear… No problem” replies the waitress, taking one more look at Roy, who winks at her.

This does not amuse Arram.

“Either of you guys no anyone who owns an Older Like Rolls Royce…” Roy suddenly states as he glares out into the parking lot.

Arram looks at Roy.

“Cuz one just pulled in to the parking lot, and there’s like a seven foot Indian driver wearing a turban that’s heading this way, looking in at yah…” Roy finishes.

Suddenly Arram jumps out of her seat with a huge smile…

“ZORIN!!” she says loudly, runs outside, and jumps into his arms.


“Zorin! Is Uncle Tom with you??” she looks over at the Old Rolls Royce, and sees her Uncle Tom get out of the back seat, with his white ivory cane.

She runs over “Uncle Tom!” and gives him a big hug.

Meanwhile Roy and Seth had made their way out into the parking lot.

Zorin gives Roy an unpleasant look as he passes by.

Roy just looks up at him and half smiles.

“Hello my Daisy Arram…” speaks Uncle Tom, who has dark brown hair, with some grey… And a sharply cut beard.

“Daisy?” says Roy to Seth.

“Don’t ask” Seth replies.

Meanwhile in the Shadows across the street… Red Eyes Watch…


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

Allure… The Escape

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Allure… The Escape

“Two of La Fon’s Long Time Friends… And When I Say Long Time, I Mean Hundreds Of Years… Arrived To See Him… Perhaps To Seek His Counsel… For He Was Very Wise… Not Rash Like The Others Of His Kind… But He Did Not Let Them Too Close To Me, No, I Merely Wore My Best Blue Dress, And Waved Down At Them As The Three Of Them Stood At The Bottom Of The Stairs… One Of Them Wore A Top Hat, And Spoke Perfect English… It Seemed He Preferred To Blend In With Humans… He Paid Me No Mind… But The Other… The Other I Can Not Forget… The Mere Thought Of Him Gives Me The Chills… His Silver, White Hair, Down To His Shoulders… And He Did Not Try To Hide What He Was… No… Not For A Moment… I Can Still See His Glowing Green Eyes Glaring Up At Me, When I Close My Own… And His Claw Like Hand, With The Black Stoned Ring, Which He Clutched The Stair Banister With…

Tonight They Would Feed Together… The Three Of Them… Like Old Times I Suspect…

La Fon Said That They’d Likely Be Gone For Several Days… For They Travel Far, And Wide… Making Their Rounds To Some Of Their Favorite Places In The World.

This Is When I Would Make My Escape… I Only Hope That It’s Enough Time.


Arram lays in her bed, holding her mother’s book, “Vampire’s Lust”… She sits it down after reading it out loud to Seth, who is on the other bed, which is closer to the T.V.

Arram catches her breath.

“My Mother was a Romantic…” she says with doe eyes.

Seth turns and looks at her “Are you crazy… That’s not romantic, she’s going to totally ditch the guy, without even saying goodbye”, he then looks back at the T.V., whilst finishing a small carton of ice cream.

“So now you’re rooting for the Vampire?” she asks.

Seth turns back and looks at her… Is silent for a moment… “Yeah” he replies, and then goes back to watching the T.V.

Arram wearing her pink and blue, duck covered flannel pajamas, and big Sylvestor The Cat Slippers, walks over to the window, and peers out into the night.

“The three of us finally reached a very small northern town… And everything inside me said he was near…”

“Roy Millon secured us two rooms, one for Seth and I, as these days, neither of us could sleep very well alone… Two double beds as usual…”

“And Roy got his own room… Though somehow I wondered if he ever truly slept…”

“He insisted on paying for our rooms, though I have my own money… But it doesn’t seem like an act of generosity, as much as it seemed like an act of a man who doesn’t think he’s going to be around long enough to spend what he has…”

“Roy has the look of some barbaric hunter who would not rest until his prey was dead…”

“And this time, his prey, was our Vampire.”


