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Allure… Uncle Tom

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Allure… Uncle Tom

by DarkJade-

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

“Something seemed Strange about La Fon today… As if he knew… This couldn’t last.”

Arram stands in a phone booth, reading her “Vampire’s Lust” Romance Novel, as the phone rings on the other end.

“Yeah… Uncle Tom??” she sits the book down in the phone booth.

“Uh huh… Uh huh… Yeah… I’m fine… I–” she tries to speak but Uncle Tom fills her ear.

“Sure… Yeah… $300 is fine… Yeah… Yeah… Ok… Thank you Uncle Tom” she’s about to hang up, but continues to speak.

“Oh and Uncle Tom? You were right about bringing the Crossbow… Uh huh… Ok” she hangs up.

Meanwhile Seth is sprawled out in the back seat of Arram’s Mustang, his feet sticking out the window, Ipod blaring, while playing a hand held video game.

“Do you really have to sit your feet on my window sill?” Arram says in her “annoyed” tone, as she gets into the car and starts the engine.

VROOOM!!” though the car looks run down, its engine purrs.

They make their way down the road, Arram seems lost in thought.

“SHOOT!!” she suddenly hits the breaks…


Seth slides off the back seat, and on to the back seat floor.

“WHAT THE HELL ARRAM!!??” he yells.

Meanwhile Arram swings the car around and drives back to the phone booth

“I totally forgot my book!!” she explains in panic.

As she approaches, she can see that it’s still inside the phone booth.

“So what?? What is it with you and that trashy book??!!” Seth says.

She pulls up to the phone booth, gets out, grabs the book, and gets back in the car.

SLAM” goes the door.

“This isn’t just a trashy Vampire Romance Book…” she steps on the gas, as Seth is climbing up to the front seat of the car.


“This is a Trashy Vampire Book that My Mom Wrote!!” she explains.

With this Seth looks at the Author Page of the book.

“Miranda Bloom??” he says.

“That’s a Ghost Name…” she replies.

“Ghost Name??” Seth looks at her confused, as they make their way North up the Expressway.

“You know… A fake name that Authors sometimes use, as opposed to using their real names” she explains.

“Oh… But this picture isn’t your Mom?” he holds up the book, and there’s an older woman in the picture.

“It’s a Ghost Photo” with this she grabs the book, and sits it back on the bench seat.

“I didn’t know your Mom was a Writer?” Seth explains.

“Yeah well…” she looks over at him “Neither did I”.


A couple hours north, they pull into a town, and she pulls up to a bank.

“I need to grab some cash out of my account, then we’ll get something to eat” she explains, jumps out of the car, and takes cash out with her bank card.

Meanwhile Seth peers around the town suspiciously, noticing how quiet it is.

Arram jumps back in “Ready?” she says, and Seth nods.


The two of them have Burgers, Fries, and Milk Shakes on the table as they feast away… Arram’s Shake is Strawberry, and Seth’s is Chocolate.

SLUUURPPP… SLUUURRPPP” Seth finishes his with a Slurp.

“That dude had claws Arram…” Seth suddenly says.

Arram looks at him, not really knowing what to say “I know.”

“And he was super strong… Like… Unnaturally” he continues, but Arram just kind of nods in agreement.

“And his eyes glowed red…” she finishes…

SLUUURPPP… SLUUURRPPP” she finishes her shake as well.

“Kinda like a Vampire… Or somethen” he replies.

She shakes her head… “Yeah… Kinda like a Vampire.”

Seth knows better than to continue the subject, so he switches it.

“This is a really quiet town Arram” Seth says, and with this Arram looks around the Diner, where there is basically one other person sitting at the counter, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee.

“You’re right…” she replies.

“Do you think he’s already here?” Seth asks.

Arram lets her Bright Blue Hair out of her Ponytail “I don’t know… Maybe”.

“Didn’t he say to stop following him?” Seth says nonchalantly as he dips three french fries into a great dollop of Ketchup.

“Seth… If you want to go home… Go home… I’m not stopping you” she says to him with a stern look.

He looks up at her “Nah… This is way too much fun.”

