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Captain Fire 197 – Wake The Beast

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THE 197

“197 Calling Operation Expose… Mino do you read me?” speaks Jono into the 197 Comunicay as he sits back in a large black chair at the Control Panel.

Roger that… This is Mino… Go Ahead Jonoreplies Mino.

“Status Report on Operation Expose” Jono requests.

“Roger that… Tameron and Nisho got a lead to an abandoned building where “Blue Rain” Sitings are supposed to be had… They’re going in with their informant in hopes to get some “Blue Rain”, and hopefully a further lead… Jenna is following them incognito should anything go wrong… Mino Out” replies Mino.

“Roger that… 197 Out” Jono sits back in his chair, concern starting to grow within him.



A young man with a gun guards the door as Tamaron, Nisho and their Informant approach the abandoned building entrance.

“Well… Well… What have we got here… A couple “Hungry” one’s, eh” speaks the boy mockingly.

“We’ve got the money… Hopefully you boys can deliver the goods” replies Nisho, trying to appear cool.

“Oh we’ve got the goods Pretty One… Take em inside” the boy tells the Informant, and so they go inside the Abandoned Building.







Meanwhile, concealed, and watching from the distance is Jenna.

Once they’re all inside there are maybe 15 or so druggies gathered around fires in trashcans…



Meanwhile back at the hotel Mino waits anxiously…

“My First Time Leading a Mission… You Two Better Not Blow It”

she thinks to herself.


As Nisho, Tamaron and the Informant move through the druggies, they finally reach a very scary looking dude.

“Well Hello There “Boy” and “Girl” he spews sarcastically and looks at the Informant  “Fresh Meat eh…”.

“Keep in Mind “Blue Rain” leaves no “Permanent” effect…” he continues.

“Unless you consider “Brain Damage and Cell Synthisis” as Permanent HaHaHa!!” he starts to laugh diabolically as he spins a small vile of blue liquid in the air.

“Is that the stuff” Tamaron suddenly asks in a desperate tone.

The Scary Dude quickly looks over at Tamaron “Patience Blue Hair… You’ll get what you have coming to you soon enough” this sentence rings badly in Nisho’s ear, and before they know it the Scary Dude and the Informant both start to go for their guns, and all seems to slow down…

WHAMM!!!suddenly off by the entrance, the guard comes flying into the building and his body smacks up against a bunch of Crates, knocking them down.


With this the Scary Dude and Informant turn and direct their guns towards the Entrance… But it’s too late.

Before they know it both of their bodies are Slammed up against the nearby Walls, as if by some Powerful Force, leaving them Lifeless…

Meanwhile Nisho and Tamaron have taken cover…

And all that remains is Jenna standing there Arms Raised, her Eyes Glowing Unaturally Green, and her Mouth Frothing

“GET OUT OF HERE!!! NOW!!!” she yells.



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