“When we arrived in town this afternoon, Seth and I, as per usual, headed to the local burger and shake joint…”

“I sent Seth in with my order of a Cheese Burger, Curly Fries, and a Strawberry Milk Shake…”

“I liked to rotate flavors, it kept things interesting, to a degree…”

“Meanwhile I headed to a phone booth to call my uncle Tom, something he suggested over me using my cell phone to call him…”


Uncle Tom sits in a dark room, with a fire… Smoking a pipe, with his cane leaned up against his lavish easy chair.

RING” Uncle Tom’s phone rings, and he picks up.

“Hello Daisy… I mean Arram… Sorry about that.”

“I will make a deposit for you today… No problem.”

“What??” with this Tom stands, almost losing his balance, he reaches for his cane to regain balance.

“What Hunter is this??” he speaks as he walks over to his living room window, and opens the dark curtains… Letting in a great deal of sunlight, he flinches from it for a moment, then adjusts.

“Anyone else you bring into this, will only be in danger Arram…”

“Saved your life?”

“Brought himself into it eh…”

“Very well… But I want you to start calling me more frequently now…”

“No… For now on, call me on my cell phone… I will be traveling for a while…”

He hangs up his phone.

“Time I intervened…”

Uncle Tom walks with cane over to an elaborate chest, and opens it with a Large, Old looking Skeleton Key from around his neck.

CREEE” is the sound it makes as it opens…

Within it, there all manner of weapons and strange objects…

Three Large Crossbows, old in nature… Three or more Silver Sabres… Several Vials of some form of liquid, which he holds up in the light… Also, several small mirrors, and many, many unrecognizable objects.

“ZORIN!!” he yells, and a 7 Foot man, with dark skin, and a turban enters the room.

“Yes my Lord…” the man replies in a deep, middle eastern, calm voice.

“Load the Old Rolls Royce… We’re going on a trip” Uncle Tom demands.

“Yes My Liege…” the man responds, and slightly bows.

Uncle Tom then smacks the chest with his cane “And bring this thing with us… Just throw it in the trunk” he finishes.


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt



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Allure… Wolf, Man… Vampire

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Allure… Wolf, Man… Vampire

by DarkJade

“As We Lay There In The Night, Within His Large, Dark Canopy Bed… His Arms Wrapped Tightly Around Me… I Could Feel His Cool Breath Against The Back Of My Neck… And I Knew… Yes I Knew… I Could Not Stay”



Roy Milon stands, both Sawed Off Shot Guns Pulled, with some 8 or so Zombies Exiting the Graves… And The Wolf had ran off.

“Alright Then… If It’s a Fight You Want… It’s A Fight You’ll Get” he speaks more to himself, then the Zombies.




He lets off several shots, knocking some limbs off the Zombies, but of course they kept comen… As Zombies do.

When Suddenly the Rumble of Arram’s Mustang could be heard from behind him, entering the graveyard…


The Roof is down, Arram is Driving, and Seth is in the Passenger Seat…

“GET IN!!” yells Arram to Roy, which he does after taking a few more shots…




He then leaps into the back of the Mustang, and they tear off!


“Oh, now there’s Zombies??!! Great” speaks Seth, as Roy gets himself situated in the back seat,

“Seen worse…” replies Roy with a half smile.

Roy then looks back at the graveyard only to see the Green Oozing Myst surrounding the graveyard dissipate, and the Zombies returning to their vacant graves.

“Creepy” Roy says under his breath, as he reloads his Shotguns…

Arram looks back at Roy in her rear view mirror…

Even dirty this guys still good looken…” she thinks to herself. I may only be 16, but I’m not dead.

“So Listen! We were thinken–” she starts to say back to Roy, but he cuts her off.

“I’m In!” he replies.

“Cool, so we’ll be like the “A Team” right?” says Seth looking at Arram who ignores him, then back at Roy…

“Uh… Sure kid” Roy replies.