“HaHaHa” They both laugh.

Suddenly without even hearing him, the man who was at the counter stands at their table, cigarette in mouth, drinking away at his coffee… He’s maybe a 60 something year old, warn out dude.

“I recon you two are the reason that young, slick fellow is standing out in the parking lot looking in here?” the man says.

Arram and Seth look at one another not wanting to look out the window.

Finally Aram does…

And there’s a well dressed thirty something year old man in a very nice suit standing by Aram’s car, looking in at them, and waving for them to come outside.

“Phew!!” they both let out sighs of relief when they see that it isn’t… Him.



Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt


Allure… No Invitation Needed

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Allure… No Invitation Needed

by DarkJade

(Be Sure To Read Part 1 Here Allure)

“Where Are You Mother… Was I The Reason You Left… Wait… Don’t Answer That… I’m Not Sure I Could Deal With The Answer…”

Daisy Arram’s Diary Entry, 3 Days Earlier




Arram enters the Dark House, Crossbow Cocked, with Seth Shaking and Sweating right behind her…

The House is Completely Dark… Save for that one Light Upstairs which is casting a slight glow on the Stairway Up Ahead…

Arram Licks her Lips, as suddenly they’re extremely Dry… The kind of Dry that comes when You’re Potentially Breathing one of your last hand full of Breaths…

Arram looks back at Seth, and with a few hand gestures indicates that she’s going to go up the stairs.

Seth with, Obviously not in Agreement, shakes his head profusely…

Arram moves forward… Seth looks around and is basically freaking out…

Arram reaches the bottom of the stairs, and suddenly she feels a gust of wind from the door, as Seth books the hell out!

Leaving the door cracked like it was when the originally came in…

She then takes the Big Glob of Pink Bubble Gum out of her mouth, and sticks it on the Stair Banister…

…and starts to make her way up the stairs.

The Stairs Creek…


“Of course they Creek… This is My Life after all” Arram thinks to herself.

She continues…

As she makes her way towards the Second Floor, the Air Begins to feel Cool… Like it had earlier that night when the man passed before he entered the house…


“Ok, are you Friggen Kidding Me… Really???”

“Yes… Really…” an unnerving Male Voice comes from the Darkness up above her.

“Uh… This dude can read my mind?” she thinks to herself

And suddenly coming down the stairs slowly, is the Young Dark Haired Man… The One She’s Been Looking For… The One She’s Sure has been Killing High School Girls from Town to Town…

She steps backwards as he steps forward…


“Funny how the Stairs only Creek when I step on them” she thinks to herself.

“But that’s really not what’s Bothering me the most… I think that would be the Red Glowing Eyes” she thinks as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

The Young Man reaches shortly after… And when I say young, he’s maybe 28 years old, where she is only 16… So whose really the young one here.

And that’s when Seth Came running in the House carrying a Shovel over his Head and Screaming Something…

“DIEEEEE!!!!” and just as he’s about to strike the man, he turns and strikes Seth Right in the Middle of the Chest, sending him Flying all the way back and out of the House…


“SETTHH!!!!” Arram Screams, and in that moment the man Moves Like Light flying through the air outside the House, and landing on top of Seth just as he was about to try to stand.

The Man Holds up His Right Hand, which is now More of a Claw, with Long Sharp Nails… His Eyes Glowing Fiercely Red, and Sharply Fanged Mouth Open as if he’s about to Hiss… When

“Please” Arram speaks standing in the doorway of the House, the quietness of her Voice catching the Man’s Attention…

He turns to Face her…

She drops the Crossbow to the ground “Take me instead…” she finishes, her Eyes Filled with Such Sadness…

The man then stands, his Eyes Turning back to an Almost Black Brown…

“Stop Following me…” he says, and then it’s almost as if he vanishes.

She runs over to Seth…

“Oh My God!! Am I Still Alive!!??” Seth says, and Aramm smiles slightly.

“Yes… And you were so Brave…” she helps him up…

But then, almost as if by Instinct, Arram looks out into the Darkness Across the Road, where all she can see is The Mans Glowing Read Eyes.

