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Warriors Of Light – Unexpected Companion

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Warriors of Light – Unexpected Companion

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

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Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX


Once Borgodan and Nathe were beyond the bridge (See Episode V), and the Trolls, they continued through the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands…

Neither spoke.

Soon, a strange thing happened, as 10 Wolves started to follow them, due to the fact that Nathe is riding a Great Silver Dire Wolf…

Howling as they went…

Borgodan smiled in fascination at this unusual site.

They weren’t exactly friendly, as they growled, and howled at the Paladin’s heels…

But they never attacked… As they feared the Great Silver Dire…

On the fifth night, the Warrior and Paladin started to set camp…

…meanwhile the 10 following wolves slept in a circle around the camp… Almost as if they were on guard.

Borgodan and Nathe sat at the fire, cooking some meat, breaking some bread, and drinking some of the Paladin of Blue Hawk’s wine…

“Is this a normal occurrence for you Wolf… Er… Nathe,” spoke Borbodan.

With this, Nathe looked about at the wolves… “It happens sometimes.”

“Hmm,” replied Borgodan…

Suddenly Bordodan froze.

“What is it?” asked Nathe taking notice.

Borgodan then stood, and spoke some words under his breath, “Simmo Pree Ayy,” as he closed his eyes, and held out his hands, palms up.

His eyes suddenly opened… “Hell Hounds…” he spoke… And just as he did, the wolves around the camp started to growl as three sets of red eyes could be seen in the nearby trees.

With this Nathe stood, and drew his two handed axe…

…Borgoden in turn cast some more words “Protecto Omdo,” and suddenly a red circle of light surrounded them both.

Nathe noted, and was semi impressed.

“Now what?” spoke Nathe.

“We wait to see what the wolves do…” replied Bordodan with authority…

Nathe nodded.

Suddenly Borgodan whipped out a potion from beneath his white cape, swigged it down, causing a yellow golden glow to be around his skin, drew his Great Sword, and lifted his Silver Long Shield, which bore a Blue Hawk on it “For Blue Hawk!”, ran forth, and leaped over the wolves into the dark, and started to swing his blade.

“What the…” spoke Nathe as he dropped his axe, pulled his double crossbow off his back, and began shooting into the darkness, hoping not to hit the Paladin.

Neither Borgodan nor Nathe struck the beasts in their first attempt…

But the wolves moved in as well, damaging one of the Hell Hounds…

The other two Hell Hounds, seeing this, quickly dispatched three of the wolves…

This woke the Great Silver Dire Wolf, who leaped through the air, landing in front of the remaining 7 wolves, and growling at the Hell Hounds, who were breathing small bursts of fire…

Just then, Nathe’s second shot of two arrows struck the wounded Hell Hound, which fell dead.

The wolves then swarmed the second Hell Hound, and killed it…

…leaving only the third who was not scared off.

The Great Dire sprang at it, but was unsuccessful…

It then struck one of the wolves.

This caused the remaining 7 wolves to swarm, and kill it…

…at which point Nathe lowered his crossbow, and “What happened to wait to see what the wolves do?”

Borgodan walked into the fire light, sheathing his sword, and setting down his shield, “I changed my mind,” he said with a smile…

And the two laughed, and went back to eating and drinking.

Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

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At last Dark Rider and his party reached the Shores of Evalon, and the very modernized Village of Trone. Once they had slain the Man Golem Ogo, the rest of the journey was a bit more at ease. Though they were quite looking forward to dropping off Dylia.

“You shall be missed Dylia…” Largoth kisses her hand. Ok, maybe just the Dark Rider was looking forward to unloading her. They brought Dylia to her father Corwick, and made their way to the local Tavern “Evalon’s End” as it was called. “I shall get us some Ale…” spoke Largoth, as the Dark Rider sat back and eyed the place. Many Merchants were here, negotiating deals, or telling Tall Tales of Adventure. The Dark Rider laughed to himself, as he heard them unreal lies of great adventure, when in truth most of them had never left the Village. There was one Merchant in particular that caught the Dark Riders ear view.

“When I spent my days in Daven Por, I was renowned as the Great Wolf Slayer…” several laugh at this “What!! You do not believe me, I was there I tell you… And I was Great!” he bared a great teethy smile.

And that’s when she appeared.

“To them, life beyond this border is simply an Adventure… Silly Merchants”. The Dark Rider heard these words from behind him, and turned to see a striking Warrior. “Perhaps” he replied. “I am Iloh…” just then Largoth arrives with two large tankards of ale. “Should I get a third…” he spoke as he takes note of the Warrior.

“Come Iloh… We are leaving” spoke a Warrior Male who stood some twenty feet away from the Dark Riders table. With this, she nods at the Dark Rider, and bows slightly to Largoth. “Perhaps another time” she heads towards the Tavern exit, and the Man Warrior gives a sneering glance at the Dark Rider. The Dark Rider smiles at him, and curtsies with his upper body, and a slight bow from his seat. The Warrior grimaces, turns and leaves. “Making friends eh” Largoth speaks as he sits, and takes a drink of his ale. “Lets hope so” the Dark Rider replies. The White Owl sits on the window cell outside the Tavern, looking in. Watching.




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