“More like “Scooby and his Gang” Arram says under her breath, as the Mustang makes its way out of the Forest.


The Dark Man they’ve been following stands looking over the ocean, as the sea wind blows through him.

He wears is typical all black attire, with a dark purple vest.

“Your Daughter won’t just leave me be my love…”

His eyes swirl a black, red, and purple… Glowing.

“I’m afraid either she, or I, won’t make it out of this thing alive…”

“Well… I’m already not alive… But you get my drift…”



“So your Uncle sends you money? To fight Vampires??… A bit odd, don’t you think?” Roy says to Arram.

“Yes!” replies Seth.

“Shut up Seth!” Arram says, and slugs him in the arm.

“Yes… And no” Arram then replies to Roy.

“He doesn’t “Send” me money… He deposit it into My Account…” she explains.

“And it comes from my inheritance from My Mother… He’s The Trustee of My Mother’s Estate” she explains, a bit awkwardly, as she’s only 16.

“So Your Mom Had Money!!??” Seth blurts out.

“Well… No… Not exactly… I don’t know, I’m just a kid…” Arram replies.

She then lets down her blue hair, and looks in the mirror again at Roy who is casting his gaze out the window.

She quickly looks away.

“Barely…” Roy replies without looking away from the view.

“Hey! Keep your Creepy!! Late Twenties!! Eyes To Yourself There Conan!!” Seth lets out at Roy, who just smiles back at him…

“Conan… I like that” Roy replies…

Arram smiles to herself.

The Mustang Tears down the Road…




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Allure… Guests With No Breath

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Allure… Guest With No Breath

by DarkJade

“La Fon Would Not Return For Hours… From His Bedroom Window, I Could See The Village On Fire…He Was Right… They Would Rue The Day”



Arram and Seth sit perfectly still inside the bathroom stall… Listening… For anything… (Check Out Part VI if you haven’t) As the oh too familiar chill fills the room.

“You really should have listened to me Daisy Arram…” the chilling voice of the man from “Hillside Manner” (Part I) could suddenly be heard by both Arram and Seth.

Arram and Seth both start to sweat, and breath more rapidly.

“Then at least your Friend could have lived…” the voice got closer, but they could not hear any footsteps, as the light in the darkened restroom flickered on, then off once more.

Seth looked at Arram and gulped.

That’s when Arram bursted out of the bathroom stall, and faced towards the doorway, the direction the voice seemed to be coming from. But there was no one there.

“Really too bad…” the voice came from behind her like a whisper, and she turned to face the red glowing eyes of the dark haired man, she had drempt about since the night she first confronted him.

“Please–” she started to say, but the man pushed lightly against her chest, and she flew across the room, sliding into the wall by the entrance…


The man than turned his attention towards seth and grinned maliciously.

BOOMMM!!!” suddenly a shot was fired hitting the the man in his left arm, causing it to burn like acid.

“AHSSSSSSIIISSS” he hissed and looked at the doorway where Ray Millon’s (Part IV) large form filled the doorway.

He’s holding both of his Shotguns, and lights a Cigar.

“You wanta take this outside fella…” his deep barreling voice fills the room.

The Dark Haired man looks at Seth, and then Arram, who is sitting against the wall, rubbing one of her arms.

Suddenly with a swing of his left arm, the Dark Haired man knocks a hole large enough to go through in the wall to his left…

CRACKOOOMM!!” and disappears through the hole.

Roy Millon kneels down to Arram “You alright little one?”

She nods.

“Alright” he says and then exits the restroom in a hurry, re cocking the shotgun that he had fired.

Seth comes out of the stall, and is quickly by Arram’s side.

“Maybe we should bring him with us…” Arram speaks to Seth, who nods and smiles slightly.

“Might be a good idea” Seth replies.


Roy Millon tears through the forest attempting to track the Dark Haired man.

Suddenly he sees  paw prints that lead into a nearby Cemetery.