“Stop Following Me Daisy Arram…” The Voice Enters Her Mind…


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt


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“She Could Feel His Breath Warmly Against Her Neck… She Gasped… He Took Her Hand… Her Lips Parted, But She Hardly Breathed…

“How Can You Read That #@#%!” Seth says, which Pulls Daisy Arram right back into Reality…



Seth Quarum, a 17 Year Old Young Man, with Spiky Blond Hair, and a White Denim Jacket, to match his White Levi Jeans… Is laid out in the back of an Old Navy Blue 1970 Mustang, reading a Video Game Magazine… With his IPod Turned Way Up…

Meanwhile Daisy Arram, though she prefers to go by Just Arram… Who is Just 16, Sits in the Drivers Seat, her Bright Blue Hair up in a Ponytail, as she Reads Away at her “Vampires Lust” Romance Novel… Chompen on about 6 Pieces of Pink Bubble Gum, and also Listening to an IPod, but only in her left ear… Leaving her right ear open in the direction of the Dark House on the Corner to the right… Lit with only one light.

“Huh??” she says looking back at Seth… “Did you say something?”

Seth then pulls one of the ear pieces out of one of his ears “Huh? Did you say something?”

She sits there staring at him mid Chew “Oh never mind” and goes back to reading, chewing, and listening to Avril Lavigne.

Seth then turns off his music an leans against the back of Arram’s seat “There’s no way in hell he’s going to show up here… Not tonight… Not after that…”

Arram looks at him.

“Massacre…” he finishes.

Suddenly Arram freezes looking off behind Seth “Don’t… Turn… Around” she says as quietly as possible.

A Cool Air brushes over both of them…

Seth Gulps, and begins to sweat slightly.

In the distance a screen door can be heard opening, followed by a large door… Both are then closed, but not completely…

“Ok” she says, and Seth looks back at the house… The front door is barely left open.

He then looks back at Arram “Did he–” he starts to say, but she cuts him off.

“Yes…” Arram replies as she jumps out of her car, and goes to the trunk… She takes her Key chain out of her Pocket, which is a Rubber Blue Bunny, that has only a singular key on it.

Seth follows closely behind “Arram… This is nuts…” he insists.

She opens the trunk, and inside, underneath a black velvet cloth, which she removes… Is an Immaculate Crossbow… With 6 Silver Arrows in a Quiver near by.

“No… What’s nuts is that he’s just going to continue to get away with killing hundreds of young girls” she straps the Quiver on her back, takes out the Crossbow, and shuts the trunk.

She’s Wearing a Knee Length Black Skirt over Blue Jeans… And a Long Sleeve Dark Blue Thermal Shirt… With a Black Turtle Neck underneath it.

And Pink Converse High Top Shoes.

She marches right towards the house, with Seth on her heals “Please Arram… Lets just call the Police”

When she reaches the Door, which is open maybe an inch, she comes to an abrupt stop.

“You have to do this Arram… If yo don’t… No one will” she thinks to herself.

“Alright…” she says under her breath, cocks the Crossbow back with a Silver Arrow, and enters the house…


PICTURE CREDIT – Vampire Knight

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt


Chess With Agatha (Chapter Six) – Table Manners

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER SIX – Table Manners



Sitting at the Long Royal Dining Table is The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, The Bearded Jodan, and the Fair Skin, Dark Haired Morr…

Meanwhile, Iliad The Fool is sitting atop a nearby Vase Table, legs crossed, apparently mumbling to himself.

Hemmingbyrd attempts to make light conversation.

“Well then… Hadenworb” he spoke.

Which of course means, “She should be here any moment”. But only Iliad knows this.

Suddenly Agatha enters the Dining Hall, her Golden Hair Gleaming, and Blue Eyes Glowing, as she makes her way to the table wearing a sky blue lace dress, covered by her ever present long black coat, and of course lets not forget her black, stomping Doc Martin Boots.

Instantly her gaze falls upon Morr who sits silently dressed in all black, save his maroon velvet vest… She notes that he is looking at his Ornate Glass of Dark Red Drink, and stirring it oh so slightly with one of his fingers.

