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Did Someone Say Weekend? – Lets Dance

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Ok this First Songs Video, well, let’s just say it left much to be desired. So, I decided to give you the choice of whether you watch it. The First Link is the song, which is what I wanted to share. The second Link is the Video that I found for it, hmm.

The Song

The Video; What do you get when you throw Halle Berry, Mad Max and a Bus Load of Cheerleaders together… This next Video

I’m joking, that’s not Halle Berry… At least I don’t think it is?

This Next Song is one I heard in a Surfing Film called “Into Liquid”, and I recently heard it again on one of Ard’s Top 10 Song Posts

As opposed to the Actual Video which you can Find on Pete’s Post, I found some Footage from “Into Liquid” where they have the song playing

Enjoy, and thanks for Reminding about this Song Pete, I love it

Vast – Touched

Great Song

Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel So

Drink, Dance, Drink, Dance, Drink, Dance, lol

Or just Sit in Front of your Computer, and Boogy in your Head, lol

When will these people learn less is more… lol Eh, I still like the song

Brittney and Her Crazy Tupperware Parties… Though she is there Number One Salesperson

One More for the Road

At the Risk of losing some Respect from some of My Readers, I’m going to go ahead and Link this Next and Last Video… I came across this Video and I thought it was Hillarious.

I thought This Reviewer Summed it up Pretty good

“Opening with a clear statement: “No mythological creatures were harmed in the making of this video”, the video centers around the epic battle between Ke$ha and her archenemy, actor James Van Der Beek (“Dawson’s Creek”).”

But I’d also like to add, Remember Folks when you’re Little Girl says she wants to be a Pop Star, that’s alright… But if she starts Eating Crayons as opposed to Coloring with them, then it’s Time To Start Worrying. The Video

Sadly, I actually like the Chorus of this song

Have a Good Weekend