He kneels and looks at the tracks “A Wolf…” he speaks out loud.

Roy stands up strait and at the end of the Cemetery he sees a black wolf with red glowing eyes.

An oozing Green Mist starts to surround the Cemetery as Roy steps into it.

The Wolf just stares at Roy, flaring his sharpened fangs, with a barely audible growl.

Roy squints at the Wolf, as if trying to figure out what he’s up to.

Suddenly hands start to come out of the graves… Undead hands, from one’s long dead…

“Uh oh…” Roy speaks under his breath.

And the Wolf Tears away…


PICTURE CREDIT – Zombies At The Post Office

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Allure… Cold Night

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Allure… Cold Night

by DarkJade

“La Fon Had Returned… All Was Right In The World… Soon We Would Gain Access Onto A Great Wind Ship… Which Lead Us To His Family Home… Or Should I Say Castle, Which Sat High Atop A Rocky Mountainside Overlooking The Near By Village… As We Stood By His Great Bedroom Window, Gazing Over His Ancestor’s Vast Landscape, His Arms Tightly Around Me… I Almost Caught A Smile Cross His Otherwise Serious Visage… But It Did Not Last Long, As Some Hundred Or So Torches Suddenly Rose Like A Sea Of Fire From The Village Below…“They’re Coming For Me” He Spoke… And In A Flash, He Disappeared Into The Night Below… “They Shall Rue The Day They Entered Our Valley” Were The Last Words I Heard Him Say…”

Arram sat down her Mother’s Book as she sat in the passanger seat of her old blue Mustang, letting Seth drive… They drove up the windy road leading to the Great Northern Forest beyond… Arram’s Bright Blue Hair was down, out of the constraining ponytail that she usually kept it in, and the top of Her Old Dark Blue Mustang pulled open… The wind was blowing through their hair, on what ended up being a lovely day.

“Sooo… I saw that Roy Millon Hunter Dude come out of the front desk office at the Hotel right before you did…” spoke Seth, hoping for some insight as to what kind of conversation might have occurred between the man, and Arram.

“And…” she disinterestedly replied, while sticking her head out the side of the car, in order to get even more wind through her hair… Her eyes now closed.

“Well… Did you two speak?” inquired Seth.

“A bit… Yes” she replied.

“Well… What did he say?” he questioned, now starting to get annoyed with Arram’s lack of sharing what happened.

With this she opened her eyes and looked at Seth “He said you and I were both going to die”.

Suddenly Seth swerved the car a bit, almost driving off the road.

“SETH!!” yelled Arram, as she braced both of her arms against the dashboard.

“Sorry… Sorry… WE’RE BOTH GOING TO DIE??!!” he  then yelled at Arram, looking over at her.

She shrugged.

“Ha… Great… Very encouraging” replied Seth.

Soon they entered an area that would lead them deep into the Northern Forest, and the sun suddenly disappeared from sight from all the covering trees.

“Arram… How can you possibly know that he came this way?” inquires Seth.

Meanwhile Arram is throwing her hair into a ponytail once more “I just know…” she replies.

“Pull in over there” suddenly Arram says to Seth, pointing at a restroom building, which also has a couple vending machines.

They pull in, Seth turns off the engine, and tosses Arram the keys.

“I’m getting us some snacks” he says as he leaps out of the vehicle, without even opening the door.

Meanwhile Arram gets out of the car, and pulls the White Top back over the car.

Suddenly she freezes… And casts her gaze slowly behind her.

There is nothing but dark forest, and it’s getting darker all the time.

She makes her way over to the vending machines where Seth is kicking the soda machine.

“COME ON MAN!! I GAVE YOU A BUCK” he yells at the machine.

“I’m going to go change, then lets get out of here, ok Seth” she says her voice shaking slightly, as she enters the restroom.

“Ok?” he says, noticing her sudden mood change.

CLUNK!” the Dr. Pepper drops out of the machine.