Her eyes then make there way to Jodan, a large, dark brown grizzly bearded fellow, who seems to make a half sort of smile at her as she comes.

Hemmingbyrd quickly leaps to his feet and brings her to her chair “There you are my Lady… I hope that your accommodations are quite satisfying…” he blerps out friendlily.

“They’re fine thank you” she replies, and sits next to Hemmingbyrd, who is sitting directly across from Jodan and Morr.

“This is Jodan…” Hemmingbyrd motions towards Jodan.

“Greetings my Lady” he darkly replies, in his gravely voice.

“And this is… Morr” Hemmingbyrd says, speaking so low, that one can hardly hear him.

With this Morr looks up from his drink, his eyes are wholly black, but glisten yellow for just a moment, as he maniacally grins just slightly.

With this Agatha’s Blue Eyes Darken, an she loses her breath for a moment.

“A Vampire??? Morr is a… Vampire??” she thinks to herself.

“Is this some kind of a sick joke…” she finishes.

“I’m afraid not” Hemmingbyrd speaks to her in her mind, and she quickly looks at him, as he appears to be enjoying his salad.

“Delicious salad, is it not” Hemmingbyrd suddenly speaks, turns, and smiles at Agatha.

Meanwhile Iliad is pretending not to pay attention, but is completely focused on Agatha.

“Sooo…” Agatha starts to speak “You’re a blood sucker, eh” she suddenly says, and Morr leaps to his feet, his fingernails digging into the table, and eyes glowing yellow.

Hemmingbyrd quickly stands and waves his hands about “Woe, Woe, Woe now… Lets not start things out on a bad note” he says.

With this Morr sits back down, drinks his full glass of… Blood… And then turns the cup upside down with a.


“My Lady… It is not such a good idea to anger Morr” Hemmingbyrd reaches out to Agatha’s Mind once more.

Agatha then looks over at Jodan “And I suppose you’re a Werewolf…” she speaks half mockingly.

With this the whole room goes silent.

“We prefer… Lycanthrope, my Lady” Jodan replies as he continues to feast upon his very rare, and very large steak.

With this Agatha stands straight up “Are you kidding!! You ARE a Werewolf!!??” with this Hemmingbyrd pulls at her arm, bringing her back to her seat.

Morr than stands “You best learn some manners my Lady…” he hisses at her.

In the background Iliad can vaguely be heard saying “Nevermind that she’s the Princess of this Fortress, and by all rights, the current Queen…”.

With this all look at Iliad who continues to mumble to himself.

Suddenly Agatha jumps up on the table, almost as if possessed, her hair then turns to black, as she sticks her left arm outwardly towards the rooms entrance, where suddenly Agamemnon’s Cherry Red Cane suddenly flies into the room, and into her hand.

From it she draws forth a brilliant Silver Blade, and holds the tip of it to Morr’s Neck.

By now Jodan is standing “She is of Elias’s Blood…” he simply states.

But before Agatha can do anything, Morr is behind her, grabs a chair, and swings it at her back, but just as he does…

“BWAM!!!!” A Yellow Shield Covers Agatha’s Body, and Morr is blown back against the Dinging Hall’s Wall.

“Ooommff!” and falls to the floor.

With this Hemmingbyrd quickly looks at the now glowing yellow ring on her finger, from which the shield appears to have come.

He then looks at Iliad “You gave her the ring I gave you??”.

With this Iliad at last looked up from his mumblings and simply said “I thought Dinner might get a bit… Messy”.

With this Agatha’s hair turned back to Golden Blond, and her eyes dimmed a bit “Ok what just happened to me” she spoke before falling to the table and passing out.

“Odenbray” spoke Hemmingbyrd as he slapped his forehead.

“Tomorrow we’re eating out”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Energy Vampire


Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 – Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XI – Vanishing Sky

Chapter XII – The Curse

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XIX – The Stand In King

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI – Infiltrate

Chapter XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast




Something Wicked This Way Comes – Halloween

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By The Pricking of my Thumb, Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Sadly, that was the Best Picture of a Jack O Lantern I could find… I like mine much better. When I would do Jack O Lanterns for Halloween it would look a bit more… Shall we say, Soul Hungry, lol. You know the type, Evil Grin, lots of Sharp Teeth. Also, I would put one of those Mexican Restaurant Candles Surrounded by Red Glass, inside, so the Light would Glow Red. It’s been a few years since I carved one I think. I have to admit I thought of doing this Post on Halloween as a way to Waylay myself from doing one on Christmas, lol. My Favorite Holiday. But it’s a bit early for that. Besides, Halloween is a Kick A#$! Holiday.

When I was Young my Brother and I lived with my Mom in a lovely Canyon Nook/Valley, and she would drive us around 2 or 3 Miles an Hour, and we’d sit on the Hood of her Big Chevy Nova. Our friends would sit in the Trunk of the Car, which was left wide open. On occasion one of our friends would have to sit inside the car with my Mom, because his parents wouldn’t permit him on the Car. But Mom was very very careful, and drove very slow. I remember this one house we’d go to that created a Maze that you’d go in that lead to a Jacuzzi that they’d turned into a Giant Cauldron, with Floating Rubber Heads in it etc., and the Owner of the House was Dressed Like a Witch stirring it.

Very Cool. I think they gave out Carmel Apples, something that went away on Halloween sadly, due to Sick People putting Razor Blades in them. Fricken just about Ruined Halloween for us. Yes there was the occasional Egger out there, but I don’t think I ever got hit. The other cool thing we’d do with our friends was when we’d get home with our Pillow Case full of Candy, we’d play Poker for Candy, lol.

My Favorites were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Three Musketeers. I don’t care for Three Musketeers anymore, but I love love love Baby Ruths, lol. Sadly as Parents began to fear for their Children, Trick or Treating slowly Evolved to people going to Track Homes, as opposed to Remote Canyon Areas. And Beyond that, people started to go to Malls to Trick or Treat. This was beyond my Time, but I was still saddened by it.

But Beyond Trick or Treating and Candy, Halloween Largely means one thing… Monsters

Dracula for one. That Fly By Night, Blood Sucking, Woman Seducing Gentleman of the Night. Not to be confused with the Glittering Vampires of now

Though I do admit, I did like the very first “Twilight”. I don’t remember the 2nd, and I’m not sure if I saw the Third. But Pdy Pretty Much Covered that here Simple Observations – Vampires.

And Werewolves.

I remember this one time I went with my Girlfriend at the times Nieces School Halloween thing. I decided to throw on my Long Black Navy Pea Coat, and this Bitchen Silver/Grey Werewolf Mask. I walked around, 6″ Tall, looking down on all the Kids, my hands in my Pockets not making a sound. And if ever I noticed a particular Kid Glaring at me for more than say 5 Seconds, I’d quickly look at them and Growl, lol. Scared the Sh$#! out of em. All in the Spirit of Halloween Fun, right. Once again, not to be confused with the Buff Shirtless Werewolves of now

Pdy Covered that as well with Simple Observations – Werewolves

Then there’s


The Witch. Probably the most Famously Associated with Halloween. It reminds me of one of my Sister’s Impression of Witch Hazel from Bugs Bunny

She used to talk about “Paul… My Pet Tarantula”, a line from one with her in it, though I wasn’t able to find that actual Episode.

As Time went on Freddy

was often associated with Halloween and

Jason sadly. And Michael

Though the Original Halloween was quite scary. Think I’ll go ahead and remove those last three images from my Hard Drive right now. Ok, gone. And later…

Jack, from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I didn’t actually like that film when I first saw it in the Theater. But now I think it’s great. Part of that may be that it has a bit of Christmas in it, hee hee.

These days, I don’t really go to Halloween Party’s, though I’ve been to Several, and no Kids show up for Candy, though I always have a Full Bowl wherever I am. But I still think Halloween is a Great Holiday. The Spirit of it that I adopted as a youth, has never left me, and some part of me always hopes that a Kid or Three will show up at my Door.

Oh, I almost forgot my Favorite, Sleepy Hallow

If I forget to say it at the time, Happy Halloween.




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