“There yah go… Now yer talken” he grabs it, and starts to pour quarters into the snack machine.

Inside the bathroom, Arram isn’t able to get the light to go on.

“Great…” she says, as she gulps, and makes her way slowly down to the last stall, which is the only one that has an open door.

She jumps in front of it, in a Judo Position “YAH!!”.

There’s no one there… And, she doesn’t know Judo.

As she goes into the stall, and pulls off her sweater, the lights suddenly flicker just once or twice… And the room starts to feel cold.

She stands in the stall, in blue jeans, and just a bra.

“Seth?” she says, but there is no answer.

Suddenly the stall door bursts open, it’s Seth, he jumps in, and shuts the door.

“SETH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!” she yells, he turns and puts his hand over her mouth.

“I think he’s here…” he says.


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Allure… Tall… Light… And Armed

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Allure… Tall… Light… And Armed

by DarkJade

“La Fon Stands Atop The Great Peaks Overlooking The Caspian Sea… His Short Black Hair, And Long Black Cape, Both Swaying To The Ocean’s Wind… He’d Been Away From His Love For Weeks Now… “She Must Be Feeling So Desperate Right Now… But No Less Desperate Than Me… Perhaps I should Throw Myself Down Upon The Rocks Below… And Let The Great Sea Crush Me… If Only That Was Possible… No, My Immortal Bones Would Simply Force Me To Lay Back And Feel The Pain… With No End In Sight… No… I Must Return To Her…”



Arram sets down her Mother’s Novel, and looks deeply in to a perfectly clear glass of water sitting on the end table by her bed.

Meanwhile Seth is watching some really bad T.V., but breaks away and looks over at Arram.

“How long do you figure we’ll stay here Arram…” he says, but she does not wake from her trance… Not yet.

She looks deeper and deeper into the water… Its stillness… Its… Pureness.

“Arram?” Seth repeats, this time sitting up.

Arram looks at him in a snap, her eyes glaring right through him.

“I don’t know… How long do you think that Huge Dude is going to sit out on that Garbage Bin, in the Rain…” she speaks as her left hand points towards the draped window.


Ray Millon, the Large Barbarian of a Man that they had met earlier that day… At the site of the “Beheaded” Government Agent’s Body… Sits atop a giant garbage bin in the parking lot, sharpening an enormous hunting knife… While the pouring rain strikes, and reflects off his muscular chest, which is barely covered by his torn up, white tank top.

Every now and again, he glances in the direction of Arram and Seth’s Hotel Room, and then goes back to “Over” Sharpening his Knife.

“I’m going to sleep” Arram says, almost snapping at Seth.

“Ok…” Seth replies, and goes back to watching terrible T.V.



Arram and Seth, their things packed, exit the Hotel Room.

They both notice right off that The Man is no longer on the garbage bin.

“Warm up the car” she tosses Seth the keys to her Mustang “I’ll go settle the bill…”.

“Will do” Seth replies, and gets into the drivers side.

Arram enters the Front Office of the Hotel, only to see Roy Millon, the man from the garbage bin, sitting at an extremely small table, eating a very Pink Doughnut. He’s once again wearing his huge animal fur made coat, Shotguns strapped onto his back.

She tries to avoid his glance, but is too late, he sees her come in, and stands.

She approaches the Front Desk, whilst tying her Bright Blue Hair into a Ponytail.

“I already covered your room…” she hears the man’s deep, barreling voice come from behind her.

She turns slowly around to face him, her face only reaching the middle of his chest.

She taps his chest “Listen…” tap “I” tap “Don’t” tap “Know” tap “Who” tap “You–” this time he grabs her hand.

“I don’t care if you are a Teenager, that’s as annoying as hell” he gives her back her hand, and starts to leave the office.

“You need me girl… You and your friend are both goina die…” he states as he exits the office, without looking back at her.

She looks at the glass door which closed behind him… Zoning in on the Clearness of the Glass…

“So Pure… So Simple… So Free.”



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